Thrillseeker Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Thrillseeker


    Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game

    How to unlock Thrillseeker

    *Online pass required*

    The Competitive Multiplayer game modes are as follows:

    Team Deathmatch
    Team Objective
    Three Team Deathmatch
    Free For All
    The Lab

    This trophy requires that you only take part in and complete a competitive game mode match online. None of the above modes require any friends to accompany you, though they can if they want to. You also do not need to win the match, you can lose and still walk away with the trophy so choose any you like the sound of and jump in. These days the servers aren't very busy but you most likely won't have to wait long if you choose Team Deathmatch. The trophy will unlock when the match is over.

    *Refer to the 'Glitches & Problems' sub-section of the Road Map for a way to circumvent the need for an Online Pass.

    **Notes regarding LAN**

    You cannot unlock this trophy in LAN mode since it has to be done via 'Play Online'. The vast majority of players are able to play online but those in countries with no PS store to redeem their Online Pass codes are screwed. However, this can be circumvented by creating a PSN account on the PS3 console using a region which has got access to a PS store e.g. the USA. Now log in and redeem the online pass code via the PS store. The Online Pass will download to the Hard Drive and can be used on any account on the same machine, thus allowing the player to gain access to the 'Play Online' option from their main account then the Competitive Modes will unlock the trophy as outlined above.

