Charted! - Crushing Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Charted! - Crushing


    Finish the game in Crushing Mode

    How to unlock Charted! - Crushing

    Crushing Mode is the hardest difficulty to play the Campaign in Uncharted 3 and is unlocked only when the game has already been beaten once on any other difficulty. There are no alternate paths through the game and the puzzle solutions are all identical on lower difficulties, the only differences are the enemy types, how much damage you can take before you die and how long it takes for the damage you've taken to heal. With having an entire playthrough previous to taking on this challenge, you will be fairly well versed in the techniques of using cover, melee combat, headshots, using the environment to your advantage and the choices of gun for each scenario. The checkpoint system in Uncharted has always been very generous and never pegs you back too far from where you died and so much trial and error is usually the foremost solution to any problematic areas but below is a handful of hints and tips to aid you through the story and some of it's trickier parts:
    • Use Cover. It may not be as exciting and gung-ho as running around with a Sawn Off like a madman but most enemies, even the lightly armed ones will tear you apart if you are stood in the open. Much of the time will be spent simply restoring health in heavily fortified areas leaning against archways but it's the slow and steady approach that will get you through most areas.
    • Headshots. Sounds obvious I know but there really is no better way to get a handle on things in a crossfire than to drop a few bad guys with headshots from a distance.
    • Timing your fire. When you are in cover and a bunch of enemies are too, watch for their bursts of fire and time your retaliation. On a single bad guy, anticipate him peeping out to fire by hanging the reticule by where they peep out to fire. In a group, try to wait for breaks in fire to line up the reticule and aim for the closest guy.
    • Drop the Grenade. You really should make the most of the games increased grenade ratio and shoot any guy you see winding up to throw a grenade. It's the same value as a headshot as it will be an insta-kill and possibly even better if there's any other goons close by.
    • Stay Stocked. After you close down an area heavily populated by goons, sweep all areas high and low for guns and ammo, it's never long before another confrontation and you don't want to be short handed when that happens.
    • Stealth. You will often encounter a hostile area undetected and are able to carefully creep around taking out enemies silently. This not only reduces the chances of dying in a gunfight but silently killed enemies often drop more ammo and a grenade as a little bonus.

    These tips should just about pull you over the line but there's a few nasty little areas in specific that can have you climbing the walls in frustration without a reasonable strategy. Below are some of the more common areas where this sort of thing is most prominent and the strategy that got me through them:

    Chapter 14 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

    Your first proper encounter takes place on the main deck after hopping over some containers. The ship will list badly and throw you and all enemies around you from side to side giving you no control over your position, and a PAK-80 carrying guy will also enter the fray, capable of mowing you down in seconds. Your play should be to wait for his arrival as it also seems to trigger a yellow container in the centre of the deck to come loose and slide out of the rows to the right. Jump on it, and then head for cover in the narrow passage it has left. You will be safe here but not from grenades which Mr PAK-80 likes to throw in bunches of 3. Throw back any you can but you are bound to take a little damage now and then. Cautiously edge forward and take a few shots at his head and recede back again to heal, do this until he is eventually downed. You may be short on ammo now so dive down and either grab a good rifle of even better his PAK-80 and the rest should comparatively easy.

    Right after this area is another tricky little part, through the red door and into the ballroom. A few armoured guys patrol here as well as regular enemies who aren't really a trouble but when you head to the other side of the ballroom things get nasty, a few snipers from above appear as well as more armoured grunts and the usual regulars. You must take out the Hammer guy on the balcony first of all as he is the main cause of headaches in this part, then the armoured guys as they like to flank you down near the stage. There's a Tau Sniper off stage to the left which is ideal for the balcony snipers and if you can make it, head back to where you came in and you may find the Hammer guy dropped his Hammer when you shot him, this will do just fine for armoured guys especially. At the end a few regulars come in from outside but the worst of it is over by the time they arrive.

    Chapter 15 - Sink or Swim

    At the beginning you will be cornered and under fire right from the get go. Your best bet is to clear the armored shotgun dude and the riot shield guy to reach the other side of the cargo hold before jumping up onto the container at the end. From here you have a good vantage point for picking off the rest of the enemies including snipers on the other side of the hold. You will know you've cleared the area when a cutscene plays but there is no actual exit from this cargo hold so just wait it out once the last bad guy is done for.

    Chapter 16 - One Shot at This

    After you and Elena break the jeep through the gates there's a few guys to kill. Do that and hop through the open window pane to the left and into a hangar-come-garage. This area is enemy heavy and some can be done by stealth but you will eventually be seen and when that happens you need to be prepared. There's a T-Bolt in one of the blue containers in the centre of the area, grab this and keep it for the heavy armour dudes. Use anything available and keep on the move, a Hammer and a T-Bolt enemy will appear on the highest container in the yard and spray the area wherever you go so you need to take these guys out real fast. After that it's making sure you avoid the heavy armour dudes and headshot them with the T-Bolt to drop them in one. It's tempting to hide out in the garage by the car but this isn't advised as you will get flanked easily and die pretty quickly.

