• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Following a puzzle guide) 3/10 (Figuring out the puzzles for yourself) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (13, 4)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-5 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ (2 quick reloads after completing each game type to get alternate endings)
  • Number of missable trophies: 9
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A



Welcome to Unmechanical: Extended, a nice fun short platform puzzler game. I really enjoyed this game as it has a wonderful mysterious atmosphere, and the puzzles are all nicely logically based with solutions that actually make sense, rather than just randomly trying to stumble your way through them.

This game can easily be completed to 100% between 1-2 hours if you are following a puzzle guide and know the solutions to everything before hand. However I really would discourage this as it takes away all the enjoyment and sense of discovery for the game, plus the puzzles are not so mind bending that you would need to follow a solutions Guide anyway.

You should be aware of a rather high number of missable trophies though, as since there is no chapter select, you will have to re-start from the beginning to get them if you miss them. For the most part just being aware of what the trophies require, should allow you to collect them on your first playthrough without spoiling the puzzle solutions. Worst case scenario, once you know the solutions to the puzzles, you can start over again and just fly though the whole game to clean up, which won't take more than a few hours.


Step 1: Complete the main campaign with one ending

For this Step, you will play through the main game whilst collecting most trophies. You will have to choose between one of two different endings, which one you choose doesn't matter as you will get the next one in Step 2.

By the end of this Step you should have the following trophies:

Inner Peace
We Need to Go Deeper
You Have Tunneled into a New Area
Like the Beat of a Heart
Metal Meltdown
Something About Magic
We Are in a Hurry
Nothing But Net
Above Average Intelligence
That's Why Helicopters Need Elevators
( Escapist or Promotion)

Step 2: Reload the ending from Step 1 and pick the other ending

Once you have completed Step 1, return to the main menu and choose 'Continue'. This will put you right back in the final area where you can choose the other ending.

By the end of this Step you will add:

( Escapist or Promotion) Whichever you did not do in Step 1.

Step 3: Complete the extended campaign with one ending.

Just like the main campaign, playing through the extended chapter finishes with two choices at the end. Pick one for this step and get the other in the next step.

By the end of this Step you will add:

( Self-Sacrifice or Rest in Peace)

Step 4: Reload the ending from Step 3 and pick the other ending

After Step 3, from the main menu choose 'Extended' and then 'Continue'. This will put you right back at the end of the extended campaign where you can then choose the other ending for it's trophy.

Glitch Warning: There is a known glitch here when continuing the final chapter, your robot partner may not be accessible. When I first did this, the partner spawned inside the switch to where I could grab it, but not move it anywhere. Retrying this again, made the robot partner just disappear completely making it impossible to finish the game.

By shutting down the application completely and re-trying, my partner was once again there but in the switch, however this time I was able to pry it loose and finish the game. This has been reported by others so keep trying and eventually you should be able to finish.

By the end of this Step you will add:

( Self-Sacrifice or Rest in Peace) Whichever you did not do in Step 3.

Step 5: Clean-up

Due to the high number of missable trophies, chances are you still have a few left to do if you weren't closely following a Guide. The bad news is that there is no chapter select so you will have to restart from the beginning. The good news is that now you know all the puzzle solutions, you will be able to fly through the game in less than a few hours.

[PST Would Like To Thank MrBeens for this Roadmap]

Further resources:

 Unmechanical: Extended ~ 100% Puzzle Walkthrough

Unmechanical Extended Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 13  4  )

  • Balance an object on your head for 10 seconds.


    In the area directly below the large heart, there is a room with a laser puzzle that includes three small bubbles with little diagonal mirrors in them. I found these mirror bubbles to be extremely easy to balance on your head, compared to any other object in the game. They are very light and do not really fall much at all so it is quite simple to balance them. Just pick one up in the air with your tractor beam, let go and get underneath it. Once it sits on your head for 10 seconds the trophy will pop.

  • Make 4 loops with the helicopter in succession.


    While this trophy is missable, there are several places in the game to obtain it. When you come across one of the long thin metal planks, that are usually used to hold multiple buttons down, put your tractor beam near one edge of it and grab it. Now fly to an open area and begin swinging the plank around you. It's momentum will cause it to go around you and drag you around in a loop. Do this four times in a row without stopping and the trophy will pop.

    I personally got this in the extended chapter. Near the beginning your robot will get smashed and have limited functionality. You will then get repaired. In the large open area of the place where you get repaired is one of the metal planks. I was able to easily swing this one around for the trophy. Try to grab near the edge so you are perpendicular to the plank, not so it's just hanging straight down below you.

  • Get hit in the head with a lavarock 5 times without using the tractor beam.


    In the area where you will also obtain the trophy 'Nothing but Net', there will be small rocks on fire that get shot out into the room. Simply wait near the lower half of the room, where they will fall down and let them hit you on the head. Just keep hovering around that area without touching your tractor beam button and after 5 hit you, the trophy will pop.

  • At the beginning of the game, find a way to submerge under water.


    As soon as you start the game fly to the right. There will be a pile of rocks. Grab the largest one with your tractor beam and let it pull you down into the water. Don't let go then when you are near the bottom of the pool, the trophy will pop.

  • No way out, but forward.

    Story related, unmissable

    After you release the first 'light orb' you will enter a pipe and the loading screen will show, taking you to a new area. The trophy will pop as soon as you enter this new area. It will be a dark tunnel, leading down to the heart.

  • Story related, unmissable

    After you have completed the first set of puzzles in the heart area, a tunnel will open up to the left of the heart. When you enter this tunnel, the loading screen will come up and take you to a new area. The trophy will pop as soon as you enter this area.

  • Story related, unmissable

    When you complete the area mentioned above, you will return to the heart area via a loading screen. As soon as you return to the heart area, the trophy will pop.

