Power Extreme Trophy in Velocity 2X

  • Power Extreme


    Unlock all abilities

    How to unlock Power Extreme

    To meet the requirements for this trophy, you must unlock each ability that the game has to offer. This trophy cannot be missed if you play through every level and complete the game.

    Unlockable abilities include:

    • Quarp Jet
    • Pulse Cannon
    • Cybernetic Binding
    • Explosive Rekenium
    • Palm Cannon
    • Three Way Pulse Cannon (must be picked up manually)
    • Pulse Bombs
    • Rekenium Rifle
    • Quarp Shield
    • Quard Jet Telepod
    • Projectile Telepod
    • 3 Way Palm Cannon (must be picked up manually)
    • Ultra laser
    • Secondary Quarp Jet

    This trophy will unlock as soon as you start the 48th level and earn the last ability, "2X".

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  • Trophy may be glitched. I completed every level and this trophy didn't pop.

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