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    Perfect all speed levels

    This is, by far, the most difficult trophy of this DLC (personal opinion: the most of the two DLCs). You will earn this one after getting a Perfect medal on all six Critical Urgency stages. To do it, you must, in a single run:
    -Collect all survivors;
    -Collect all Rekenium shards;
    -Destroy all glass panels and turret enemies;
    -Do not die.

    While it seems not that complicated, keep in mind that we are talking about Critical Urgency stages. Which means you have little to no room for error, and you must keep running, jumping and teleporting all the times. From personal experience, I can tell that even a pause as little as half a second can ruin your entire run by 2, even 3 seconds above the the target time.

    There are, however, a few tips for easing the pain:

    -Know the stage layout - you are teledashing through a long corridor, just to die on that force wall you didn't expect to be there. Or you do that perfect run, thinking you've met all requirements for a Perfect medal, just to find out, on the results screen, you've forgotten something AND your time is way off the edge. So memorizing the stages layout, and knowing where are you going are key factors;

    -Speed pad trick - Whenever you see a speedpad, deploy a teleporter right upon it. This way, you can press four times in quick succession, and gain an extra boost. Just remember that there is a delay while deploying one, and since you will be dashing, you must calculate the optimal position to do so;

    -Teledash and teleport doors - Always teledash while you can. You will get rekenium shards even while teledashing (this doesn't work while you're aboard your ship, so don't try it), and can even teledash away from a slope-slide without miss any crystals. If you are running up, keep jumping+teledashing while pressing forward, and you will also get the benefits of it without losing shards. For the doors, once you will know you have collected all rekenium shards and activated all switches, hit L (L1 for PS4 players) and select the dock to exit the room without having to walk all the way to the exit. It's a life saver, and if you're not using any speed pad tricks, you can't get Perfect on Stage 5 without doing it. Also, take a look at this article, as it contains valuable tips and tricks on how to use these abilities effectively.

    Below are some video guides to help you overcome this challenge. None of these videos are mine, and all credit goes to the uploader:

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