• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 If you have the Digital version/do everything legit but 2.5/10 if you have the retail version and use the many available exploits. (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 50 (40, 9, 1)
  • Online trophies: 6 (5, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-30 hours if you use exploits but 36-50hrs if you don't (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (1 x Crushing with Collectibles, 1 x Speedrun)
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 (Sharpshooter , Charted! - Speedrun )
  • Glitched trophies: 2 (Peaceful Resolution , Treasure Master )
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must beat the game on Crushing.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, beating Crushing unlocks all other difficulty-related trophies.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No. Cheats are unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty (infinite ammo etc.) and can be enabled to unlock all trophies.


Uncharted: 4 A Thief's End is the perfect game for every trophy hunter. It doesn't take very long to Platinum, nor is it hard. The trophies are fun and, even more importantly, the game is super awesome, enjoyable and visually stunning. There are two ways you can go about earning the Platinum: Start on Crushing right away to save time and get there quicker or start on a lower difficulty and then replay Crushing with Cheats enabled (obviously easier but you have to do a playthrough more). This leads to the next point - Cheats! They are unlocked after beating the game for the first time on any difficulty but most importantly, they do not disable trophies. Therefore, you can use infinite ammo during your speedrun or Crushing difficulty run or for whatever trophy you want. If you want to use one of the many exploits that were available at launch, you need to own the retail version of the game and play offline without the patch. Digital owners will have to do everything legit, since you won't be able to unpatch your game.


*Glitch Warning*

Some players are having problems getting trophies to unlock. Reinstalling the game fixes this! This problem can occur with any trophy randomly and is not limited to specific trophies. Make a backup of your save game, uninstall the game in the PS4 settings then install it. Now repeat the steps for the trophy and it should unlock fine.

Step 1 - Complete Story on Crushing, Get All Collectibles, Keep an Eye out for Story-Related Trophies

Crushing is available from the start. It is greyed out in the difficulty options, but you can select it anyway. For Uncharted veterans this is recommended as it is the fastest way to get the Platinum and saves you another playthrough.

Collectibles are never found during enemy encounters, only in climbing and exploration sections. So the difficulty is completely irrelevant for all the collectibles. See the full collectible guide HERE.

If you miss a collectible you can grab it via chapter select afterwards.

There are also plenty of story-related trophies that can only be done at one specific spot. Keep an eye out for these, in chapter order:

  • Still Got It! (Chapter 4)
  • Ghost in the Cemetery (Chapter 8)
  • Trials and Tribulation (Chapter 9)
  • Not a Cairn in the World (Chapter 10)
  • Don't Feed the Animals (Chapter 11)
  • I Can See My House From Here (Chapter 11)
  • Glamour Shot (Chapter 11)
  • Stage Fright (Chapter 11)
  • Marco Polo Returns! (Chapter 12)
  • On Porpoise (Chapter 12)
  • Peaceful Resolution (Chapter 13 & 14)
  • Just Floor It! (Chapter 17)
  • Swordmaster (Chapter 22)
  • Best Score! (Epilogue)

You can do a playthrough on Explorer difficulty first to unlock Cheats, then use Cheats (infinite ammo, one-hit kill weapons etc.) to get through Crushing difficulty. Cheats don't disable trophies and make Crushing difficulty a joke.

Step 2 - Speedrun & 70% Accuracy

After completing the first playthrough, you unlock Cheats. You can (and should) use them for the Speedrun trophy. See Charted! - Speedrun for all the relevant information. Most importantly, cutscenes add to your time and must be skipped.

When you enable auto-aim in the options and use the Barok .44 revolver with infinite ammo, you should very easily reach 80%+ accuracy for the Sharpshooter trophy.

Step 3 - Kill-Related / Miscellaneous Trophy Farming

At this point you will already have unlocked a fair amount of kill-related and miscellaneous trophies. Just mop up what you are missing. You can do all of the kill-related things very quickly by restarting checkpoints in encounter select so this won't take long at all.

Step 4 - Multiplayer

There are five Multiplayer trophies but they are all quick, easy and straight forward so shouldn't take long to get.

[PST Would Like to Thank PowerPyx for this Roadmap]


Survival DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: *See Difficulty Note*
  • Offline trophies: 0 (Trophies can be obtained solo but you need to be online)
  • Online trophies: 12 (11 , 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, 2 trophies require Crushing Difficulty.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, but there are 1-use Booster items that can and should be used if needed.

*Difficulty Note* This DLC is being constantly updated by Naughty Dog and they have been "nerfing" Weapons & Mysticals (magical powerups) nonstop, so there is no good way to rate the difficulty of this DLC. When I got my trophies, I rated the difficulty to be about a 5-6/10.

However, due to nerfing weapons and Mysticals being increased in price as well as being nerfed against bosses, now the difficulty is much higher and I would probably rate it around a 8-9/10. Since there’s no telling what Naughty Dog might change next, I am reluctant to add a difficulty rating since it may change heavily based on future updates.


"Survival" is the first DLC with trophies for Uncharted 4. It was made available through a game update, so no need to download or buy anything from the PS Store. The Survival Mode is pretty fun to play at first and is pretty enjoyable for the most part. However the harder difficulties are no joke, they are quite difficult and some of the later stages can and will frustrate you.

There are 10 maps, each with 5 waves; these waves range from simply defeating all enemies to running around grabbing treasure to fighting bosses.

Here are all the different types of waves:

  • Survival: Defeat X amount of enemies.
  • Siege: Stand in a designated area and only kills from that area count toward the wave.
  • Marked Man: Kill X amount of enemies that have red targets above their heads.
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect 100 treasures (2 sets of 50 treasures each, also enemies attack you constantly).
  • Boss Fight: Kill the boss.

Some waves have modifiers that make things harder for you. This includes things like Time Limits (if you don’t kill enough enemies before time expires you will fail the wave and have to redo it), only certain weapons kills (like Pistols/Headshots/Melee only), as well as enemies spawning negative effects when they die. Some waves on harder difficulties have combinations of all of these!

There are a decent amount of good weapons that people use while playing the game, but the most popular one is the M14 Custom. It’s a semi-auto sniper that has a good fire rate and high damage, so it’s very useful for almost every wave type.

There are some pretty good DLC weapons as well, my favourites were the P90 and the Pak-80. But to unlock those, you will either need to get lucky with a DLC Gameplay Chest (spend 2500 of the little purple relics that you obtain from MP/Survival/Daily Challenges to purchase), or with Uncharted points (purchased with real money).

The main downside of using real money is that Naughty Dog has already nerfed a few DLC weapons, so many people are upset that they paid for a weapon that is now obsolete, so I advise against it myself.

PST member Aeirou has kindly pointed out that if you want a good automatic weapon for headshots and aren't too good at aiming, the AK-47, Lowe-S, and M4 are great weapons to use because they have great headshot tracking and the recoil also moves in an upper motion.

You can also level up your guns to make them stronger. You do so by fighting bosses on different difficulties. Each boss that you defeat will drop a gun upgrade, so it’s best to grind out weapon upgrades before moving on to harder difficulties (more info in the Walkthrough).

The last basic tip is using Boosters. As you level up, you not only do more damage and get new weapons, but you also unlock LP (loadout points), which allow you to add boosters to a loadout to make things easier. There are 1-use boosters and permanent ones, but I’m talking about the permanent ones here.

There is a wide selection of ones that people use, but there are a few that I recommend:

  • Speedy G - Run faster (Useful for treasure waves).
  • Prizefighter - Increased melee damage (Very useful for headshot/melee waves).
  • Combat Revive - Better revive range and healing.
  • Quick Healer - Faster reviving.
  • Deadeye - More headshot damage.
  • Enhanced Radar *DLC* Allows you to see all enemies on your radar.

You won’t be able to use all of these on a single loadout, so I made a few different loadouts that I used depending on which map I was playing.

I made 2 custom loadouts that worked for me. The first of which was my main co-op loadout, which I used Combat Revive, Quick Healer, and Deadeye.

When playing Solo or doing waves involving treasure and headshot/melee waves, I used a second loadout with Speedy G, Prizefighter, and Deadeye. The downside of this loadout is that you're next to useless when it comes to reviving teammates, but it makes melee waves really easy!

The basic strategy to complete each wave is to find a good camping spot and let the enemies come to you. I have screenshots for each map showing my preferred camping spots, and they are under each individual level trophy. Note that on easier difficulties you can just rush out and kill everything, but on Hard/Crushing difficulty, you will need to make use of these spots to get through some waves alive.

The game has 12 trophies. Ten of them are very easy and just involve completing each individual stage, but the last two involve getting 1 and 3 star ranks on Crushing difficulty.

