Expert Fortune Hunter Trophy

  • Expert Fortune Hunter


    Find 80 Treasures


    Below are the vague locations of Treasures 61 through 80, along with the general areas in which they can be found, as well as their time stamps in the video posted under the trophy description for Master Thief Collection:Chapter 12
    61.) [19:34] - Through the open door to the right after finding the empty gun holster. (ship, inside)
    62.) [20:20] - Standing behind the second turret, turn left and jump into the back corner. Then turn right and continue across, past the M32 Hammer, until you reach the Treasure. (ship graveyard)
    63.) [21:06] - After pushing the box to lower the beam, and much platforming and climbing, the Treasure will be on a steel beam across from the stairs of the natural story path. (huge ship, outside)
    64.) [21:30] - After swinging to the rope from the yellow bars, stop your momentum and climb up to get the Treasure. (huge ship, outside)
    65.) [22:07] - After using the same rope to swing to the steel platform, shimmy around to the back for the Treasure. (huge ship, outside)
    66.) [22:25] - In the back corner of the control room, before using the zip line. (huge ship, inside).

    Chapter 13
    67.) [22:41] - Inside the yellow container in the back left corner. (ship graveyard)
    68.) [23:03] - On some green barrels in the front right of the boat. (ship graveyard)
    69.) [23:21] - Directly opposite the blue boat you need to reach. (ship graveyard)

    Chapter 14
    70.) [23:40] - At the very beginning, to the left of the base of the stairs. (cruise ship, outside)
    71.) [23:55] - In the back corner, past the orange lifeboat. (cruise ship, outside)
    72.) [24:06] - In the container you can jump in to during the PAK-80 enemy fight. (cruise ship, outside)
    73.) [24:26] - To the left of the pool that unlocks the Marco Solo trophy. (cruise ship, outside)
    74.) [24:45] - Continue around to the right after exiting the large battle in the big room with red stairs. (cruise ship, inside)
    75.) [25:06] - At the end of the hall opposite the previous Treasure. (cruise ship, inside)
    76.) [25:25] - Behind the small bar, after a stealth kill and another kill. (cruise ship, inside)
    77.) [25:44] - Under the stairwell. (cruise ship, inside)
    78.) [26:03] - Before dropping down into the next area, turn left for the Treasure. (cruise ship, inside)

    Chapter 15
    79.) [26:30] - In the small bathroom with the bathtub. (cruise ship, inside)

    Chapter 16
    80.) [26:55] - At the top of the tall stack of crates at the beginning. (airport building)

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