Ludonarrative Dissonance Trophy in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • Ludonarrative Dissonance


    Defeat 1000 enemies

    How to unlock Ludonarrative Dissonance

    This trophy will unlock automatically while going for the other trophies. No need to worry about it. Your kills from story mode and encounter select count together. Even though it shows 0 kills when loading up an encounter it will keep counting the kills in the background anyway. The stats are a bit glitchy in general. They may show you less kills than you really have. Worry not, while farming for other kill-related trophies and doing 2 playthroughs this will unlock somewhere along the way. You can also farm kills at the end of Chapter 7, encounter "Ballroom". There are infinite enemies spawning. Alternatively, you can farm at the start of the prologue by ramming small boats. Each boat counts as 3-4 kills. Restart the checkpoint after destroying three to five boats and repeat.

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  • A+ trophy name
  • Be careful. For me, turns out if you do chapter/encounter select, it resets your stats. Only if you select new game does it offer to carry over your stats
  • @ocelot11snake so that would mean that you would have to get the 1000 kills in one playthrough because it's unobtainable in chapter select as it resets your stats, what a pain!
  • I can confirm that although chapter select resets your stats, it does not interfere with this trophy, just popped for me while I was using chapter select to get the use all weapons trophy
  • On my first run I killed 553 , decided to do a second run an I override my save file, it only kept my collectibles everything else reset on the stats, so my question is how do you get the stats to carry over from one play through to another? Does it keep track of my 553 on first run or do I need to die on purpose an farm the chapter 20 to get the 1000 kills, I'm confused, uncharted 1-3 carried over stats but uncharted 4 did not, any help would be greatly appreciated
  • To keep your stats, all I did was start a new play through and instead of writing over my game save, I opted to do a new save. Haven't shot anyone yet, so I'm not sure if it worked or not.
  • Encounter select / chapter select still add to your overall total in main menu stats.
  • Tbh,you just need to play ON Crushing! Got this on that nasty Chap 18 bit in Averys house
  • For clarity, I can confirm that you don't need to do it all in one play play-through. I started on crushing and, similar to @XtherealjaxonX I have already unlocked this trophy (I'm on chapter 20 now) but what is most interesting is that if you look at my in game stats it states: 'Total enemies defeated 470'. Which would suggest that, it has been tracking the kills even when I reload and essentially write over pre-existing data.
  • If you die, it keeps the stats. so just find a nice spot and have fun until you die. then rinse and repeat. I got it while being crushed in crushing. ;)
  • I do chapter select and encounters and my total kill counter stays the same.
  • Having same trouble as Vorlon, completed story and trying to use chapter replays and encounters to up my total kills. Now in main menu stats I had 632 kills. In the pause screen during encounter its much lower which I believe is normal, trouble is, after I finish encounter and return to stats in main menus, it still sits at 632. Don't understand why this isn't stacking up
  • I can confirm that as of March 17, 2018, your kills in Chapter Select and Encounter Select do count towards your overall 1000 kills for this achievement. I have the current version of the game as of this date, which is 1.32. I completed the game on Moderate, and finished with about 550 kills. After I completed the game, I did various other kill-type trophies via chapter and encounter select (rope kills, ledge kills, hip fire kills, 100 without dying), and these ended up counting. After I got the trophy for the 100 kills without dying (using the Ballroom encounter of Chapter 7, I calculated I was at about 900-950. I kept going o see if it would pop, and after about 5 more minutes of killing to infinite spawn enemies on the ledges outside, I got the trophy.
  • ** Correction above, I meant kills in chapter/encounter select do count towards the TROPHY, not achievement. I'm getting my consoles mixed up...
  • ElementalWeapon is right, both Chapter Select and Encounter Select kills count toward the total even if the number is not going up on the Statistics page.

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