Streets paved with gold Trophy in Urban Trial Freestyle

  • Streets paved with gold


    Find all the cash lying on the tracks

    How to unlock Streets paved with gold

    There are 42 total tracks, but since each one is repeated twice (one for Stunt Mode and one for Time Attack Mode, with the exception of the two training tracks), there are technically only 23 tracks on which you have to collect cash bags. Some of them are in plain sight, while others are hidden very cleverly.

    After you collect a cash bag, if you crash, restart, or end the track, you will still have that cash bag. Please note however, that the game only saves this progress after you cross the finish line of a track. After you collect a cash bag, you should try to finish a track – it doesn’t have to be the track you are currently on. As long as you finish any track, you will trigger the autosave, at which point your current cash bag progression is safely saved. If you are missing one cash bag in a track, collect it, end the track, then quit the game, you will have to recollect that bag afterwards because you did not trigger an autosave.

    Also note that there is no option in the menu that tells you how many bags you have, or which bags you are missing. The only indication of cash you have collected is displayed on the track’s icon before you play it. The game will tell you how much money is in the track and how much of it you currently have (for example, $1500/$5000). This is the most information the game gives you about your cash bag progression.

    I have created a video and text guide detailing the locations of each bag and how to get them. You can view that guide here, along with other important information concerning the trophy.

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  • Does anybody have any tips for the $2000 bag in OIL NIGHTMARE?
  • ^when you get to the first bouncing platform, as you bounce up it is in an alcove on the left. The way to get to it is roll/reverse off the top right ledge (the ledge not the pipe).
  • the game auto-saves on the stunt tracks, even when the time expires. you do need to get past the finish line on the time trials for the auto-save to kick in though.

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