Snooze You Lose Trophy

  • Snooze You Lose


    Get stuck in a door

    This trophy can be earned as early as level 29, "Cold Calculation".

    This trophy is quite simple. You must die by getting squished by a switch door. Switch doors look like walls and have the color of whichever switch you're triggering. It's also worth noting that these special switches have a certain time limit before they close. Some timed switches have to be activated by multiple switches within a time limit to disable a single door, so be quick about triggering these switches in the correct order.

    To unlock this trophy, simply disable one of these timed triggers and stand above/below the door until the timer runs out. When the timer runs out the door will close and you will unlock this trophy.

    (The image above shows a door that you must stand below to get crushed.)

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