To get a 3 star rank, you must complete all five waves of a level within a time limit. The time limits change per level based on what difficulty you are on, but since only Crushing requires 3 stars, I’ve listed the individual times in the guide under the …It trophy. Almost all of these are near impossible to do Solo, so make sure you play with at least 1 partner!

Visit the Co-op Partners Thread if you need a partner.

Also due to the nature of Naughty Dog updating the game with more fixes/nerfs, I won't have individual videos for each map (as the strategies may become obsolete), but people are posting their videos in the Survival Forum, so check there for any videos!

That’s it for the starter tips, now on to the best way to tackle these trophies!


Step 1: Play through each map on Light Difficulty.

This step is to get used to the game mode and to get the first 10 trophies easily. Don’t worry about getting 3 stars since it doesn’t matter in this step. But the more stars you get, the more XP you get, so try your best!

Trophies Unlocked:
Get Train Rekt
The Mad City
Great Escape
In for a Penny, In for a Pound
Those Who Prove Worthy
Cliffs and Caves
Another Lost City Destroyed
A Pirate's Life For Me
Without a Paddle

Step 2: Upgrade all your guns to level 3 while playing on Light Difficulty. (Optional but highly recommended)

You upgrade guns by defeating a boss. When defeated, each boss drops a random weapon that you’ve acquired and it will be leveled up once. Weapons can only be upgraded up to level 3 maximum on Light/Moderate difficulty, so you’ll want to do so before attempting Hard mode. Plus the XP you’ll gain while doing this will increase you to a high enough level where you might be able to survive Hard mode!

Every even numbered stage has a boss, and stage 10 has two.
Replay Stages 2 or 4 to upgrade your Pistols.
Replay Stages 6, 8, or 10 for the Long Guns.

I recommend Stage 2 for Pistols, and Stage 10 for Long Guns. You can also do Stage 6 but it takes around 10-15 minutes to complete it on Light whereas it takes 15-20 minutes for Stage 10 on Light (which has 2 bosses so two upgrades). On harder difficulties, Stage 6 is the better choice though.

Step 3: Complete Hard Difficulty to unlock Crushing.

Self-explanatory. Crushing is only unlocked once you complete all 10 stages on Hard Mode. Hard is unlocked from the start but if you rush right in to Hard Mode, you won’t stand a chance. So hopefully you’ve been following the Roadmap and you’ll be at a decent level with better weapons (the game recommends level 30). Once you complete Stage 10 on Hard, you’ll unlock Crushing.

Note that if a friend/partner hosts a game on Stage 10 and carries you through it to completion, you can play Crushing at any time, even if you haven’t done the other 9 levels on Hard!

Step 4: Upgrade all your guns to level 4 while playing on Hard Difficulty. (Optional but highly recommended)

You might be thinking of going straight into Crushing after beating Hard, but upgrades will help out immensely! Level 4 guns have bigger clips, which means that you won’t have to reload as often. You’ll also level up a lot while doing this, as you’ll want to be at least level 40 before starting Crushing. I’d say that being at a minimum of level 45 is preferred for Crushing.

For Hard, you’ll want to do Stages 2 and 6 for your upgrades. Stage 10 is much too difficult and time consuming compared to 6.

Step 5: Complete Crushing Difficulty and replay stages as needed for 3 stars.

Now that you’ve upgraded all your guns and you are also a high level, it’s time for Crushing! Use everything you’ve learned to try and beat each Stage as fast as possible!

I also recommend trying to get your M14 (or any other favourite guns) to level 5 during this step. All damage is increased with level 5 guns! Only bosses on Crushing difficulty can get a gun to level 5.

The reason you’ll have wanted to get all guns to level 4 up to this point is that you’re guaranteed a level 5 weapon drop from each boss. I had the misfortune of having a gun at level 3 when playing Crushing, and the game unluckily decided to give me that gun’s upgrade instead of a level 5 weapon.

This is the hardest part by far, so good luck!

Trophies Unlocked:

Special Thanks:
DISCOKING - For being my main co-op partner and also showing me the best spots/weapons to use. Also thanks for the banner!
Druoxrodest - For helping me finish levels 7-10 on Crushing since I couldn’t do it myself.
Eternal21 - For helping me unlock Crushing difficulty and showing some good camping spots.
Thanks to everyone else on the forums for posting their tips and tricks!

[PST Would Like to Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

68 trophies ( 10  56  17  )

  • Collect All The Trophies

    This is unlocked after getting the other 55 non-DLC trophies.

  • Complete the game in explorer mode

    Unlocked by beating the game on Explorer difficulty or higher. See Charted! - Crushing for more information.

  • Complete the game in light mode

    Unlocked by beating the game on Light difficulty or higher. See Charted! - Crushing for more information.

  • Complete the game in moderate mode

    Unlocked by beating the game on Moderate difficulty or higher. See Charted! - Crushing for more information.

  • Complete the game in hard mode

    Unlocked by beating the game on Hard difficulty or higher. See Charted! - Crushing for more information.

  • Complete the game in crushing mode

    There is an exploit available for this trophy HERE.

    Crushing mode is available from the start. It is greyed out in the difficulty options, but can be selected anyway. Beating the game on Crushing unlocks all the other difficulty-related trophies. You have to complete every single chapter on Crushing. Doing only the last chapter won't unlock the trophy.

    The damage you take is about the same as hard difficulty. The main difference is that the enemies have better weapons, armour and equipment and spawn in greater numbers. There are plenty of additional enemies that don't spawn on lower difficulties. You also get less ammo.

    If you played previous Uncharted games on Crushing there's no reason why you shouldn't start on Crushing right away. It will save you another playthrough and reduce the time to platinum.

    If you don't mind another playthrough and want to make things easier on yourself, then beat the game on any other difficulty to unlock Cheats and weapon select.

    With Infinite Ammo, the Barok .44 and Auto-Aim, Crushing is really easy to beat and you can rush through it quickly. Cheats do not disable trophies.

    You can change the difficulty in the game options at any time. So if you decide Crushing isn't the right fit for your first playthrough you can still change it later on.

    For shooting sections keep in mind you can aim "around" the cover by standing behind it and switching the shoulder, rather than leaning against it. This way you can shoot enemies even though they can't shoot you. Aiming while hanging off a cliff also gives you good cover.

    The hardest part is the endboss. He can kill you in one hit and his attacks are really fast. The video below contains some tips for this fight:

    You must evade his attacks by pressing / . When he strikes from the left you must press , when he attacks from the right you press .

    My strategy here was to quickly press at all times. So if he attacked from the right I would automatically block it each time. I only needed to watch out for attacks from the left. When he attacked from the left I pressed real quick.

    Some of his attacks (especially spin attacks) are really confusing and it's hard to see from what side he will attack. After a while you'll get the hang of it. You just need to learn all his attacks patterns.

    To make the fight easier you may want to activate the Slow Motion cheat in the bonus menu (under Gameplay Modifiers). It will give you a lot more time to block and you shouldn't have much trouble beating the boss this way.

  • Complete the game in 6 hours or less

    *Exploit Tip (requires version 1.00, must uninstall all patches)*

    After beating the game on any difficulty, back up your save games on USB or the PlayStation Cloud. Then delete all Uncharted 4 game saves on your PS4, except for the one where you completed the game. If you downloaded any patches you must uninstall the game and disconnect from the internet. Start a new game from the main menu and choose to carry over your statistics and collectibles. You must select a different difficulty than your last playthrough. Create a NEW save game when the game asks you to (and keep your existing one from previous playthrough). This must be your second save game in total. Now play to the start of Chapter 1. At the start of Chapter 1, after the cutscene with young Nate, pause the game and quit out to the main menu. Go to Chapter Select and play the Epilogue. Make sure you play it on the same difficulty you used in your new game. When Chapter Select asks you to save the game you must overwrite the most recent save file from Chapter 1. Now all you have to do is beat the Epilogue and the trophy will unlock. Thanks to user Pyramat for finding this exploit!

    Here is a thread for the exploit if you need more help: Speed Run Exploit

    Speedrun Tips:

    • Cutscenes add to your total play time and you must skip them.
    • The timer stops during loading screens and when you pause the game.
    • Play on Explorer difficulty (does not disable trophies).
    • Enable Auto-Aim in options (does not disable trophies).
    • Enable Infinite Ammo & use the Barok .44 revolver from weapon select. It kills almost everything in one hit. Cheats are unlocked after beating the game for the first time on any difficulty (Cheats don't disable trophies).
    • Remember that you can fire from the hip while running past enemies. Works great at close quarters.
    • You don't need to kill every single enemy. Sometimes you can run past entire enemy encounters without killing.
    • You are allowed to create manual save games and can quit the application. There's no need to do it in one sitting, the trophy will unlock regardless.
    • If you have a progression glitch (e.g. infinite loading screen, game crash, NPCs not doing what they are supposed to), simply quit the application and continue the story, it should load up fine.
    • If you die or restart checkpoints it will keep counting your time (it won't reset the time to the last checkpoint).
    • You can check your playtime anytime in the statistics. Compare with the time in the video to get an idea where you're standing. I had plenty of time left for the trophy.
    • The puzzles can cost you a lot of time if you don't do them perfectly. Look them up in the video for the quickest solutions.

