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    Finish the Game on Crushing Without Changing the Difficulty

    This trophy will unlock once you have completed the game on Crushing difficulty. Upon earning this trophy, you will also unlock all other difficulty trophies. Crushing will likely pose a significant challenge to most new players, whereas players of the original game may find it a bit easier than the first time around. Refer to the tips below to give yourself an edge when undertaking this difficulty.

    • Headshots - On Crushing, enemies are much more accurate and inflict far more damage with their attacks than on lower difficulties. You will die quickly when you're out in the open. Your attacks will also deal less damage than on lower difficulties. Combat this by staying in cover and aiming for the head. Headshots are one-shot kills to most enemies.
    • Cover - You will spend a good amount of time in cover during your Crushing run. You can press to take cover behind most walls and large objects. Enemies can rarely hit you while you are in cover, so you will usually have ample time to regenerate health after taking damage. Good times to pop out of cover and shoot are when you see an enemy reloading or preparing to throw a grenade. If you shoot an enemy before he is able to the throw the grenade, he will usually drop it and die from the explosion.
    • Grenades - One of your biggest concerns while in cover are the grenades enemies throw at you. If a grenade is virtually on top of you, you will typically die instantly from the blast. If a grenade is near you, the splash damage it causes may knock you out of cover and leave you vulnerable. You do have the ability to throw back enemy grenades by pressing when the red line is in the white space on the side of the grenade. Use the to adjust the camera and try to aim your throw-back at the enemies. If two grenades are thrown near you, it's best to try and get out of the way, rather than throwing one of them back and being killed by the other.
    • Accuracy - Line up your shots before popping out of cover. The way to do this is to use the to adjust the camera while in cover and try to gauge where your aiming reticle will end up once you press to aim. You can tap to briefly pop out of cover and see where the reticle is, and then adjust the camera accordingly to get the shot you want. Using this tactic correctly will allow you to avoid taking hits and receiving damage. You'll also be able to perform headshots, scoring one-shot kills and conserving ammo. while only being out of cover for a split-second.
    • Blind-fire - Blind-fire is a useful tactic when you are in cover and enemies are close to you or running up trying to flank you. Press without aiming to blind-fire from the safety of cover. It's quite accurate and very effective on close quarters enemies, especially when using a shotgun. You can also blind-fire grenades with .
    • Stealth - A good way to limit the amount of enemies you'll have to fight in a given area is to use stealth kills. Sneak up behind an enemy (you can run if you wish) and press for an instant stealth kill. If an enemy is resting with his back against a crate or some type of object, you can go into cover on the other side of the object and press for a stealth kill.
    • Ammo - Be sure to pick up the guns and ammo that enemies drop. Ammo is not scarce, but it always helps to have as much as possible. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for grenades you can pick up. You'll probably need them when you fight stronger, armored enemies.
    • Cover Trick - There is a bit of a trick that can be used in all Uncharted games, and it allows you to remain out of cover without being shot. If there is a wall or some kind of pillar between you and an enemy, you can stand behind the obstruction without going into cover and aim sort of around the corner of the obstacle. When done correctly, enemies will not be able to hit you, but you can still hit them.
    • Melee - Lastly, you will not be given QTE prompts on Crushing during melee fights. This might cause you some problems in quasi-boss fights. Keep in mind that the general rules are to duck an enemy punch with and to break out of a grab by mashing . Press as much as possible to throw your own punches.
    • Video Walkthrough - Clicking here will take you to a YouTube playlist of a Crushing video walkthrough by MrBr1zzo, which comes complete with commentary and Treasure locations. The walkthrough is from the PS3 version of the game, but the video quality is high and the objectives are identical to the remastered PS4 version.

    The hardest chapters on Crushing are probably 12 (Abducted), 14 (Cruisin' for a Bruisin'), 20 (Caravan) and 21 (The Atlantis of the Sands). Utilizing the tactics outlined above should allow you to complete these tough chapters and eventually conquer Crushing, taking your biggest step toward achieving the Platinum in the process.

    Below is a quasi-speed run video of Chapter 22 - The Dreamers of the Day. It is done on Crushing and it employs some of the techniques described above. Be forewarned, this is the last chapter of the game and thus may contain spoilers. All cut-scenes are skipped.

    Note - During your Crushing playthrough, NEVER change the difficulty. Doing so may void the trophy.

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  • Why do people always recommend the "cover trick" for these games? They must have never tried it, because it does not work at all in any Uncharted title. By the time you edge over far enough to actually aim at anything, you're instantly killed because you have to expose to much of yourself to see more than a face full of wall texture.
  • Found this on another forum. Followed the instructions after starting chapter 1 and just got my crushing trophy :) For crushing change out brutal for crushing in step 1 and step 2 change to hard, change back to crushing in step 4, do step 5 and your set. Warning:This method only work for UC3!!!! step 1:new game ,choose brutal difficulty. step 2:push options button?Game? change difficulty to Crushing step 3:enable One shot kill and Infinite ammo step 4:change difficulty back to brutal, and chose yes. step 5: Save game and enjoy the brutal difficulty with one shot kill and infinite ammo
  • is it possible to earn this trophy if I complete the game in continues speed run on crushing? and then go to earn other trophies on easy
  • #4 you can't activate cheats on speed runs
  • #3 can you uplaod a video? does it work for crushing?
  • Just finished this game tonight. I've played all three Remastered games, one after another, and Uncharted 3 is definitely the easiest of the three games on Crushing.
  • Really isn't that hard to be honest except for those ridiculously annoying demon enemies but even then just keep moving and don't stay in cover for long against those.

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