  • A way out?

    Story related, unmissable

    Once you complete all the heart area puzzles, a large door will open in the upper right section of the area. Exiting the heart area through this door will lead to another loading screen, the trophy will pop as soon as you enter the new area.

  • Form a pentagram with the laser reflectors.


    One of the first puzzles you will do when you enter the heart area, in a room to the bottom right area from the heart. There will be four mirrors arranged in a square pattern. You will need to rotate each mirror so the laser beam reflects off of them and the mirrors at the bottom of the screen, to form a pentagram shape.

    The solution is as follows:

    Keep the bottom right mirror completely horizontal, so that the laser beam passes right by it.

    Next the beam will hit the bottom left mirror, which should be angled just past vertical in the clockwise direction, so that the top of the mirror hits the 1 o clock position. This will angle the laser down and to the right in making a 45 degree angle back from the direction the laser came. This will cause the laser to hit the bottom static mirror and be reflected to the upper right mirror.

    The upper right mirror should be angled just one step clockwise from completely horizontal, with the mirror on the bottom. The right side of the mirror would be at the 4 o clock position. This will reflect the laser back down to the static mirrors at the bottom of the screen and complete the puzzle, popping the trophy.

    The upper left mirror should not be involved at all in this puzzle.

  • Pass the adjustable pumps without adjusting the pumps.


    Near the end of the game you will pass through a section that has large pistons that go back and forth which you have to get inside and ride in the space they create and move from piston to piston to get through.

    Just after this is a section with a flat floor and three switches one right after the other, followed by small pistons moving vertically that tend to push you up when you go by them. Above them is a fast moving stream of air that blows you back to the beginning if the pistons push you up into it.

    For this trophy you cannot touch any of the three switches that are on the floor. You must get back and move quickly to the right with lots of momentum but time it just right so that you can fly by all the pistons and continue on before they push you up into the airstream. Once you pass them then the trophy will pop.

    Fortunately there are no 'deaths' or anything here so if you screw it up with the timing, you can just try again as many times as you need to get it right.

  • Throw a piece of coal into the oven without the piece of coal touching anything, flying for 3 seconds.


    This trophy can be a little tricky. This is the same area as the one for the Typical trophy. The pieces of coal that you need to throw are the large black rocks that are stuck to the ground and in walls, that you need to bomb loose before you can move them. The oven, is the metal bucket thing that has a large fire in it on the mid-right section of the area.

    The pieces of coal are heavy and rather difficult to get enough momentum to throw but what's worse is that there are a limited number of them so if you do not obtain this trophy by the time you put them all in the oven, you will have to start the game over. You may want to consider backing up your save file to the PS+ Save File Cloud or a USB drive as soon as you enter this area, to avoid this.

    For me, I focused more on going vertical rather than left to right air. Start below and to the left of the oven, and move upward and slightly to the right. When you let your piece of coal go, the arc from the height should cover the three seconds of air you need. If you just throw it hard to the right, with no arc, it will likely go in the oven before the 3 seconds have passed.

  • Finish game without using hints.


    To get this trophy you must complete the base campaign of the game without ever touching the button. Despite the fact that the very first thing the game tells you to do is hit the button for a hint, you must completely ignore that.

    Just know that there is only one action the game ever requires from you ever and that is to press any other button for the tractor beam. Get used to using the right trigger or something for the tractor beam and keep your hands far away from the button. If you are stuck on a puzzle, don't start hitting random buttons to try and figure out a solution, as that will not help you and you will probably accidentally hit the button by mistake.

  • Some things are just way too heavy.


    This is in an area right after the pistons from We are in a hurry. There will be a large room with an angled ceiling that goes up and a completely flat floor. In the middle of the floor there is a large box that is very heavy and hard to move. There will be nothing else at all in the room. On the right hand side of the room is a large service elevator.

    Do not enter the elevator at all before moving the large block! As soon as you enter the elevator the door will close behind you and you will have lost your chance at this trophy. As this is right at the end of the game, that means you will pretty much have to re-do the entire game to get this trophy. I tell you this from personal experience.

    To move the block get momentum and hit it in the upper left corner moving left to right. This will pop up the block a bit. Before it comes crashing back down quickly grab that corner that you just hit with your tractor beam and pull it to the right. You may have to repeat this move a few times to get it on to the elevator, as the only way to move it its to flip it end over end; it is impossible to drag it.

    I found this 'puzzle' rather curious, as moving the box onto the elevator serves absolutely no purpose what so ever besides popping a trophy. Once the box is on the elevator, there is literally nothing else to do with it.


Secret trophies

  • Finish the game by escaping.

    At the end of the base game you will bring a damaged janitor bot into the final room. To get this ending, drag him up to the highest point in the room and place him on the bucket-scale. Pull the switch and a camera will scan the bot. The ceiling will open above you and when you fly up and out, the credits will roll and the trophy will pop.

  • Become a new janitor.

    At the end of the base game you will bring a damaged janitor bot into the final room. To get this ending, drop him into the upgrade station bucket, it will turn from orange to green. Go inside the upgrade tube and pull the switch. You can then sit back and watch and eventually the trophy will pop.

  • Sacrifice yourself at the end of Extended.

    At the end of the extended game, you will bring your damaged partner into the final room. To get this trophy, drop your partner into the upgrade tube, and then fly directly to the right and use your body to complete the circuit of the damaged wires. As soon as the meter in the middle fills up, you can sit back and watch the ending as this trophy will eventually pop.

  • Save yourself at the end of Extended.

    At the end of the extended game, you will bring your damaged partner into the final room. To get this trophy to pop, drop your partner into the bucket scale at the top of the room which will open up a path up top. Fly out this path and enjoy your new trophy.

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