Twist again Trophy in Urban Trial Freestyle

  • Twist again


    Make 500 flips total

    How to unlock Twist again

    There is a good chance you will get this trophy naturally when trying to 5-star all the tracks. Note that both backflips and frontflips count toward this trophy. However, if you don’t get this trophy naturally or just want to get it out of the way, you can simply load up any track with a Flip Meter stunt and keep performing flips repeatedly until it pops. If you restart from a checkpoint after completing a flip, it still saves and recognizes that you completed the flip. User Boxster17 has provided a tip to easily help with getting 500 flips:

    "A good place to rack up flips for "Twist Again" is in the Underground on Oil Nightmare. Right at the start there are two jumps, and with a handling heavy setup you can pretty much just keep doing back flips off either jump. If you're not going to fast you should be able to do them in place over and over."

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