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    Boost and sprint all the way through level CU02

    As its Dual Core pack counterpart, this trophy can be quite frustrating to get.

    You need to complete Level CU 02 [Lock Breaker] without letting go off the boost. This means that, if you, for any reason, and in any time, release R (R1 for PS4 players) even for a split second, you will not get this trophy. Also, you cannot die, as if you die, you will void the trophy (even if you complete the stage without releasing R, you won't get it).

    SugarIsTheDevil has, also, noted something very important:

    "I figured out a way to get it. I couldn't get the trophy when I hit restart after a failed attempt, but when I quit out of the stage and tried again it unlocked. So if you're going for the trophy and didn't get the trophy requirements (because you died, or because you released the R button for example) quit the stage, return to the menu screen and start again. Let me know if it works. It did for me."

    So, if you die, you will have to start the whole level by pressing , then selecting Quit and restarting the stage from Stage Select screen.

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  • is there something special to do for this. i have tried holding the boost before the level starts and i have also waited till just after it starts. both time, i didn't left my finger off of boost but i still haven't gotten the trophy. any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Same thing, I've gone so damn fast I'm near the top of the leaderboards, never let go of boost at all, held it before the level even begins and yet I'm still not awarded for it, personally I think this could be glitched. The only thing I can think of is perhaps its something to do with shooting the glass to fall down
  • You can't die in the level. Also, you can't just restart the level if you fail. You must quit and start the level again. Hold down boost the entire time as the level is loading and don't stop holding it until after the level finishes when the trophy pops.
  • TDark is correct. Thanks so much!!

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