    All in all, beating the 6 hour requirement isn't too difficult with Auto Aim and Cheats. Just remember to skip every cutscene.

    My Chapter times for reference:

    Prologue - 0:00
    Chapter 1 - 5:12
    Chapter 2 - 14:00
    Chapter 3 - 29:43
    Chapter 4 - 37:10
    Chapter 5 - 40:06
    Chapter 6 - 45:47
    Chapter 7 - 1:00:57
    Chapter 8 - 1:10:04
    Chapter 9 - 1:33:19
    Chapter 10 - 1:48:02
    Chapter 11 - 2:06:26
    Chapter 12 - 2:34:40
    Chapter 13 - 2:49:06
    Chapter 14 - 3:02:11
    Chapter 15 - 3:10:27
    Chapter 16 - 3:18:28
    Chapter 17 - 3:29:27
    Chapter 18 - 3:50:45
    Chapter 19 - 4:05:20
    Chapter 20 - 4:17:32
    Chapter 21 - 4:31:55
    Chapter 22 - 4:38:19
    Epilogue - 4:45:55

    Below contains timestamps for the puzzle solutions so you can quickly look them up in the video walkthrough:

    Chapter 8 Puzzle (Light Beams at Door) - 1:22:00
    Chapter 9 Puzzle (Water Bucket & Wheels) - 1:34:14
    Chapter 11 Puzzle (Clock Tower) - 2:08:12
    Chapter 11 Puzzle (Founders Puzzle with Symbols) - 2:17:14
    Chapter 12 Puzzle (Spinning Symbols) - 2:44:00
    Chapter 19 Puzzle (Walking over explosive Traps) - 4:14:44

  • Find a Treasure


    See Treasure Master.

  • Find 50 treasures

    See Treasure Master.

  • Find all Treasures


    *Glitched Trophy*
    For a very small amount of players the stats say they don't have all treasures, even though they got everything in the treasure overview. The only way to fix it is to reinstall the game without patches and redo everything.

    There are 109 pieces of treasure in the game. They are glittering items hidden around the game world.

    The following chapters do not have any collectibles in them: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 7.

    You can keep track of your collectible progress in Chapter Select. There's a collectible counter for each chapter. The treasures can also be tracked in the pause menu.

    After getting a collectible it will be saved instantly. You don't need to reach the next checkpoint and can quit out of the chapter right away.

    All progress carries over to the next playthrough and you can get missing collectibles via Chapter Select at any time.

    This is what a treasure looks like:

    Here is a complete Text & Video Guide: Uncharted 4 Collectible Guide (Text & Video)

  • Find a Journal Entry


    See Lost Art of Journaling.

  • Find all Journal Entries

    There are 25 Journal Entries in total. For the entries, you must inspect certain objects in the game world. A button prompt with a journal icon will show up when looking at them. A few of them also come from optional conversations. After getting a Journal entry, Nate will scribble something in his notebook.

    You can keep track of your collectible progress in Chapter Select. There's a collectible counter for each chapter. In the statistics you can also see your total progress for each collectible type.

    After getting a collectible it will be saved instantly. You don't need to reach the next checkpoint and can quit out of the chapter right away.

    All progress carries over to the next playthrough and you can get missing collectibles via chapter select at any time.

    This icon will be shown when you can collect a journal entry:

    Here is a complete Text & Video Guide: Uncharted 4 Collectible Guide (Text & Video)

  • Find a Journal Note


    See Lost History.

  • Find All Journal Notes

    There are 23 Notes. They are simply pieces of paper you can pick up. Most of them are found on old Skeletons. They aren't hidden so well, most of them are directly on your path. After getting a note it will be added to your journal where you can read it at any time.

    You can keep track of your collectible progress in Chapter Select. There's a collectible counter for each chapter. In the statistics you can also see your total progress for each collectible type.

    After getting a collectible it will be saved instantly. You don't need to reach the next checkpoint and can quit out of the chapter right away.

    All progress carries over to the next playthrough and you can get missing collectibles via chapter select at any time.

    This icon will be shown when you can pick up a note:

    Here is a complete Text & Video Guide: Uncharted 4 Collectible Guide (Text & Video)

  • Defeat 20 enemies with headshots

    See You Have a Head for this Business.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with headshots

    This is very easy and will almost certainly come naturally over the course of your first playthrough. If you have any trouble with it you can farm headshots via encounter select by restarting the checkpoint. After beating the game for the first time you can also activate the "Bullet Speed Mode" Cheat which slows down time while aiming.

  • Perform 20 headshots from the rope

    Encounter: Drawbridge (Chapter 10)

    Select the Drawbridge encounter from the main menu (Chapter 10). Make sure you put it on Explorer difficulty and disable Auto-Aim in the control options. There are two ropes in this encounter. The one on the right side works best. Use the rope and wait until it stops swinging. Then shoot the enemies in the head. The AK-47 (or any other assault rifle) work really well for this. You can fire in bursts and should easily get a headshot. The enemies aren't far away. Some will be standing right in front of you on a building. After killing a bunch of them restart the encounter.

    Do not complete the encounter! Leave one alive and restart the checkpoint! Each time you load up an encounter your kill counter resets. This means you must do 20 rope headshots in a row via checkpoint restart. If you quit out to the main menu your progress will be lost.

    This should only take ~5 checkpoint restarts as you can get multiple headshots on each run.

  • Stealth take-down 5 enemies

    See Shh Sleep Now.

  • Stealth take-down 30 enemies

    Encounter: Bridge (Chapter 8)

    The bridge encounter in Chapter 8 is perfect for this (you can select it from the main menu). Doing a vertical stealth takedown (drop onto enemy below you) automatically counts as a "normal" stealth takedown at the same time. So when you get the I Thought I Heard Something trophy you will automatically unlock the Shh Sleep Now trophy with it.

    The very first enemy of this encounter is perfect. After a few seconds he will walk towards you. Then you can drop onto him for an instant knockout. Restart the checkpoint and repeat 30 times.

    Be aware that if you quit the encounter you'll have to do 30 takedowns again! You must use checkpoint restart 30 times. Your kill counter resets every time you load up an encounter.

  • Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns

    Encounter: Bridge (Chapter 8)

    The bridge encounter in Chapter 8 is perfect for this (you can select it from the main menu). Doing a vertical stealth takedown (drop onto enemy below you) automatically counts as a "normal" stealth takedown at the same time. So when you get the I Thought I Heard Something trophy you will automatically unlock the Shh Sleep Now trophy with it.

    The very first enemy of this encounter is perfect. After a few seconds he will walk towards you. Then you can drop onto him for an instant knockout. Restart the checkpoint and repeat 30 times.

    Be aware that if you quit the encounter you'll have to do 30 takedowns again! You must use checkpoint restart 30 times. Your kill counter resets every time you load up an encounter.

  • Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing

    Simply run up to enemies (preferably on Explorer difficulty) and press to hip-fire. Alternatively, you can shoot them while in cover by pressing only the button. You are not allowed to aim at them with !

  • Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand

    Encounter: Ruins (Chapter 8)

    Select the Ruins encounter from the main menu (Chapter 8). This is a very good place early in the game to get the trophy done.

    Play on a low difficulty. Always kill one enemy with gunfire, then one with melee attacks and repeat. You need 10 kills total (5 gunfire, 5 melee). All the enemies in this area are really weak so it should be easy. Use Melee kills on the enemies on the ground and gunfire on the ones on the ruins. You can't reach the enemies on the ruins, so you must reserve your weapon kills for them. If you shoot too many on the ground you might run out of enemies.

  • Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat

    Encounter: Ballroom (Chapter 7)

    In this encounter you can farm infinite kills. After leaving the ball room, enemies will respawn infinitely on the balconies of the courtyard. Just don't go to the car or the encounter will end. Two enemies spawn on the left and two on the right balcony.

    You may want to activate the Infinite Ammo Cheat / Gameplay Modifier from the bonus menu for this. Cheats are unlocked after beating the game for the first time (any difficulty).

    There's also a very good chance you will unlock this trophy on your speedrun. You are allowed to die in climbing sections, this won't reset the kill count. Just don't die in combat and all will be good.

    If you want to get this super early in the game you can farm kills in the prologue by ramming boats. Each boat counts as 3-4 kills. Ram three to five boats, restart checkpoint before getting rammed by the big boat, rinse and repeat (thanks to Saber0307 for this tip).

