Grenade Hangman Trophy

  • Grenade Hangman


    Kill 10 Enemies with Grenades While Hanging

    The same principles from Hangman apply here, except you'll be using grenades instead of guns, and you only need to kill 10 enemies. You may not earn this trophy through natural play, so it might be wise to farm it early. You can earn this trophy in a number of locations throughout the game, but you may not always have a grenade with you. A good idea would be to knock this one out the first chance you get.

    One good farming location is in Chapter 12 - Abducted, around the middle of the chapter. After a large fight with several enemies on boats and two turret guns shooting at you, you will have to climb across some metal bars to get to the next area. An enemy will climb up from behind the wall in front of you. Hold and use the to aim the grenade, then release to throw it at the enemy. Restart the checkpoint and repeat until you have the trophy.

    Your first opportunity to farm this trophy is in Chapter 7 - Stay in the Light, right after the enemies are instructed to start the fire. There will be two enemies here that you can possibly kill with one grenade. However, restarting this checkpoint will force you to move slowly across a ledge and do some climbing to get in position to throw the grenade.

    You can view your hanging grenade kill count at any time on the Statistics screen in the Bonuses menu.

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  • MrReign Quick Guides - Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Remastered - Grenade Hangman - Dyno Might Master - PS4 - 1080p
  • I farmed this in the same location as Dyno-Might Master. Once you stealth kill and get the grenade, there is a box you can hang on. Wait for the truck to pull in and then throw it. Restart checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.
  • The way I did it was to run directly behind the jeep as it pulled in, but on the other side of the crate. That way you can most easily hit the four enemies which come out of the back of the jeep while not being knocked off the hang point by your own explosion. (Which nullifies the "hanging" part of the kill.)
  • Chapter 22, right at the start, jump over the gap, go back and hang, throw grenade and fall down. Repeat this till you get the trophy.

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