Riot Rocker Trophy

  • Riot Rocker


    Kill 5 Riot Shield Enemies by Running Over Their Shield

    Riot Shield Enemies carry large riot shields that make them difficult to shoot from the front. There are several of them in the game and you can earn the trophy just playing naturally. To run over the riot shield, run up to a Riot Shield Enemy and press . Sometimes they will push you back, and sometimes you will run over the shield and end up behind the enemy. Once you're behind them, press again to perform a stealth kill. Do this five times to obtain the trophy.

    You can also knock down a Riot Shield enemy by shooting the riot shield. This will allow you to run over the shield with ease. Once behind the enemy, press for the kill. There is a Riot Shield enemy at the very beginning of Chapter 15 - Sink or Swim if you want to farm this trophy.

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  • MrReign Quick Guides - Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Remastered - Riot Rocker - PS4 - 1080p
  • I had tweaks enabled and couldn't get it to pop until I disabled them.
  • Farming doesn't fucking work
  • Thanks KarmicRevenge!!! Had Tweaks on as well (Infinite Ammo and One Shot), just wouldn't pop! Disabled the tweaks and did it with Restart Checkpoint (not Quit and continue) after the next 5 kills. Thank you!
  • This is not the right video to show because I did not have tweaks enabled and I was killing Shield enemy the right way but it's just it's not the right shield. Riot Shield enemies are in Chapter 9 – The Middle Way and it works 100%.
  • Worked like a charm in this location with this enemy Sept 2020. However I also had to disable tweaks to get it to pop.

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