  • Complete game with 70% or higher shot accuracy

    *Glitch Warning*
    There's a glitch that makes your hit ratio carry over into the new game. If this happens to you, start encounter select and Chapter Select a few times on different difficulty settings. Then start a new game again. Now your accuracy should be at zero. Your accuracy stat has to be 70% at the end of the game for the trophy to unlock. So if you start out with 20% accuracy from a previous playthrough due to this glitch it will be hard to pull off. Make sure your stat is at 0 when the new game begins.

    There is an exploit available for this trophy HERE.

    The trophy should come naturally on your speedrun. Enable auto-aim in the control options. This pretty much guarantees 70%+ accuracy. I got 83% accuracy without even trying, just because I had Auto-Aim enabled. Make sure you do this in a new game.

    Auto-Aim is available from the beginning on. Later in the game you will come across heavily-armoured enemies. Those are perfect to boost your hit rate. Take an automatic rifle and shoot their armour. Even if your hit rate isn't that great you can easily boost it up at the end by doing this.

    A perfect farming spot is in Chapter 15, after the tower collapses. There are two heavily-armoured enemies that shoot at you with miniguns (after using the rope to save yourself from falling down the tower, before opening a door with Sam). Shoot them with an Assault Rifle and restart the checkpoint or let them kill you (thanks to Gage for this tip).

    After beating the game for the first time you will also unlock Cheats. There is a Cheat called "Bullet Speed Mode". It slows down time while aiming, so you can easily hit your targets. If you want to play it safe, enable this Cheat as well as Auto-Aim. The Barok .44 revolver is a very accurate weapon that kills almost everything in one hit. And if you miss a few shots you can easily compensate for it by shooting enemies in the torso with an assault rifle.

  • Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds

    Encounter: Drawbridge (Chapter 10)

    Select the Drawbridge encounter from the main menu. You will start out with an AK-47, a pistol and a grenade. There are many enemies close together here.

    Just like the trophy description says, you must do the kills in a specific order: Pistol, AK-47, Grenade. Kill 3 enemies very quickly with the different weapons and the trophy will unlock. Very easy.

  • Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen

    Encounter: Dormitories (Chapter 8).

    Select the Dormitories encounter from the main menu (Chapter 8). This is the graveyard section of Chapter 8 after solving the puzzle in the catacombs.

    Getting past all enemies unnoticed is pretty easy. The trophy pops when you've opened the gate at the other end of the graveyard. You are not allowed to attack anyone and may not be detected. First, climb around the cliff near the catacomb exit. Then go through the bushes / tall grass. Enemies cannot see you while you're moving in the bushes. You can climb the wall on the right when all enemies have walked away. Now you hear two guards talking to each other in front of the gate. Hang at the back of the wall while they talk. When they're done talking, climb up and hide for about 5 seconds until the third guard walks away. When all 3 guards on the upper area are facing away you open the gate.

    If you are being detected simply restart the checkpoint or encounter.

  • Make 10 enemies drop their grenades

    Encounter: Market Escape (Chapter 11)

    The perfect place to do this is the start of the Market Escape encounter of Chapter 11. Make sure you put the difficulty on crushing! Enemies throw a lot more grenades on Crushing. On lower difficulties it won't work so well. Crushing is unlocked from the beginning. You can change difficulty anytime in encounter select or in the pause menu.

    At the start of the encounter there are 3 enemies. Kill the two on the left that come running. Once they are dead, the remaining enemy on the right will fire his gun at you and follow up with a grenade. Before he throws the grenade (while he is holding it in his hand) you must shoot him. Then he drops the grenade and blows himself up. Restart the checkpoint to farm more kills. If you quit the encounter your kill progress will be reset. So make sure you do 10 in one sitting.

    To make things easier it is highly recommended that you enable the cheat "Bullet Speed Mode" from the bonus menu. It will greatly slow down time while aiming. This makes it much easier to time your shot. Usually, after the two other enemies are dead, he shoots at you once, goes back into cover and then throws the grenade.

    Try to kill the other 2 enemies as quickly as possible with clean headshots. If you take too long, Sully might kill the enemy on the right.

    If you have trouble with Sully killing enemies, try to switch to the cover on the right instead (where Sully starts). Thanks to mcolwander90 for this last tip.

  • Defeat 4 enemies with the same explosion (all explosive items and weapons apply)

    Encounter: Showdown (Chapter 20).

    The easiest place for this is the Showdown Encounter from Chapter 20. Select it in the main menu and play on Explorer difficulty. After killing the first 3 enemies of this area, 4 new ones will spawn close together on a rock. There is a rocket launcher sitting on one of the boxes here. Pick it up and shoot the 4 enemies after they jump down the rock. Aim at the enemy that carries a rocket launcher, he has the strongest armour.

    This should easily kill all 4 of them. If you don't get it on your first try simply restart the checkpoint.

  • Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake Grenade Launcher

    Encounter: Drawbridge (Chapter 10)

    First you should beat the story to unlock weapon select and the infinite ammo cheat. Without infinite ammo this will be very hard to do because the grenade launcher comes with only 3 shots. You can buy Cheats from the bonus menu and they don't disable trophies.

    Now load up the Drawbridge encounter in Chapter 10. It's important to note that the China Lake Grenade Launcher can only be selected during certain encounters. The Drawbridge encounter is one of them.

    Activate the infinite ammo cheat and use weapon select to get the China Lake GL. Now shoot the enemies and you should get this easily. You can kill 10 of them in less than 20 seconds. Without the infinite ammo cheat you would run out of ammo too quickly.

  • Destroy 10 vehicles while being dragged from the rope

    Encounter: Convoy (Chapter 11)

    Select the Convoy encounter in Chapter 11 from the main menu. Here you will get dragged by a rope. At the very start of the encounter you can shoot vehicles with your pistol while being dragged. If you shoot them often enough they explode.

    Put the difficulty on Explorer for this and enable Auto-Aim. Then it's very very easy. Destroy the first two cars and repeat the checkpoint. Keep repeating this until the trophy pops.

    When you quit the encounter your progress towards this trophy will be lost. So make sure you destroy 10 vehicles in one sitting.

  • Defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds

    Encounter: Dormitories (Chapter 8)

    Select the Chapter 8 Dormitories encounter from the main menu. Any difficulty from Explorer to hard is fine for this. The timer starts when you do the stealth kill. Remember you must do kills in a certain order: stealth, melee, headshot, explosive.

    As soon as the encounter starts, rush to the enemy on the left wall as quickly as you can. Do a stealth kill on him, then roll away and do a melee kill on the other enemy on the wall. If you're fast enough and roll away he won't see you. If you're too slow and don't roll away you might get spotted and Sam will kill the enemy.

    After the melee kill you'll want to jump down into the large enemy group. Use the AK-47 to go for a quick headshot and immediately do a quick throw with dynamite (press for a short moment, don't hold it down to aim!). The quick throw isn't very accurate and sometimes misses. But the dynamite has a huge blast radius so it should be fine.

    It may take a few tries to get the timing down. If you didn't get the trophy simply restart the encounter to try again.

    If you have too much trouble with it you may even activate the slow motion cheat in the bonus menu (unlocked after beating game on any difficulty). The game counts time differently in slow motion.

  • Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee only

    Encounter: Avery's Tower (Chapter 10)

    Select the Avery's Tower encounter from the main menu (Chapter 10) and play it on Explorer or Light difficulty. There are two armoured shotgun enemies here. First you need to do a jump takedown to take their helmet off. Then follow up with melee attacks. You are not allowed to shoot them at all (not even the helmet).

    You can jump on them from the ruins.

    Simply restart the checkpoint and repeat until you have 5 takedowns.

  • Perform 10 combo buddy takedowns

    Encounter: Laundry Fight (Chapter 2)

    A good place for this is during the fist fight in the prison laundry room (end of Chapter 2). You can go there via encounter select.

    When one of your friends punches an enemy you must attack that same enemy. Then you will see an animation where both of you knock out the enemy together. There are infinite enemies spawning in that room, so you can take your time (just don't attack the boss enemy or the encounter will end).

  • Pull 20 enemies over when hanging from a ledge

    Encounter: Evasion (Chapter 7)

    Select the Evasion encounter from the main menu. The first enemy in this encounter can be pulled while hanging from a ledge (press square while you're on the ledge under him). Restart the checkpoint 20 times and repeat.

    Be aware that your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter you need to do 20 kills again. You must use checkpoint restart 20 times in a row.

  • Complete the Uncharted Multiplayer Introduction

    The Multiplayer Introduction loads when you enter the Multiplayer for the first time. It is a little 2-minute tutorial that teaches you the basics. Complete it and the trophy is yours.

  • Complete 5 matches in Multiplayer

    Complete any 5 matches in Multiplayer for this. You must play the match to the end. The game mode doesn't matter.

