Buddy System Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Buddy System


    Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game

    How to unlock Buddy System

    Although this is categorised as an Online Trophy, it is actually possible to unlock this offline via Splitscreen mode but you would need a second controller. To do this, simply plug in another controller and choose 'CO-OP' from the main menu instead of Multiplayer and 'Splitscreen' instead of 'Play Online' to be taken to a lobby where you can select which type of mode to play.

    However you choose to do this, Splitscreen or offline, the process is the same. Co-Op game modes are as follows:

    Co-Op Arena
    Co-Op Hunter Arena
    Co-Op Adventure (Fort is DLC only)
    Co-Op Shade Survival (DLC only)

    The good thing about this trophy is that you do not have to be successful in any of these game modes, you just have to have played them. The only exception is if you quit out or the other party members leave and you are left on your own. If either of these happen then you will need to try again but providing you either complete your objective or run out of lives trying, you will unlock the trophy.

    All of these game modes are great fun especially with a friend online so if you are going for this trophy together with a friend, then I would strongly recommend doing a Co-Op Adventure map. The trophy will unlock either when the last life has been lost or the objective has been met.

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  • As far as I know from testing myself, I don't think you can get this doing the split-screen co-op. Pretty sure it has to be with someone else online. Tried to do a co-op mission with two controllers connected, died in the game and went back to the co-op menu. No trophy. Can anyone else confirm it's online co-op only?
  • I think you have to complete this, not just die.
  • I got this trophy by doing it split-screen as doing it on-line didn't work for me. Easy enough to get.
  • You don't need to complete the mission. I got it online in the wave defense mode.
  • I did this on split screen and just used one character to kill the other and then letting the AI kill me, trophy popped after all 15 lives were spent.
  • As above... Must complete the co-op game (all 15 lives) before the trophy pops, I did it splitscreen with 2 pads
  • Way to easy. Commit suicide 15 times and the trophy pops. Takes less then 5 minutes.
  • I just did offline split-screen Arena with 2 controllers and set it to hard. I dont know if difficulty matters, but I figured being set to hard would assure a suicide with grenade, as opposed to possibly just injuring one of us. I just ran up to my 2nd player, tossed a grenade between us, and it took 2 lives away at once. It couldnt have taken more than a minute and a half to die 8 times.
  • It can be done on splitscreen I just did it
  • Good to know about splitscreen. I remember the horror of trying to find a co-op online for Uncharted 2
  • it has to be with someone else online cos u most buy online pass
  • como se faz?
  • respondam
  • I don't know how but you can get this trophy on split screen i died 15 timeshope i could do the same with thriseeker
  • Do you have to buy from PSN co-op DLC?, i got uncharted 3 from PS+ and this is my last trophy for plat. I've done already splitscreen play online did not pop, splitscreen online tournament again did not pop, died in splitscreen plays more than 15 times did not pop.
  • #15 I have the same doubt. And looking at the Extras on the main menu, it has the option of buying Uncharted 3 Co-op mode for U$0,99.
  • Yeah I just got this from PS+ as well, and have been acquiring all trophies. I am having quite a hard time getting online, but the Co-op says I must purchase and install. So basically the Free Uncharted Game we got was a portion of a free Uncharted game, not the whole thing. A little bummed, though I must say, I did enjoy the story part a lot. Almost enough to purchase some other Uncharted games, until this nonsense popped up.
  • I have the same problem with the co-op. I cant select it, i get an upgrade msg. I m really bummed with this, in the first place it wasnt clear enough that you must also download seperately the Multiplayer (other gamers had the same problem) and now this. If anyone knows something please let us know, i will do the same if i figure this out. PS I will serious consider to stop my subscription from plus. These things are unacceptable.
  • Basically the way this fiasco has been set up is this. You can play the Single Player for free, as downloaded from PS+, you can download and play the Multiplayer since its free-to-play. But to play the co-op, you must purchase the upgrade for $9.99. Basically you have to pay 10 bucks to get your platinum, cheap bastards!!
  • @IggyMonster45 You are right. That's ridiculous. I thought that Sony was a little smarter that this. I guess there will be people that will give that 10 buck. Well, i wont simple because plus is all about free gaming with just your subscrition. And the way that they gave Uncharted 3, isn't cheap.
  • Wait a second. At uncharted 3 downloaded from UK PSN+ it has an option to buy a co-op mode for 0.69 pounds. That would be enough to do it?
  • just downloaded the Co-op pack from psn for a buck, turns out it still won't work for the PS+ version owners...
  • At #22 the split-screen apparently lets you play the co-op and other things you bought with a second controller. Incidentally does anyone know who to contact so I can ask why I have to pay money for a trophy that isn't marked for DLC and why if people who purchased the disc version got it for free why PS+ did not?
