Yippee Kai Yay Trophy

  • Yippee Kai Yay



    Simply unlock every non DLC trophy to unlock this platinum trophy.

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  • This has to be the GOAT platinum description.
  • I see the majority of these trophies are mostly common is the platinum a difficult one to get? If not or yes then how long u think it'll take to get the platinum? I'm looking to rack up on more platinums
  • @#2. Yeah, I'm trying to do the same, but I gotta get a new Hard-Drive (preferably a 1-2TB), bcuz my PS4 memory is at 69GB left.. And Destiny will take at least 40-50GB tonight when u get it at midnight!! But, if u want, add me & we can knock out some Platinum~Trophies together!! Thx.. Ttyl pz PSN: Maximussplatter (Yes, it's 2 "S"'s as in MaximusSplatter) but lower case! Thx lol
  • I would say this platinum wouldn't take to long but it takes a lot of concentration and practice getting used to each level to get the perfect medals. To obtain a perfect medal you need to not die, collect all the crystals and rescues, smash everything that's breakable and kill all the enemies for maximum points. On top of all this you have to beat the target time! This game truely makes you feel like a gaming god when your whizzing through each level and teleport to hidden places! Hope you guys enjoy this game as much as I am curr ently. Feel free to add me on psn for some enjoyable trophy hunting! cookieman147
  • this one is a pain, i got the velocity ultra plat in a couple days no problem, but I just may have to give up on this one, it's way too frustrating. got the first 30 levels perfected but beyond its so easy to mess up
  • will prolly just keep at it though after a few hrs it was able to power thru perfecting all the critical urgency levels and everything on the DLC
  • @#1 Yes indeed! I had to count each asterisk to make sure it's exactly what Bruce Willis used to say in Die Hard :-)
  • Great game, very challenging in the later levels and a very enjoyable platinum

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