Weapons of choice Trophy in Vampyr

  • Weapons of choice


    Find all off-hand weapons

    How to unlock Weapons of choice


    See Lore keeper.

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  • Used Stake After you leave the bed where you unlock your first skills, go downstairs and some enemies will break through the door. Teleport to the next building. There’s a corpse downstairs that holds this weapon (you have to walk past it on your story path). Used Liston Knife In the basement of the morgue. You will be forced to go there during the story. Used Truncheon Dropped by the Boss “Vincent Sheen”. You fight him and his brother “Toby Sheen” on the way back from Whitechapel to the Hospital. Good Dagger Ascalon Club 2nd Floor. Used Priwen Stake Found in the same room as Collectible 25. (Follow Thelma’s Questline in Hospital to get there, 2nd Priwen Outpost you visit in the quest). Gwyneth Surgical Knife Embrace Gwyneth in Hospital. Thoreau’s Surgical Knife Em
  • Thoreau’s Surgical Knife Embrace Dr. Thoreau Strickland in Hospital and loot the weapon in the office next to yours. Cristina’s Dagger Embrace Christina in Whitechapel. Sabrina’s Dagger Embrace Sabrina in the Docks. Ichabod’s Stake Embrace Ichabod in the Western Docks. Giselle’s Dagger Kill Giselle in the Western Docks. She is wearing riot gear and attacks on sight (marked as an event / exclamation mark on the map). Charle’s Truncheon Embrace Charles in West End. Charlotte’s Stake Given by Charlotte after finishing her questline. From Venus’ house teleport from the balcony to the house on the other side of the street and then follow the blood trail.
  • Careful not to get district to “hostile” state, it will kill everyone and you wont meet these ppl in other state. They just vanished and guns with them

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