The tools of the profession Trophy in Vampyr

  • The tools of the profession


    Find all melee weapons

    How to unlock The tools of the profession


    See Lore keeper.

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  • Used Machete You will run past it at the very beginning of the game. You will have to pick it up in order to protect yourself. Used Bludgeon Granted for Defeating William Bishop. Used Hacksaw Hospital, 2nd floor. Used Hatchet Whitechapel District, Northwest, Second Floor of the Warehouse with a Sewer Monster in it. Remarkable Saber Granted for defeating Doris Fletcher. True Dragonbane Behind a wall in West End, just before you walk down to Usher, there are some pressure plates on the ground. By far the most complicated collectible! Clay’s Hatchet Embrace Clay at the hospital. Newton’s Saber Embrace Newton in Hospital. Rakesh’s Surgical Saw Embrace Rakesh in Hospital and loot his chest. Seymour’s Bludgeon Embrace Seymour in the Docks. Archer’s Hatchet
  • sorry, second part here Archer’s Hatchet Get it from Archer in the Docks. Louise’s Machete Embrace Louise in West End.
  • praise you deathcrow2811
  • You forgot the two handed weapons: Used Scythe After passing the hideout on the higher floor you will cross a bridge and enter a tunnel. Jonathan will mention fresh blood. A bit further down the tunnel you will find the scythe. Common Barbed Cudgel Found at the start of the Sewer Section. Common Mace Hideout in Sewers. Common Axe Found at the end of the sewers section with the Leon Augustin Boss Fight. After the part where you use the 3 valves to raise/lower the water. After lowering the water and making it to the other side there’s a bridge you can teleport up to (there’s a lady held hostage in the tunnels here called “Louise Teasdale”). It’s just before the sewer exit. Samuel Connor’s Mace Kill Dr. Corcoran Tippets in Hospital, Loot Tippets, then loot his box in Docto
  • Samuel Connor’s Mace Kill Dr. Corcoran Tippets in Hospital, Loot Tippets, then loot his box in Doctor’s Room upstairs in Hospital (gives tiny key). With the tiny key head to the basement of the morgue where a corpse lies on the table. Loot the chest there for the weapon. Joe’s Barbed Cudgel Embrace Joe Peterson in Whitechapel and open a chest in Harry Peterson’s House (2nd Floor). Booth’s Axe Embrace Booth in the Docks. Rodney’s Scythe Embrace Rodney in the Sewers where you met Harriet.
  • I was just about to write here that I collected 12 weapons and no trophy, I went too fast praising you sir x_x
  • Yeah, I was in the same boat and that was after most of the citizens I need to embrace were already dead due to their districts going hostile. Fortunately for me, PS+ at some point, auto backed a save up last week and it was at a convenient point to where I could get this trophy easily. Doing it this way, I found that I didn't need to get the True Dragonbane to unlock this trophy. It's either because I had the preorder bonus of just the regular Dragonbane or it isn't required of this trophy. I'm leaning towards the latter since I don't think the Keep your distance unlocked a gun earlier.
  • How did you get auto save or load of previous save? I wish I could find some manual way to save. doing “not even once” and all weapons just before last fight and then load the other one. Thisway you need to go through whole game AGAIN!
  • Simoo, when you have PS Plus you can upload saves to the cloud, you can set it to do so automatically or you can upload them yourself whenever you wish. You can also download a save file to your PS4 whenever you wish. It's EXTREMELY helpful when devs make ridiculous saving situations like in this game. It's completely unfair because it doesn't tell you the whole thing you say when you make a choice, a few times I chose one and it turned out to be different than I was expecting and I wouldn't have chosen it if I could have read the whole thing.

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