    Chapter 19 - Settlement

    This patch of enemies are the first lot you encounter after your wander through the desert. You will be swarmed by a group of bad guys and you have no weapon to start with at all. You need to melee one guy and grab his gun in order to return fire, I suggest taking out the guy to the left of your starting position as he has an M9, way better than the handguns most of the others have. There's also an armoured guy on the roof in front of you who will be constantly shooting at you and hurling grenades your way, best throw these back to try and score some throwback kills until the crowd wanes and you can come out of cover for a bit more ammo. Take out the armoured grunt last of all as he stays there the whole time, enemies are much more dangerous when they are on the move.

    On the same Chapter but a bit later on you will pass through an archway only to be shot at by a dude with an RPG, you will take cover in a small area and be under constant fire from a vehicle mounted turret. The best possible start you can give yourself here is to watch closely for one of the guys under the platform the vehicle is on to prepare to throw a grenade. Quickly fire off a round so he drops it, he will blow anywhere up to 4 guys away and knock out much of the support keeping the platform up that the vehicle firing at you is on. Time your bursts of fire at the remaining pillars until you topple the vehicle to the ground, then sweep up the remaining bad guys. There's a couple of armoured dudes will come down and another RPG firing guy, take cover in the small area in the opposite side of where you started to avoid rockets, waiting for the armoured guys to come down before taking them out. The last one to fall should be the RPG guy in the distance so slowly edge out of cover and take him out from a safe distance.

    For anyone that needs any help, here's a superb playlist (courtesy of Dr.HelmutMarko): HERE