  • Does the disc version include the co op? Thinking of getting it on redbox if it does for that last trophy.
  • i just got this. i have the disc version without an online pass and played offline splitscreen. i played the mode with the enemy waves and chests on and can confirm that you dont have to complete it. i just died all the time (RPG suicide). i just wonder why it says "offline players: 1" on my game and on this website and not "1-2"...
  • How can I get this without buying the dlc? Iv already bought 2 pieces of dlc but there's another for about £10 and I really don't want to buy it but every time I try co op it tells me to buy dlc.
  • I also have the "Free to Play" version. bought the on-line pass for 9.99 euro and still don't work. After a little google i've learned that the "mecanics" of the free version don't support the co-up. Seems i have to find a disc version. I really feel ripped off with buying the on-line pass and still not able to play the co-up :-(
  • The Fastest way to get the trophy is playing Arena Coop in Yemen map. There is a rocket launcher just outside of the room that you and your partner are born. Just get it and each time kill yourself and your friend until you finish your all 15 lifes. About after 8 times commit suicides, you will earn the trophy under 2 min. And probably you will get the platinium:)
  • This game is stupid if you got it free on the ps+ I will not be buying any dlc just to get a plat
  • I'm not paying £10.00 to get 1 bronze trophy. I'd rather buy another game.
  • It's a complete nonsense to make everything free but the coop (I mean the coop must be like 5% of the game !?). By the way, it's seems like you can get this trophy by renting or borrowing a cd version of the game. I'll try it when I've got the opportunity. No way I spend 12 euros for one trophy.
  • Can anyone confirm that the co-op trophy won't pop with the free-to-play edition of PS+? Just to be sure and safe as we will contact them within a few days for a descent explanation and a possible request to have it fixed/patched.
  • It can be done on splitscreen im certain because i have no internet connection. I ve heard that on fifth legacy you can get to level 100 but i am only 75. They are locked i dont know how. Does someone know?
  • Please tell me because my cousin doesnt believe me
  • The co-op Trophy cant be obtained with the F2P version, you have to buy DLC for it. Hate this game, cheap bastards. F***** ridiculous
  • Add me to boost this trophy. User ID crash2overload willing to help on others aswell
  • I just got the game used from GameStop and returned right after I got this trophy for the plat. Works on split screen offline.
  • Coming to confirm you can do this on co-op splitscreen offline, just did it.
  • Hi I have the F2P version with the co-op dlc from a friend, he confirmed that he did this way if anyone want to obtaining this trophy-including me-add me user ID: GH1987
  • I'm also looking to clear both online trophies asap, for both Uncharted 2 and 3. Add me please! :) PSN ID: Yezalel
  • I can confirm splitscreen works fine with the disc version. I was signed in but I doubt that matters, especially since many others have confirmed it works offline. I can't speak to how one may get this with the free version they got from Plus. Seems like a glaring omission on their part not making it possible to platinum a supposedly complete game. If it's just $1 for the DLC, that's one thing. But $10 or whatever just for 1-2 trophies is ludicrous. So glad I chose to buy the GOTY at retail last Black Friday for $15. Despite having access to the Plus version, I felt the download size was simply too large. And now this. Anyway, I guess rent or borrow the disc version guys.
  • Oh and I used the method described by MikeyPooPants. Very quick and easy.
  • Guys,you don't need to have another controller. If you have a PSP,download Fusa Gamepad,configure it and connect it via USB to the ps3.You can actually control your second character with the PSP but the controls are very limited due to the lack of buttons.
  • Hi I have the F2P version of this online multiplayer and single player, i am not sure if i can get this trophy but it is the last i need to plat. Nobody near me has this game so i cant borrow it and renting is out of the question, where i live there is no such thing. I question is this, i noticed that the splitscreen is a $1 is that what i need to get this trophy? or do i need to buy the other coop maps?
  • Trying to get this to finish platinum on PSNow. Don't have another controller so this is only one I couldn't do solo. Please add if you have time to lose a quick co op game for trophy. Thanks PSN: Ruxaplenty GMT -5
  • Need help on this trophy nothing works 2 controller not buy for 18 euro DLC and online pass i can not play coop ( ps3 ) but i have the free psn game maby thats the problem . Can Some one whife a disc game Please sent me a invité i here thats works. My psn name is jbmrs thats the only trophy i still need for the platinum one Thnx
  • I did it exactly as lordzaffran described. I have disc version without online pass. Start game from disc (not free multiplayer). Go to multiplayer and play splitscreen (2nd pad needed). Played mode with enemy waves. You don't need to win, just kill yourself 15-16 times until your remaining lives count will be less than 0. Easiest way is to drop grenade under your feet to damage both your players. For me one was always surviving so I dropped another grenade from 2nd pad. Repeat until you lose a game. Trophy pop up somewhere on after game statistics screen. I was about to buy GOTY edition to get that one but thanks to lordzaffran saved some money. lordzaffran, thank you!

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