Triple Whammy 2X Trophy

  • Triple Whammy 2X


    Disable three switches within 1 second

    Throughout the game you will have to "disable" switches to unlock certain doors. You have to disable them in the right order as well. These switches will have numbers on them.

    To unlock this trophy, you must disable three switches within 1 second of each other. To disable a switch, simply shoot at it in the direction that the arrow is facing. This is not as hard as it sounds. You just need the perfect opportunity as disabling switches have to be disabled from the right angles.

    A perfect opportunity is in level 21, "Higher Ground". Right after the first platforming sequence, you will have to disable three switches. Switches 4 and 5 will have glass that you have to break just before you can disable these switches, so break the glass before you start disabling any of the switches. This will set up the opportunity to disable these three switches within a second.

    (This is the area that you're looking for to disable all three switches within a second.)

    When you go for the opportunity, have your ship in the center of the switches and quickly press , , rsdown: to hit the three switches in that order. If you've disabled them correctly the trophy should unlock.

    If you mess up this opportunity then you will have to restart the level from the pause menu.

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  • This is easily done in level 21, right after the second time you exit your ship, Break the purple things on each side before and then use the bomb for each switch

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