  • Complete all trials on Moderate (difficulty) in Multiplayer

    This is much easier than it sounds. When you enter Multiplayer go to the trials tab. Here you can play training matches against bots so just complete every training and you will earn the trophy. Moderate is the lowest difficulty available but because you are only playing against bots, this is really easy. There are 17 training missions in total.



    • Introduction: Try a few things to get you started



    • RevivePak: Revives are worth $200 for this trial! Your RevivePak will recharge every 20 seconds.
    • Grenade: Grenade KOs are worth $200 for this trial! Your grenade will recharge every 20 seconds.
    • Mine: Mine KOs are worth $200 for this trial! Your mine will recharge every 20 seconds.
    • C4: C4 KOs are worth $250 for this trial! Your grenade will recharge every 10 seconds.
    • Smoke Bomb: Use charge melee on villains in your smoke cloud for $300! Your smoke bomb will recharge every 30 seconds.



    • Sniper: Sniper sidekick attacks are worth $250 for this trial! Earn enough cash to purchase a sniper and have it take out the enemy team.
    • Savior: Revives are worth $200 for this trial! Earn enough cash to purchase a savior and have it revive teammates.
    • Brute: KO a Brute and get $1000 for this trial! The villains will be spawning Brutes, take them out.
    • Hunter: KO a Hunter Sidekick and get $600 for this trial! Hunters will rush towards you and put you into a hold.



    • Indra's Eternity: Indra's Eternity hits are worth $250 for this trial! Purchase Indra's Eternity and catch the enemy in its field to slow them down.
    • Cintamani Stone: Cintamani revives are worth $450 for this trial! Release it on the downed teammates to automatically revive them.
    • Staff of Ayar Maco: Staff assists are worth $50 for this trial! When you place the staff it will reveal enemy locations on the radar for you and your team.
    • Spirit of the Dijin: KOs with Spirit of the Dijin active are worth $500 for this trial! Dijinn allows you to teleport but you are not allowed to take cover.
    • Wrath of El Dorado: Wrath of El Dorado hits are worth $300 for this trial! Earn cash to purchase the El Dorado and get its specters to hit the enemy.
    • Path of Indra: Path of Indra Teleports are worth $150 for this Trial! Earn cash to purchase the Path of Indra and teleport to your allies.
    • Shield of Asgard: KOs with the Shield of Asgard active are worth $500 this Trial! Shield of Asgard lets you take 75% less damage when active.
  • Spawn 10 Sidekicks in Multiplayer

    Simply replay the Multiplayer Introduction 10 times. Very quick and easy. You will spawn 1 sidekick in each playthrough. You can also spawn sidekicks during real multiplayer matches. After getting a certain amount of money you can buy a sidekick. You can do this over the course of your 5 multiplayer matches.

  • Revive 10 Allies in Multiplayer

    When your allies go down you can revive them by pressing . You must be near them to do this. Just stick with your team and stay behind cover so you can revive when they go down. Revives you get during trials do not count for this.


Secret trophies

  • Find the Strange Relics

    There are 3 Strange Relics you must find for this. They all count as treasures.

    Chapter 9: Strange Pendant
    After solving the puzzle with the water bucket and 3 crucifixes, you must jump down the cliff on the right side. Here you can attach your rope and swing to a platform with a skeleton on it that has the pendant.

    Chapter 12: Strange Relic
    This is after following the arrows with your boat. Shortly after you and Sam get split up (because of a rope bridge breaking apart) you will come to an old tower on top of the island. From here you must use your rope and slide down some mud. Now head left. There's a small hill you can climb. From the hill you must make a far jump into the abyss and attach your rope last second. The rope is really far away and hard to see. It will let you swing to a platform with a big bowl on it. In the bowl is the Strange Relic.

    Chapter 21: Strange Fruit
    This is inside the cave near the end of the mission. You will have to attach your rope to a wooden structure and swing down. As you swing down you will see Avery's pirate ship in the water below you. Now rapel down and swing to the little cave entrance in front of you, on the right side. It's far away and easy to miss. Inside this cave is the last strange item. Trophy unlocked!

  • After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the Treasury

    *Glitched Trophy*
    For some players this trophy unlocks fine, for others it does not. If it glitches on you do the following:
    1. After beating the story go to the PS4 settings and back up your save games.
    2. In the PS4 settings delete all Uncharted 4 saves except for the profile data and the one you completed the story with.
    3. Boot up the game and start chapter 13 via chapter select. Make sure your kill count is at zero in the statistics (important)! If it isn't at zero, keep restarting the chapter on different difficulty settings until the stats show 0 kills. Now redo the trophy.
    If it still doesn't unlock there is yet another fix available

    This trophy takes place over the course of Chapter 13 & Chapter 14. It will unlock at the start of Chapter 15.

    You cannot unlock it in encounter select. It has to be via Chapter Select or in story mode. Make sure you are playing on Explorer difficulty so enemies don't detect you as quickly.

    There are 3 enemy encounters in total. One in Chapter 13, two in Chapter 14.

    In Chapter 13 you can simply rush past the enemies. Just be careful that the enemies don't kill themselves with explosives (watch out for the grenade launcher enemy on the hill). In Chapter 14 Sam will be with and if you get spotted he will start killing enemies. Neither you, nor Sam are allowed to kill anyone. If you do, you must restart the checkpoint.

    In Chapter 14 you have to get through all encounters in full stealth. Otherwise the enemies spot you and then Sam kills them.

    Sometimes, when restarting a checkpoint some enemies simply disappear. This is nothing to worry about and won't void the trophy. In some sections you may actually want to restart checkpoints just to make more enemies disappear.

    Just stay stealthy and play it safe.

  • Defeat 1000 enemies

    This trophy will unlock automatically while going for the other trophies. No need to worry about it. Your kills from story mode and encounter select count together. Even though it shows 0 kills when loading up an encounter it will keep counting the kills in the background anyway. The stats are a bit glitchy in general. They may show you less kills than you really have. Worry not, while farming for other kill-related trophies and doing 2 playthroughs this will unlock somewhere along the way. You can also farm kills at the end of Chapter 7, encounter "Ballroom". There are infinite enemies spawning. Alternatively, you can farm at the start of the prologue by ramming small boats. Each boat counts as 3-4 kills. Restart the checkpoint after destroying three to five boats and repeat.

  • Play with the lemur in the market and let it steal your apple

    Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight

    At the very start of the chapter go to the left of the market square. There are two ladies here who want to sell some apples to you. Buy an apple and go to the man with the lemur at the end of the market. Press to interact with him. As you walk towards Sully the lemur will climb your shoulder and steal the apple - this unlocks the trophy.

  • Use every weapon in the game

    For this trophy you must kill an enemy with every weapon. There are 30 weapons total, but 2 of them are story-related (a toy gun and a sword). You can select 21 of the weapons in the bonus menu after beating the story. The next 7 you must find yourself and then there's the 2 story ones.
    You can get all the weapon kills in encounter select. Your progress will be saved instantly and will be saved when you quit the encounter.

    The following 21 weapons you can get from weapon select in the bonus menu:

    1. Aegis 9mm
    2. Fossa R-81
    3. Raffica
    4. Pistole
    5. Barok .44
    6. Flintlock
    7. Para .45
    8. AK-47
    9. XCR
    10. FAL
    11. ARX-160
    12. HS39
    13. Mettler M-30
    14. Copperhead SR7
    15. MP34a
    16. Mazur LDR
    17. M14 Custom
    18. Spezzotti 12 Gauge
    19. Condor
    20. China Lake GL
    21. RPG

    These weapons you must find by yourself:

    22. DShK (Machine Gun that is used by heavily armored enemies, some of them have it in chapter 20, encounter "Ship Graveyard").
    23. Powder Keg (Small red explosive barrels you can pick up and throw at enemies. Found in chapter 20, encounter "Ship Graveyard".
    24. Explosive Barrels (shoot them when enemy is nearby, for example Chapter 9, encounter "The Tunnels").
    25. Propane Tank (found in Chapter 8, encounter "bridge". They are small white propane tanks you canisters you can pick up).
    26. Turret (one is found in Chapter 9, "The Tunnels" encounter. You can sit in it and shoot enemies)
    27. Grenade (you have them at the start of almost any encounter)
    28. Dynamite (you have this at the start of the encounter "bridge" in Chapter 8)

    These weapons are story-related:

    29. Toy Gun (Chapter 4 starting room, just shoot around with it)
    30. Sword (Chapter 22 Endboss Duel)

    Some people have reported that they had to shoot the propane tank and powder keg mid-air after throwing them. For others this wasn't necessary. In case the trophy doesn't unlock for you, try shooting them mid-air.

    Story-related ones excluded from video (shows first 28 weapons).

  • Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar

    For this you must knock over all 16 rock cairns (rock piles) with your car in Chapter 10. Simply drive over them and they will fall apart.

    All of them are in Chapter 10. Their locations are as follows:

    #1 - In front of where you start.
    #2 - In the bigger area shortly after the start (area with waterfall on the left).
    #3 - Same area as previous cairn, but at the end of the area (where you drive up the mud).
    #4 - After driving up the mud, before the wooden bridge on the left.
    #5 - After crossing the wooden bridge on the left.
    #6 - Shortly after passing the bridge you drive up a muddy hill. After that you come to a new area with a small river and you must drive up a large rock. On the rock is a cairn.
    #7 - After driving up the second rock on the right (same area as previous cairn).
    #8 - You'll drive down a muddy hill and see some ruins in front of you. Before the ruins on the left is a cairn.
    #9 - After the last cairn you jump down a little rock and come to a relatively small circular area. At the end of this area is a cairn.
    #10 - In the area after destroying a wooden bridge with the winch. When Sully talks about Nadine.
    #11 - In the very large area on your way to the beacon. It's at the start of that area, after you see some trucks driving away in the distance.
    #12 - Same area as before, further up the hill
    #13 - Same area as before, on the hill on the left side with the manmade sculptures.
    #14 - Same area as before, near the top of the hill (but before the beacon). This is the best hidden one, it's standing in some tall grass. Hard to see. It's just before making a right turn to the hilltop with the beacon. To the left of it is a path that leads to a village with enemies.
    #15 - On the hilltop where the beacon is located. In front of the beacon.
    #16 - After the second beacon / tower, on the right side of a cliff. You'll drive past it, hard to miss this one.

  • Climb to the very top of the Clocktower in the City

    Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight

    As the trophy description says you must climb to the top of the clocktower. This can be done when you have to ring the bell near the top of the tower, but the handle breaks. Before you jump on the bell you must climb the wall outside the building. On the area above the bell is a treasure and some wooden beams. Go across the beam in the middle and you'll be able to climb the back of the wall all the way to the top. Now just stand on the pillar on the rooftop and the trophy unlocks.

  • Solve the first Trial in Scotland in 10 moves or less

    Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy

    Shortly after the start of Chapter 9 you come to a room with a puzzle. There's a big wheel with a switch to the left. Activate the switch to get a water bucket. Fill it with water and bring it back to the wheel. Now the part for the trophy starts. You may only rotate the wheels 10 times to complete the puzzle.

    The puzzle is randomized, it's different on each playthrough regardless of difficulty settings. So it's impossible to give detailed instructions. I was able to complete mine in 6 moves because I got a lucky starting combination, but yours will likely be different.

    The final picture has to look like this: White cross on left, big cross in the middle, black cross on the right, water bucket in middle of top wheel.

    Just try around and restart the checkpoint when you know the solution for your puzzle.

  • Beat the best score in the retro videogame

    Chapter: Epilogue

    You can only do this in the Epilogue (last chapter). It doesn't work in Chapter 4 when you play the Crash Bandicoot game for the first time. The reason being that you have an extra life in the Epilogue which gives you 500 bonus points.

    You must beat the highscore of 3500 points. With a few tries this is quite doable. You need to pick up most of the apples, don't die, and complete the game as quickly as you can. If you are short a few points it's because you didn't pick up enough apples or missed the bonus life from one of the boxes. The bonus life is found in a wooden box relatively early in the level. If you don't pick up the bonus life you cannot beat the highscore.

    Should you still have trouble with this you can enable the "Slow Motion" cheat in the bonus menu (unlocked after beating epilogue).

  • Listen to all optional conversations in game

    There are 36 Optional Conversations. When a conversation is available you will see a bubble over your buddy's head and a button prompt shows up. Most of them come naturally. A few of them require you to do certain actions or inspect certain things. You can keep track of your collectible progress in Chapter Select. There's a collectible counter for each chapter. In the statistics you can also see your total progress for each collectible type.

    After getting a collectible it will be saved instantly. You don't need to reach the next checkpoint and can quit out of the chapter right away.

    All progress carries over to the next playthrough and you can get missing collectibles via chapter select at any time.

    This icon will be shown when a conversation pops up:

    Here is a complete Text & Video Guide: Uncharted 4 Collectible Guide (Text & Video)

  • Play in the ocean near the sunken ship

    Chapter 12: At Sea

    From the start of the chapter drive to the left of the big island. There's a sunken pirate ship here. Swim in the water by the ship and the trophy unlocks. Nice and easy.

  • Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail)

    Chapter 11: In Plain Sight

    After completing the Founders Puzzle in the church you will go back outside to the market square. After opening a door, Sully and you will lean over a balcony (cutscene). Put your controller down and don't do anything for 30 seconds. Then the trophy pops.

  • Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies

    Chapter 17: For Better or Worse (Encounter: Get to the Car)

    During the first enemy encounter in Chapter 17 you must steal a car. Neither you, nor Elena can kill anyone! If you are detected Elena will kill enemies. So you must do it in stealth. Climb around the cliffside and use the rope to get past the enemies unnoticed. On Crushing difficulty they will likely spot you, so put the difficulty to Explorer.

    Drive off in the car and make sure you don't run over anyone. If Elena shoots someone during the car ride it will count as a kill too. So do your best to enter the car unnoticed and it should be fine.

  • Get three dolphins to follow the boat

    Chapter 12: At Sea

    When the chapter starts you will be driving a boat. Drive it to the back of the main island. There are three dolphins in the water here. We will start with the one closest to the tower island.

    #1 - Far out in the water (at the back of the tower island) you will see 3 rocks. Near those rocks is a dolphin (to the left of the rocks when you come from tower island).
    #2 - When you drive in a straight line between #1 & #3 you'll find this dolphin. At the back of the large island far out in the water. He is swimming around a lot, so his location varies slightly. Sometimes he is further out, sometimes closer to the island.
    #3 - Near the island with the sunken pirate ship.

    Basically, you just need to drive in a straight line and should get all 3. Because they are swimming around a little bit their location varies. They are always in the same distance to each other, but sometimes they are further out in the water, sometimes closer to the main island.

    Sam will also lean over one side of the boat to point you to the next dolphin. Drive in the direction Sam is looking at.

  • Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun

    Chapter 4: A Normal Life

    At the very start of Chapter 4 you will pick up a toy gun. There are 4 red targets hanging from the ceiling. Shoot all 4 with the toy gun to unlock the trophy.

  • Take a photo of Sully

    Chapter 11: In Plain Sight

    After ringing the bell at the top of the tower in Chapter 11 you will come to a puzzle room. After inspecting 3 pirate portraits Sully gives you his phone. You are supposed to take a picture of the pirate sigils, but instead you need to aim the camera at Sully and take a photo when he says cheese.

    If it doesn't let you move the phone you must increase the sensitivity in the game options.

  • Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed

    Encounter: The Duel (Chapter 22)

    For this trophy you must beat the endboss without getting hit. You can do this via encounter select on Explorer difficulty. If you do get hit you can restart the checkpoint and still get the trophy in the end.

    Your opponent's attacks are very slow on the easiest difficulty (Explorer). If you try it on a higher difficulty it will be very hard to do.

    After beating the game you also unlock the Slow Motion cheat. The cheat does not disable the trophy. So if you have any trouble, enable the cheat and all attacks will be in slow motion, giving you enough time to react.

    You must evade his attacks by pressing / . When he strikes from the left you must press , when he attacks from the right you press .

    My strategy was to quickly press at all times. So if he attacked from the right I would automatically block it each time. I only needed to watch out for attacks from the left. When he attacked from the left I pressed real quick.

    For some of his attacks it's hard to see from what side he's gonna attack (e.g. spin attack). It will take some practice to get to know all his moves. After a while you'll get the hang of it. Some of his attack combos are always the same at certain points of the fight. Most of the advanced attacks (like the sword spin) hit from the right side.

    Because you're allowed to restart checkpoints it's not so bad. There are several checkpoints throughout the fight.

DLC: Survival

12 trophies

  • Complete Stage 1: Train Wreck

    Stage 1 is a very simple stage, perfect for getting to know how the mode works!

    • Wave 1: Survival
    • Wave 2: Survival
    • Wave 3: Survival
    • Wave 4: Survival
    • Wave 5: Siege

    To complete this stage easily, head forward to the armoury crate in the centre of the map and just aim forward to the right side, like as seen in this image:

    Waves 1-4 can be beaten very easily just by standing there and shooting in that direction. As long as you don’t go past the crate, enemies will only spawn over there. Once the wave ends, you can run forward and grab ammo as needed.

    Wave 5 is the Siege, which is located to the left of your position, on the hill. Enemies will usually spawn from 1 direction, but near the end they will start to spawn in the middle of the map.