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  • Aw, hope theres gonna be some DLC out soon, I want MP trophies :D
  • Meh, online trophies. They are easy and I plan to buy the game day one, but Uncharted 2 had excellent resale value. I almost sold it back at full price after I got the Platinum since I don't care about the multiplayer. That drops my resale value by 10$.
  • I'm really happy that Uncharted doesn't add multiplayer trophies, unless they are from DLCs because I hate multiplayer trophies. Multiplayer must not have trophies, those who got addict to the mp should be because of the in-game bonuses and not becuase of the level 3000000 or whatever trophy they want because once the games get old getting these trophies is nearly impossible.
  • the dlc will have trophies, so if youre not bothered, get the platinum quick, and you have 100% plat over 80% or lower.
  • i hope the mp trophies wont be too hard as in uncharted 2 some of those trophies were just a pain!
  • Can i get this by playing a LAN splitscreen game? I'm not able to play online because my connection is very vey very slow (56k) and it's the only one trophy i miss =( =( =(
  • They should think about people who are not interested in MP.Why should I use PSN pass to gain ONE MP trophy?Eventhough I hate PSN pass because I'm not able to play MP just because this damned regions.Of course that my EU pass doesn't work on my US account but who would know about passes 3 years ago
  • I need this trophy to get platinum but i can't get it because i can't log into psn? Does somebody know if i can get it playing on LAN?
  • Fuck the online pass!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I want to earn trophies without that dumbass pass.
  • indeed, i can use Uncharted from a friend but i can't get the platinum because of that stupit pass...
  • @4: Do you need to do it before DLC hits? If I'm not planning on playing this game until after Christmas, if DLC hits before then am I going to be required to grind my way through the MP? Or will the platinum unlock when the other standard trophies are collected? I didn't think DLC affected platinum unlocks... :S
  • Well, this Multiplayer Code realy sucked a lot ! Uncharted 3 is a great, great game indeed ! But having to use MP codes just makes people not been able to lend their games for their friends ! Naughty Dog, you screwed on this one !
  • Where can I buy an online pass.
  • i stared playing this game is really good but when i saw about the online pass i get so dissapointed because we have two ps3 and im not gonna buy the online pass just for a trophy so we only got plat in one and the other just like that. so dissapointed about that!
  • the ones who need a online pass,do it like this,find a friend that has uc 3,ask him to log with his account,go to the ps store,download the online pass and touché,you can play online and get your plat,not so fair but easy
  • don't understand what is a Competitive Multiplayer game???? Help !!
  • Its annoying how almost every game now needs an online pass just to play multiplayer. Its sucks because I can't really buy pre-owned games now because I won't be able to play online without paying 10 dollars. Man...
  • @16 A competitive multiplayer game is just any online game that's not coop: team deathmatch, plunder, etc.
  • To #10 xacuti: No need to have an online pass, if you just want the Platinum Trophy. Here is the Solution: 1. Finish the game, and gain every trophy, except Thrillseeker (Buddy system dont need online pass). It will be on 98% (wihout DLC) 2. Go to your friend, and create an USER on his PS3 with the same username as you use at home. 3. Log in with this account. 4. Login to YOUR Playstation Network. 5. Sync your trophies with server. (u will see 98% done) 6. Play online for Thrillseeker trophy. Thrillseeker will pop up, but Platina don`t. Dont worry! 7. Sync once again your trophies with server. (u will see 1% done in Uncharted 3) Dont worry, nothing lost! 8. Log out and delete YOUR account from buddys PS3 9. Go home and log in to Playstation network, and syncronize your
  • 10. collection. You will see 100% without Platina. Dont worry, insert once again Uncharted 3, play a little. Platina wont pop up, but you will gain it! THATS ALL FOLKS!
  • that trophy is pain in the ass without a online pass
  • i like the multiplayer of U. 3 but the story is the story is nowhere near as good as that of U. 2.
  • I tried maybe 5 times to get this offline... stupid.
  • I usually hate online trophies but uncharted ones aren't too bad because all you have to do is try it not actually do anything. But this is hard to get if you don't have an online pass. I think you can buy passes from sony.
  • Sony are wankers putting in one trophy that requires you to buy the game brand new or spend and extra 8 quid just to get a platinum trophy. I think that sucks man. #just read 19. does that really work?
  • Online passes are dumb and shouldn't be implemented on any game (PS3 or Xbox) but really let's be honest, how hard is it to buy a game brand new? Just look in the right places. I got this game for $10.00 brand new from Target the other day.
  • I had to use my online just for two trophies. What a shame...
  • Hey guys, question ¿if you create an account psn with the onlinepass used, works on my own account and the accounts of my system? thanks XD
  • Can some one please help me? I have the online pass and I entered it and it says invalid entry. It hasn't expired and I entered it correctly. If I try buying the pass it says that this item is unavailible. I live in Malaysia and its in asia. What should I do?
  • just this and Buddy System
  • Will this work if you play a Lan competitive, as i have rented this game and cant afford the online code for a game i dont actually own? as i only have 8 trophies to get and only 3 days left to do it in, i would like some advice on this please
