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  • Stage Fright


    Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail)

    Chapter 11: In Plain Sight

    After completing the Founders Puzzle in the church you will go back outside to the market square. After opening a door, Sully and you will lean over a balcony (cutscene). Put your controller down and don't do anything for 30 seconds. Then the trophy pops.

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  • Now that's funny. Well played, ND.
  • This is amazing.
  • Video guide of trophy for confirmation:
  • OMG, that f*cking reference xD
  • Lol I still remember that freeze and restart like it was yesterday. lol Wow time sure flies.
  • I was sitting here for like 2 minutes like... "Did ND really just.... No.... Really?" Bravo, ND. Bravo.
  • Wow, that is just amazingly done. ND are just the best.
  • mine wont pop. I've tried it like 4 times and dont get anything
  • nvm. i wasnt aware you HAD to watch the cutscene beforehand
  • Dont feel bad Rowdy, I did the same thing... oh well now I know what to do.
  • I dont get the reference
  • Me neither
  • #11 & #12, It's a reference to their E3 demo. This is what happened in their demo during the presentation.
  • @11 & @12 If I remember correctly. During the E3, they were showing off for the first time the gameplay of Uncharted 4. When the cutscene finished. Nathan wasn't moving at all and I think it was because the controller was no longer working, so everyone was stuck watching Drake standing still for 30 seconds. That's why the description says (Stage demo fail).
  • I thought this might be a trophy, however I didn't wait long enough. lol. Oh well I can go back!
  • Like other people stated I skipped the cutscene (thinking, why not) and waited ages, no trophy. I almost cried thinking I would have to repeat the mission (I done this mission to get 4 trophies). I loaded the save and lucky for me it played the cutscene!! YES!! I hope this helps others too.. After the trophy popped though I tried to load game again but it didn't play the cutscene, I might have got really lucky somehow with that load. So I'm sorry if this doesn't help some other people. This game is really glitchy it seems.
  • #16 It sure helped me, thanks! I did skip the cutscene and I couldn't get the trophy. So i followed your advice and loaded the savegame and i got to see the cutscene this time and I got the trophy just a little latter. Then i noticed the time on the savegame was updated. My guess is the game is saved when you finish watching the cutscene OR when you get the trophy (probably the former), and that is why you couldn't see the cutscene after getting the trophy. I tried loading again the savegame and it loads already on the street, after the cutscene, just like you.
  • #16 It helped me too. I much appreciate your tip. Thanks! :)
  • Dont skip the cutscene guys , othervise you dont get the trophy .
  • @13 & #14: Yeah, you're absolutely right about the "Stage Demo Fail" theory; NaughtyDog made a comment about 2months after the game's release explaining what that trophy meant and how it relates to E3's showing of UC4... •• GREAT PICK-UP!! **I noticed it myself, but I couldn't remember or place exactly where I noticed it from, obviously until I asked a a few gaming friends and we finally put it together Lol, it was like a joint-effort to figure it out!! ••• GoodShit Though--> Too #13:(NMErickson) & #14:(HiryuMK)!!! •••• I enjoy seeing fellow gamers point out things that by-pass most others, it shows just How Much these amazing games & their dedicated Fans (meaning YOU Gentlemen/Ladies) truly are; Hats of to both of YOU haha...
  • Version 1.21. I skipped the cutscene and immediately thought I'd f#*ked up!.. but the trophy popped nonetheless.. I'd not read these comments beforehand. So if you're impatient with cutscenes you've already seen, like me, and skip without thinking then it should be okay
  • pretty annoying having to do the clock tower puzzle again just for a joke trophy

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