Gotta Kill 'Em All! Trophy

  • Gotta Kill 'Em All!


    Kill every type of enemy (doesn't incude boss battles)

    This trophy will come naturally and cannot be missed if you complete every level of the game.

    You must kill every type of enemy at least once. Most of these enemies can be found during the space portion of the game. There are a few enemies however, that can only be found during the platform portion of the game.

    Enemy types include:

    • Vokh Despoiler (Space portion)
    • Vokh Negotiator (Space portion)
    • Vokh Firebolt (Space portion)
    • Turrets (Space/Platforming portion)
    • Mines (Platforming portion)
    • Shrike (Platforming portion)
    • Psyllid (Space portion)
    • Vokh Pacifier (Space portion)
    • Vokh Guard (Platforming portion)
    • Vokh Messenger (Space Portion)
    • Chalcid (Space portion)
    • Vokh Mediator (Space portion)
    • Vokh Ambassador (Space portion)
    • Vokh Persecutor (Space portion)


    You can check your enemies killed progress by accessing the "Flight Computer" from the main menu, followed by the "Enemies" folder.


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