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  • I wonder how hard crushing is this time around.. Looking forward to a challenge!
  • the final 3-4 chapters gave me great difficulty on hard. it's going to be a pain in the ass on crushing
  • o_O well at least they made it challenging i guess.
  • will the difficultys stack so beet it on normal then crushing or do i need to beat it on hard to unlock crushing? guess ill finmd out on tue ,,,ooooooooo i cant wait..i might even buy this game instead of renting it
  • Im pretty sure its just liek the previous games. Gotta beat it on Hard to unlock Crushing.
  • @5I completed in on normal and unlocked crushing. Is this even possible? Normal was very hard
  • i just beat it on crushing.. its pretty hard.. the possessd guys 2 shot you.. and the rest is 3 shot
  • I remember Uncharted 2 giving me heaps of trouble on hard, but when it came to crushing i beat it no problem. I think by then I just knew where all the good cover was/where the bad guys came from etc.
  • got this yesterday !!
  • Hard was not that hard (lol) and for the possessed guys the Tau Sniper, SAS and M32 are really good not to talk about the Bolt Action Rifle.
  • I'm finding crushing mode easier than hard
  • is the monster thing on the trophy image a monster in the game? or is no monsters in uncharted 3.
  • its very easy Crushing ;)
  • HAs anybody else had glitches i beat the game on crushing all my levels say completed on crushing and no trophy perfect.... Thats awesome
  • About to begin my Crushing playthrough, last thing I need for the platinum.
  • You'r able to play crushing mode after first playthrough. I completed it with normal and now i'm able to play it with crushing difficulty. It's gonna be HELL...
  • I can confirm that I finished the game on very easy After that I went back to the main menu Found Crushing mode (appeared)
  • The Crushing mode playthrough isn't quite as bad as Drake's Fortune or Among Thieves IMO... but then again, that could be from experience with those games. If you could beat Crushing on those games, you will beat Crushing with relative easy in this one.
  • Haven't played it yet but Uncharted has always been the one series that really maded me want to get all the trophies. The games are that good. I've beaten the second game near 20 times.
  • Only te PAK-80 dude on the cruise ship gave me trouble on crushing. The rest i sprety easy.
  • It was easy enough BUT... landorgriffi91 I have the same problem as you do. I finished all the chapters in Crushing (NOT IN SUCCESSION) and I didn't get the trophy :( Any ideas?? Anyone
  • I did the last chapter 1st on crushing an then went back 2 chapter 1 an so on, trophy didn't pop so I did the last the chapter again then the trophy popped.
  • This is the last trophy I need so I can't wait to finish it and attain my platinum. Shouldn't be too difficult looking at the comments above.
  • Crushing on this one is way easier than Drake's fortune's, quite challenging though
  • Just got this now and I must say it's SO easier than U2, just take your time and learn your surroundings then this trophy will be yours.
  • To people saying they didn't get the trophy: make sure you are selecting "new game" and then choosing "crushing" as the level. never change the level in the middle of the game. I'm pretty sure selecting chapters on level crushing doesn't work.
  • @ #12 The trophy image for the crushing trophy, is the same face that youll find on the top big giant gear, when you complete the gear puzzle on chapter 9..or 10, cant remember. I dont think its a monster, as the only "monsters" are the guys with heads on fire, that you see when you drink the tainted water.
  • Hi, Well the game wasn't that hard on Crushing. The only thing I had a huge difficulty passing by was Talbot. The fights were endless till this morning, i killed him fast (have no clue why). I was really happy and watched the screen of my tv for the Crushing and Platinum trophie; i didn't get both. It was a new game and at the very beginning (where u can choose with difficulty u want) I choose Crushing. I had the same problem with the other 2 UC. Lol my mum says Naughty Dog is doing this on purpose cuz they want you to finish it twice on Crushing. I realy want that platinum so i'm going to finish it for the third time. xx Sara
  • This is my only missing trophy to Platinum, I'm really looking forward to complete the game on Crushing. Can someone tell me, how much time did you take to complete the game, from chapter 1 to chapter 22? Because I'm running out of time, since once my classes start I won't be able to play PS3. Besides, I have achieved all the other trophies on this week. Ricardo, a.k.a. Liquitinhas(My PSN ID)
  • I completed this trophy a couple a weeks ago and got my Platinum trophy, it wasen't as har as Uncharted 2, but is was a great challenge.
  • Some trophies were just made for me to fail at.
  • k here is a awesome glitch play the final mission on easy, not very easy. about halfway through save the game. go to crushing and play chapter1. save this game at the beginning of chapter 2. go to your easy account and play the game till u have to fight talbot then save. switch the other game on crushing then load up the easy account. you will then be on the final fight on crushing and get the crushing trophy.
  • tried the method and glitch don't work
  • tried the method and glitch don't work
  • chapter 21 and 22 was a pain-in-the-ass on normal,it will be almost impossible on crushing
  • just completed in on normal. the "possessed" guys are gonne be a pain...
  • i'm beating the game on crushing now,no problems until chapter 8,by the way,it will be very easy to those who like a difficulty thing and know how to kill with headshots,one bullet,one kill if you know how to shoot
  • Crushing Was Simple! I Was Dreading It Because Of The 'Smokeless Fire' Demon Things, But Pick Up The Grenade Launcher A Bit Earlier In The Area, Save As Many Rounds As You Can Then Blast Them To Hell In The Final Section With The Two Fountains. If You Miss Out On That, Then There's A Rifle That Is Amazingly Powerful Lying Around There. :)
  • it is not hard.only the last 2 chapters are hard
  • Crushing for this game is very easy, compared to the second or first one.
  • I just beat Chapter 7 in Crushing, but it didn't give me credit for it. It still only says "Completed on Normal".
  • just finished on crushing
  • I did it eventually, chapter 12 was very hard though..
  • Just this to go now
  • Finished on Hard in a weekend. It seems that the last one wont be that crushing at all...
  • Compared to the first two games, Crushing mode was surprisingly easy.
  • It seems like Crushing is being made less challenging since Drake's Fortune. That Crushing was really crushing and required skill and patience. In U3 even Djinns were easy. Still a great game though
