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    Gain 50 PERFECT medals

    This is the hardest trophy in the game. There are certain requirements needed to perfect a level, these are:

    • Beating the level under the gold time
    • Rescuing all Survivors
    • Collecting all Crystals
    • Beating the high score
    • Not dying

    You cannot collect them over separate runs, you need to do it all in one go for the perfect.

    Here's some general tips on how to achieve the perfect medals:

    Beating the gold time

    This target is only hard to beat on critical urgency zones, and a few of the later levels. Most of the levels you are given plenty of time if you don't mess around, or backtrack if you miss survivors. You can see your time in the bottom left of the screen, it counts down from a certain number. The best tips we can give you is to teledash a lot of the time while platforming (this is faster than running if you spam it, careful though as you might miss crystals), and hold down :r:/ while in the ship as much as you can. You need to get used to playing the game at a fast pace.

    Rescuing all Survivors

    Survivors are the oval shaped objects you will see throughout all the levels. There are usually a few hundred of them in each of the levels, and you need to collect all of them for the perfect rating. You can see how many you have by looking at the bottom right of the screen. You collect survivors by flying over them. Note; survivors cannot be found on foot, they are only while you are in the ship.

    (What a survivor looks like in the game)


    Collecting all Crystals

    Crystals are found while you are platforming, and a lot of the time you have to "mine" them by shooting walls that have them in. Shoot by moving the about, or when you have a rifle. These are very easy to miss, and it can be a pain completing a level quickly and getting all the crystals as well. Just make sure you are careful, and try to remember where the crystals can be found throughout the level.



    (What a crystal looks like in the game)


    Beating the High Score

    Glass pads are purple or blue pieces of glass that contain Survivors or Health kits. Be sure to completely shatter the glass pads, as shattering it completely will give you the maximum points. Shattering only half of it will result in only earning half of the points, so it's very important to note that you must shatter both sides to reach the highest possible points on each specific level.

    Some glass has more than two sides so it's important to completely shatter every piece of glass that you come across.



    (A perfect example of only shattering half of a glass pad, resulting in only half of the points.)

    You also want to kill every enemy in the level and pick up the weapon upgrades that they drop. These provide you with points as well and you need close to the maximum possible score in a level to beat the high score. Just make sure to break all the glass, kill all the enemies, pick all the crystals up, save all survivors, and pick up any of the weapon drops.

    Not Dying

    This is pretty self explanatory, you cannot die at all. If you do you will not get a perfect rating. A lot of things will one hit kill you in the game, such as anything that is glowing red in the platform sections of the game. You can take bullet damage though from enemies, but bullets will eventually kill you. Your health bar is displayed at the top left of the screen. If you touch enemies, this is also an instant death. For some of the levels, you need to know them perfectly in order to complete them without dying (Namely level 47, as this is platforming hell).

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