Kitty Got Wet Trophy

  • Kitty Got Wet


    Win your first online Multiplayer Match

    Due to the servers being closed, this trophy is no longer obtainable.

    If you’re familiar with phone-based multiplayer games like Words With Friends, you’ll be right at home with how Multiplayer works here. You can have 8 games going on at once, but it isn’t live. You make your move and send it to your opponent and whenever they get online, they’ll make their move and send it back to you. There's no time limit and you can make moves on your own accord. All you need to do for the trophy is win once. It's worth noting that if your opponent resigns, you do not get the trophy.

    If you require a boosting partner, feel free to use the following thread: Trophy Boosting Thread.

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  • Server's already down, gents

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