    Once Wave 5 is complete, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 2: Madagascar City

    Stage 2 has a fairly tight time limit for 3 stars. There is also a boss fight on Wave 10.
    This Stage features your first modifiers (on Wave 8). Melee helps out a lot so I recommend a loadout with the Prizefighter booster.

    • Wave 6: Survival
    • Wave 7: Siege
    • Wave 8: Survival Pistols and Melee only (Headshots and Melee only for Crushing)
    • Wave 9: Survival
    • Wave 10: Boss

    At the start, head up the street to the left, and camp at the archway facing the market, like in this image:

    90% of the time, the enemies will only come through this entrance to attack you. From here you can either shoot the enemies or melee them to death. You will use this spot for every wave except Wave 7 and 10.

    The Siege is located on the complete opposite side of the map inside a building. When standing in there, facing the marketplace, most of the enemies will spawn on the left side to start. Near the end they start coming from the centre and right side.

    For Wave 8 if you have a player using Prizefighter 3, almost every enemy will die in a single hit on any difficulty. Makes the wave extremely easy!

    The boss fight is tough, but luckily he is weak to explosives. Every time he gets hit with any explosive, he goes into a vulnerable state where you can hurt him for a couple seconds. At first you can hit him at any time, but later in the fight you can only hit him in this state. So use grenades as well as a China Lake launcher to take him out! He also spawns minions in the fight to protect him. Don’t worry too much about them, just mainly focus on the boss.

    Once the boss is dead, the stage is complete and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 3: Prison

    This stage has a very strict time limit and is near impossible to obtain 3 stars solo. This stage features your first treasure hunt to collect 100 treasures. The Speedy G booster is recommended for these waves.

    • Wave 11: Survival
    • Wave 12: Survival
    • Wave 13: Siege Medics revive enemies.
    • Wave 14: Survival
    • Wave 15: Treasure Hunt

    To start, head forward and take a left turn into the centre courtyard of the map. From there just simply turn around. Enemies will usually spawn inside this hallway:

    Occasionally, enemies will also spawn inside the U shaped hallway here:

    Stay there for Waves 11, 12, and 14. It’s about a 50/50 chance as to which doorway the enemies come from. But because you need to get here asap at the start, enemies might not come from those hallways right away, but will start to go to those areas once you’re there.

    The Siege takes place outside. When facing the centre of the map, the enemies usually come from the right side first, followed by the left side. Make sure to take out the Medic enemies first (they are the ones wearing red armour). If an enemy is in a downed state, the medics will throw a Revivepak at them to revive them and you’ll have to kill them again.

    The Treasure Hunt starts outside in the same area as the Siege. There are 50 treasures that will spawn over there. Once all of them are collected, 50 more will spawn on the opposite side, inside the prison. Once they are all collected, the wave is done.

    After Wave 15 ends, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 4: Auction House

    Stage 4 is not too bad aside from one wave. It features two Sieges, the 2nd of which has a time limit and enemies drop Indras on the ground (slow you down). It also features another boss fight, this one different from the first one on Stage 2.

    • Wave 16: Siege
    • Wave 17: Survival
    • Wave 18: Survival
    • Wave 19: Siege
    • Wave 20: Boss

    The 2 Sieges are located in the same spot, which is in the back right corner of the map from the spawn.

    One side faces the parking lot, which is where most of the enemies will spawn. Occasionally enemies will also spawn from the other side, which faces the original spawn you came from. It’s important to not let enemies overrun you in the Siege area as on the later wave enemies drop Indras, which slow you down & are quite annoying.

    For Waves 17 and 18, there is a really good spot to camp. Head from the Siege spot into the parking lot, then climb into the hallway on the left of the parking lot. Just aim down this hallway and everything will spawn at the other end:

    The boss fight features a teleporting boss. He spawns in with 2 clones of himself. The trick to beating him is to kill the clones and pick up the Flintlock Pistol they drop. When you shoot the boss with this pistol, he goes into his vulnerable state and you can deal some damage to him.

    He also may occasionally grab you and teleport to a different location. When this happens, you need to mash a single button as a QTE, which then puts the boss in his vulnerable state as well. Use either of these 2 methods to damage the boss until he is dead.

    Once the boss is dead, the stage is complete and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 5: Scotland

    Stage 5 is pretty easy to beat. Aside from the Treasure Hunt, every single wave can be beaten by camping in a single spot. You’ll need at least 1 partner if you’re going for 3 stars though, as the treasure hunt takes too long otherwise.

    This stage also has your first Marked Man wave, which is actually really easy because you just use the same strategy as you would for the regular survival waves.

    • Wave 21: Treasure Hunt
    • Wave 22: Survival
    • Wave 23: Survival
    • Wave 24: Survival
    • Wave 25: Marked Man

    At the start, turn around. The treasure hunt actually starts behind your spawn location. The first 50 treasures are all in the same area, and after those are grabbed the next 50 show up just counterclockwise from the previous set.

    For Waves 22-25, there’s a very good camping spot! Head counterclockwise from the end of the Treasure Hunt to the area with the armoury. Then head to the narrow outdoor “hallway” leading to the central courtyard as seen in this image:

    From this location, every single enemy will spawn inside that archway across from you, making them very easy to pick off!

    For the Marked Man wave, repeat the same strategy as the other Survival waves. Only the enemies with red marks above them count for the wave, but you should still shoot any enemies you see. Sometimes the game might not spawn any marked enemies, that’s normal; just simply kill regular enemies and they’ll spawn again!

    Once Wave 25 is complete, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 6: Remnants

    Stage 6 isn’t too hard, aside from the Siege. But almost every wave features modifiers of some type, which can cause some frustration. The main modifier you’ll notice is that on half of the waves, enemies will drop an Indra to slow you down. There’s also a new boss fight here.

    • Wave 26: Survival Pistols and Melee only (Headshots and Melee only for Crushing)
    • Wave 27: Siege Medics revive enemies.
    • Wave 28: Marked Man Djinn enemies.
    • Wave 29: Survival Djinn enemies.
    • Wave 30: Boss

    To start off, head forward to the halfway point of the open area of the map. Never enter the other half, but just stay right under the arch and aim out as shown in this image:

    This spot is the best spot for the 2 Djinn waves, as enemies will always spawn on the other side and will go straight where the aiming mark is located 99% of the time. Occasionally an enemy might go around the right side of this area, but not too often.

    The spot also works for the first wave, but if you’re playing on Crushing you should equip the Prizefighter booster and also use the grappling hooks above. If you hit above an enemy, you’ll get a 1-hit kill on them. Watch for armoured enemies though as you can't melee them until you shoot off their helmets.

    The Siege is located inside the caves right in the center. Enemies spawn from the side farthest from your original spawn, and then about halfway through the wave they spawn on the opposite side.

    The boss fight is a giant brute enemy with a minigun. He teleports to your location and summons other enemies to attack you. He can also drop Indras on the ground to slow you down. He has a lot of health and unfortunately has been buffed with the latest updates so that he does not have a weakness or vulnerable state. Instead, you can damage him at any time but he can also damage you nonstop as well. All you can really do is trade hits with him, then run away and retreat.

    Once the boss is dead, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 7: Sunken Ruins

    Stage 7 is not too bad to beat. The time limit can be tight if you fail the first 2 waves but the rest is quite generous. Each wave has a modifier except for Wave 34. There’s a fairly annoying Siege and a tough headshot/melee wave, but luckily no boss fight. The modifiers Speedy G and Prizefighter will both be handy here.

    • Wave 31: Treasure Hunt
    • Wave 32: Siege
    • Wave 33: Survival Headshots and Melee only.
    • Wave 34: Survival
    • Wave 35: Marked Man

    At the start, head forward through the building, as the Treasure Hunt starts opposite your spawn. The first 50 treasures are all in this area, followed by 50 more counterclockwise from your position. The hardest ones to grab during this wave are in the final set; you will need to grapple up to a high ledge for a treasure. I always prioritize those since if too many enemies spawn, it can be a pain later. There is a time limit but it’s nothing to worry about.

    The Siege location is to the right of your original spawn point, up high on a ledge. This one is tough because enemies drop Indras when killed, and there are lots of armoured enemies. A heavy gunner sometimes shows up as well, making this one quite stressful. Use lots of Mysticals to beat this if you can afford them.

    For the final 3 waves, there’s a good camping spot. Head to where the Treasure Hunt started, and turn around. Hide behind this bookcase and all the enemies will spawn from that one direction:

    You can take them all out easily before they reach you. Just be careful during the headshot/melee wave, as if you miss too many shots they might start swarming you.

    An alternate location for headshot/melee wave is right where the Treasure Hunt ended. You can use the grappling hooks to get aerial melee kills on each enemy, which are always 1-hit kills. Just be sure to shoot off the helmets on armoured enemies, or else you can’t melee them at all.