  • Man i don't have psn. This is the only trophy i miss. I can't create an account because my internet is too slow and to upgrade my system to 4.1 update will take 15 minutes to 1% and 25 hours for 100% i think. I am afraid to do it cause my ps3 may be crushed and i can't afford the money for another one. Anyway i tried but it is canceled halfway to the end. Can somebody tell me if i can sign in with any other trick or some way to update to 4.1 version faster like a game with an update please help me for the sake of my platinum :-(
  • Only trophy im missing used game from my cousin so i dont have pass
  • Can i get this offline? Is there a trick to play on my own against the computer
  • i got this in the free to play multiplayer
  • same as #35 i also got this trophy in the Free-To-Play Multiplayer
  • Wow 2 days ago just got all the single player trophies the last one was This "Thrill seeker" Play a FULL competitive game. Out of all the people online. I had to play against a bunch of people who kind of felt like they were sort of new to Uncharted or just laid back which is fine w/e. But there is one person. That was like the max level. Used the old lady the bad woman forgot her name already. Anyway this person was playing like they spent there entire life on the Online mode. Wth.. like 47 or-so something kills maybe 7 deaths from me and a 2 other people. Compared to my 15 kills and 11 deaths. Wtf..
  • UNCHARTED (3)'s Multiplayer is NOW Free 2 Play. Download it FREE on The PlayStation Store in the Free to Play section. Yes It's VERY worth it. I just baught the game like February and a Game Stop Close to my house still has Uncharted 3 ONLINE PASSes I'm not sure if they still have them or if it's just my area but doesn't hurt to ask before buying.
  • Yeah free to play, if you can pass the Network Errors. I can't even get into the game, and it one of the last trophies left.
  • Anyone willing to help this guy in his time of need? I want to do both mp trophies It shouldn´t take more than half hour to do so I will thank you forever. PSN: felipo89
  • wtf man i hate this fuckin trophy i can't get it
  • just played 'free to play' and the trophy unlocked
  • add me zix-92 . . this should be easy i guess
  • I'm only need the two MP thophy's to get the platinum. Anybody want to help me out? Add me @ Kiss_Of_An_Angel and have uncharted in the text box so i now what it is for.
  • Hey. If anyone needs help getting this trophy, please add me. I need it as well. My PSN ID is Navtheconqueror.
  • Hey everyone i need this trophie so if there's anyone willin ti help me,pls add me psn: paulcosmin
  • Hey guys almost completed my Crushing playthrough, need help getting the Thrillseeker trophy, pls add me, PSN ID is boraeus.
  • this trophie is very simple and not that hard to don't even need an online pass,you just have to download the free dlc and select the game from there,there are a lot of players still going around with this game,all you have to do is play,even if you die it doesn't matter,at the end of the game you will earn the trophie. "If stupidity would hurt,a lot of people would die"
  • Add me to boost this trophy. User ID crash2overload willing to help on others aswell
  • For those of you who don't have the online pass. No sweat! All you have to do is download the free online dlc off of psn. They're still plenty of people playing it online so finding a match should be no problem as well. A side note; for the buddy system trophy just do split screen co-op and kill player 2 and yourself 15 times. Trophy should register. Trogdor_7545
  • If anyone needs an online pass I've got some codes so feel free to use them (only for EU tho) cmct h6nt dttn mqqt gbnj 9mr8 cb5p 2fnt pjmm hrl3 elnq bjae 2eer l5n8 23ba d9cc 8kn3 balk hrl3 elnq bjae also feel free to add me on psn : blueberry_1337
  • I'm also looking to clear both online trophies asap, for both Uncharted 2 and 3. Add me please! :) PSN ID: Yezalel
  • Looking for help with this trophy, will help anyone else. Add me : ru-ne-sc-ape-
  • So here I was thinking by seeing this thread that because I was signing on almost 4 years after this game came out I would need to find a group to boost this. Nope. First thing I did was try to log on for a multiplayer game and got in on one in 2 minutes. There's still a lot of people playing. You'll be able to get this without boosting. Platinum trophy, here I come.
  • I have the free to play version but I can't we to find any games. not one. any help?
  • I can't get into a game, I get a network error every single time. Any way to fix this? Or is it just an issue on theor end that will fix itself?
  • Looking for people for trophy message me, tag is Xx-GODxLIKE-xX
  • I hope there are still people playing this game. Would like some help with this trophy. PSN: OptimusDutch
  • EST Timezone PSN: Tat2inDego
  • This didn't unlock for me to begin with. Twice I played custom deathmatch, set time to 5 minutes and waited (just like uncharted 2). But no trophy. Guess you can't get it solo like on U2. Luckily lots of people still play this game so I had no trouble getting it in a team.
  • Very easy to get, if you do not have online pass like me, just download free multiplayer. Look for team deathmatch, I waited maybe 1-2 minutes, lot of people still playing it. Joined a game, didn't even kill anyone, after a game trophy popped up on after game statistics screen.
  • If anyone is still in need of this trophy, or online help, I'll be available until the servers shut down on SEPTEMBER 3RD. Add me: BRYZA712
  • Add me quickly please. PSN: PULSE-88
  • Is there no way to get these 2 multiplayer trophies anymore?
  • @ Raider. You can get the other one, Buddy System, in offline co op with a second controller and yet this one is unobtainable as it required online.

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