    Once Wave 35 is complete, the stage ends and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 8: Pirate Colony

    This is the hardest stage to get 3 stars on after all the latest updates to the game. All of the waves are pretty easy aside from the boss battle. That is where this gets tough. It’s the same boss fight from Stage 6, but he spawns tougher enemies to help him out and summons El Dorado mysticals (does damage if you’re too close to them) to attack you as well.

    • Wave 36: Survival
    • Wave 37: Survival
    • Wave 38: Siege Medics revive enemies.
    • Wave 39: Marked Man
    • Wave 40: Boss

    Luckily in this map, there is a really good camping spot. From the start, head all the way to the back left corner and turn around to face the spawn area.
    Aim down the hallway as in this image:

    For Waves 36, 37, and 39, you can stay in this area and take out every enemy coming for you, as they will always go straight down this hallway. And because the hallway is so long, you have tons of time to hit everyone. The first wave has a generous time limit, and Wave 39 enemies drop El Dorado Mysticals, but these are of no concern since they won’t even make it to you.

    The Siege takes place where you spawned originally, on the pirate ship. It’s not too bad but since there are lots of armoured enemies, it would be a good idea to have either an El Dorado or an Indra mystical to help out. The enemies start on the right side of the area, and then eventually spawn on the left side. Also make sure to take out any medics that show up so that they don’t revive anyone.

    The boss fight is extremely difficult due to many things. He can teleport, summon El Dorados, and warp his minions to you nonstop. Even if you kill all his minions, they keep respawning indefinitely and cause you more frustration. As of now there are no surefire ways to beat him consistently, the only thing you can do is just trade shots with him and outlast him.

    Once the boss is dead, the stage ends and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 9: River

    Stage 9 is the hardest stage that does not have a boss. This is mainly due to Waves 42 and 43. Every single wave has at least one modifier, and all of them aside from the Siege have a time limit. The time limits are not bad aside from the one for Wave 42, but I have a good location that will help you beat it. Also you’ll want to have the Speedy G and Prizefighter boosters equipped for this.

    • Wave 41: Treasure Hunt
    • Wave 42: Survival Time Limit (Headshots and Melee only for Crushing)
    • Wave 43: Siege
    • Wave 44: Survival
    • Wave 45: Marked Man

    To start off, the Treasure Hunt begins immediately in front of you and continues into the jungle area at the opposite side of the map. Once the first 50 treasures are obtained, the remaining 50 show up along the cliffs on the right side of the map. They aren’t hard to find, but you need to be careful that you don’t fall off the cliff and die while trying to grapple.

    Wave 42 is a pain on higher difficulties. There are tons of armoured enemies and you need to headshot them or melee them. On Light/Moderate difficulty there’s only a time limit, so you can just kill them as normal. But on Hard/Crushing, you’ll want to go to a specific place.

    First, head to where the treasure hunt first set is and take a left at the end towards a building, as shown in this image:

    Next, you’ll want to climb into this building and aim at the entrance like shown in the next image:

    When the wave starts, it’s important that you don’t stand near this entrance. Enemies will spawn near where the treasures were and run to your position. If you’re standing near the entrance, they will shoot you from afar and you won’t get them in time.

    So stay back a bit and wait for them to come in. This will take about 30 seconds to happen but trust me it will work very well. Once they start climbing in, you can easily shoot their helmets off with a pistol/machine gun, then either melee them or headshot them if you’re accurate. They will keep climbing in only from that side 1 by 1, giving you ample time to kill them without getting overrun.

    For the Siege and remaining waves, you can camp in a different spot for everything else. The Siege location is right in the jungle area where all the treasures were in the first wave. Simply stand in a corner and aim across the bridge like in this image:

    The majority of the enemies will spawn across from there. Occasionally enemies will spawn on the right as well, but mostly they’ll just be across the bridge and sometimes to the left cliffside.

    After Wave 45 is complete, the stage ends and your trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Stage 10: New Devon

    The final stage of the Survival DLC! This stage has 2 easy waves, 1 tough Siege, then ending with 2 waves of boss fights. Luckily there are no modifiers aside from a time limit and enemies dropping El Dorados in the Siege wave, but the boss battles are tough. The time limit is pretty generous though, so as long as you beat the Siege in one try, you’re in good shape to get 3 stars.

    • Wave 46: Survival
    • Wave 47: Marked Man
    • Wave 48: Siege
    • Wave 49: Boss
    • Wave 50: Boss

    The first 2 waves can be done in the same way:

    Start off by heading counterclockwise around the map to the building in this image:

    Climb in that building, turn left, and aim out into this doorway like so:

    Enemies will always run up to this doorway, and occasionally the left side one as well. Sometimes an armoured hunter enemy will climb in the room, so make sure you focus on him right away. Other enemies will rarely come into the room, most of them will just sit outside waiting to be picked off. So you shouldn’t have any trouble with the first 2 waves.

    The Siege takes place at the opposite of the map from the camping spot. It’s up the stairs inside the building. This Siege is very tough unless you have everyone helping out. In the Siege spot, facing towards the camping spot opposite, enemies will always start by spawning on the right side. About 90% of the enemies spawn out there and work their way indoors. Every so often, 1-2 enemies will also come from the left side. So you’ll need to occasionally look back every so often. No enemies tend to ever come from the center, they’re always on the outside. Use as many mysticals as you can afford, as this is the last time you’ll need them!

    Then the last 2 waves are the boss waves. The first boss is the same boss from Stage 2, and the last boss is the same as the one from Stage 4.

    In case you don’t remember how to beat them, the first boss is weak to explosives, so use a China Lake/RPG/grenades to weaken him and attack him while vulnerable. Repeat until he's dead.

    The final boss is the teleporting boss with the 2 Avery clones. You can either kill a clone and use its Flintlock Pistol to weaken the boss, or run around until he grabs you and teleports, then do the QTE and damage him.

    These last 2 waves are very hard because of all the enemies that spawn (especially the Disciple brute) sometimes it’s safer to just run away instead of risking your life to damage him. Don’t get greedy just because a boss is near death, sometimes just 1 wrong move and your whole team can get downed resulting in a failure. Be careful and take your time.

    Once you’ve killed the final boss, you’ve finished Survival Mode and this trophy will unlock.

  • Earn one or more stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting

    See …It for details. You need to earn at least 1 star on every map on Crushing.

    Note that you won’t fail a map by getting 0 stars, so even if you know you won’t get any stars you should still continue to play to unlock all the other stages before attempting your 3 star runs.

  • Earn three stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting

    This is the hardest trophy in this DLC. This one takes the most time to earn and requires the most skill.

    I’ve listed individual strategies for each stage in their respective trophies’ descriptions.

    Here are the time limits for each stage and for each star:

    Stage Number: Name | 1 Star Time | 2 Star Time | 3 Star Time

    • Stage 1: Train Wreck | 8:35 | 6:05 | 4:25 |
    • Stage 2: Madagascar City | 14:05 | 9:50 | 7:00 |
    • Stage 3: Prison | 14:10 | 8:50 | 6:00 |
    • Stage 4: Auction House | 26:20 | 17:10 | 12:00 |
    • Stage 5: Scotland | 19:15 | 12:40 | 9:00 |
    • Stage 6: Remnants | 28:35 | 19:00 | 13:20 |
    • Stage 7: Sunken Ruins | 26:55 | 18:40 | 13:10 |
    • Stage 8: Pirate Colony | 32:05 | 22:20 | 15:50 |
    • Stage 9: River | 20:00 | 17:00 | 15:00 |
    • Stage 10: New Devon | 47:45 | 33:30 | 24:00 |

    For some maps, if you know you won’t complete it in time you can back out by quitting the game. But I recommend at least for your first run that you play through all the levels in order without quitting. This way all the money you earn will carry over between stages and can allow you to afford more items on the later stages.

    When I played the last few levels with friends, I needed 3 stars on Stages 7, 9, and 10, so what we did was start on Stage 6 and not waste any money. Then we beat 7 and went through 8 without wasting money instead of quitting. So we saved up a ton for Stages 9 and 10 and allowed us to afford the best mysticals for all the tough waves to beat them easier!

    Usually for the stages starting with Treasure Hunts, if we failed the wave at any point, we would instantly quit out and retry it. No point in continuing with an early disadvantage if you can help it.

    It might also help you to get as many level 5 weapons as possible, the downside is that you will have to beat a few bosses on Crushing to do this. But a level 5 weapon makes all the difference! I got lucky and got my M14 to level 5 after only 2 boss fights, and it really did make a huge difference for everything else!

    This trophy will take many tries to obtain, don’t get discouraged if it’s too hard. All you can do is just keep practicing and eventually you’ll get it done! Good luck!

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