  • @47 Agreed. I could barely beat UDF on easy.
  • Gonna play this mode soon. Looking forward to it.
  • The easiest and the fastest way to DO this trophy in No time. Plus the Crushing mode unlocks when you complete the game in any mode step 1: Complete the game in Very easy Mode ( Very easy dont take much time killing enemies and armored enemies , so it wont be long to complete the game ) step 2: play in Crushing mode and complete the game and it will Give u FOUR trophies at once ( "Charted-easy" "charted-normal" "charted-hard" and "Charted-Crushing" Trophies ) :) Goodluck people ^^
  • Hey guys I finished the game on very easy and I have all the trophies but the difficulty completion and platinum trophy. I went back to my game i completed on very easy and changed the chapter 1 difficulty to crushing. Right now I am on chapter 12 I think using chapter select. I didn't create a new game. Do I have to create a new game to earn the difficulty trophies? I don't want to do the chapters on crushing all over again. Please help me
  • Pradeep 2166 listen. I have completed uncharted 2 on crushing. You don't have to start a new game you can play the chapters with any order you want but to get the trophy you must play the last chapter once more so it will be the last one you played. But i don't know if you can do the same in u3 drake deception i have started a new game on crushing i'm in chapter 19 can sbd give a hint
  • Guys help me I'm in chapter 20 i play on crushing mode and there is something wrong. I begin shooting the first cars. Then if i don't get back to my horse these cars explode. I took my horse and keep going i can see two other trucks on with an enemy who has taken cover and when i shoot him or punch him i can't kill him and the other one with a machine gun but nobody is shooting i just keep going to find the truck where sully is but i keep running without stoping what is happening if anyone knows please help :-(
  • Ok no problem my game its just crashed fucking cds
  • had no problems at all. just run for it as i wiped all the tophies at EASY mode then finish the game on crushing to get normal and hard. just 2 more trophies and the PLAT is all mine
  • My only concern is the juggernaught on the boat. Other then that, Hard wasn't that difficult. I played U2 and U3 on hard on first playthrough and Crushing after that. Crushing is wee bit harder but it's totally manageable, especially after you've learned where they spawn and how to handle them.
  • I just finished Crushing today ^_^
  • I've finished all chapters on crushing, but some didn't count. Does that means I'll have to do all of the chapters again?
  • BTW, I've already tried to synchronize my trophies.
  • Few hard parts but got it and the plat. Uncharted 2 on hard seemed harder for me than this one. Could be because of throwback grenades, that makes things a lot easier. Shipyard, the cruise ship ballroom or whatever and the fire demons gave the most trouble.
  • I think the Naughty Dog meeting for discussing the Uncharted 3 crushing difficulty went something like this: Hey guys, Uncharted 2 was too easy. We need to make Uncharted 3 a real challenge. But how do we do that? I have an idea. What is it? How about we incorporate real strategy into the game, so players need actual skill to get through the game on crushing difficulty? Nah, that's stupid. I have an idea! Let's just spawn more and more enemies as the game goes on so people have to go buck wild and hope to survive, or just memorize where every single enemy spawns! Boy, that's a great idea!
  • This is the only i need to my 16:th plat. I completed the story on "Hard" on 15h, then i toke the other trophies. That toke me about 2h. I'll do a new post when i'm done! ;)
  • Now i have finish the game on Crushing (toke 11H), and got my 16th plat!! :D Damn that way a good game. Now i'll try me on Uncharted 1 and 2 ;)
  • WTF ?! i completed the game on crushing and no trophy. it even says at the chapter select screen: comleted-crushing on all levels. please help.
  • #64 same i finished all chapters in order on crushing and no trophies! really annoyed
  • Uncharted 3s: Crushing felt a lot like Uncharted 2:AT's Crushing. The whole game did actually. Use High Caliber weapons, RPG's, Tau (44), Strikers grenades etc. USE a butt ton of cover. As for the guys who survived Crushing and no trophy I don't know about that one.. You may have to contact Sony about it. Or read about others who had the same problem. I'd suggest running another chapter over. first and last maybe. PS3's could just be delayed or something.
  • Only trophy i need for platinum and its crushing me lol this is gonna be a challenge
  • if you complete it on very easy and then you try it on normal(without trying it on easy), you get both trophies? Easy and Normal?
  • How hard is it? Because I made it on normal and it didn't was so easy...
  • Fuck: the PAK-80 guy in the cruise is giving me trouble
  • I've been playing this on and off on crushing for a while now and this weekend I finally beat it! Now all I need for the platinum is all the treasures, which is easy but REALLY time consuming
  • Hey guys you just have to replay the last level and the crushing trophy will pop
  • So much easier than Uncharted 1 and 2. Very happy I didn't have to beat the game in hard to unlock Crushing as well.
  • I did a playtrough on normal lately en that was easy to me so i tried on crushing and that went well. Just a few hard parts in the latter levels but youtube can help you :-)
  • 20: 'Caravan' on crushing, FUCKING....HELL....THAT....WAS....RIDICULOUS, took me about 50 Tries
  • #75 same
  • Unlocked this after easy 2 years ago but only just did crushing because I knew it was going to be a ball ache. I decided to do so much over so many days only took over 6 months lol because of easily getting frustrated I found this harder miles harder than U2's crushing. But I did it tonight and stacked hardnand normal thank god it does that only 20 more treasures to find as I always leave them last for my plat
  • Crushing was not that well... Crushing after beating the game on easy, normal, then hard. At that point I already knew the game like the back of my hand, so it wasn't to bad except for the aformentioned chapters and chapter 19.
  • My game keeps bugging during the ballroom fight and I cannot restart a checkpoint either. Any solutions?
  • This Crushing difficulty caused me great pain i really EARNED this Platinum 11/30/11 . The Ballroom was the most difficult . Chapter 19 was almost impossible, the final fight against Talbot was way too hard , it took me an 1 hour and a half. i also kicked my ps3 a few times. Naughty Dog, please make Uncharted 4 without balls to the wall enemies and Jak II difficulty. i really hope Uncharted 4 crushing is more lenient and forgiving.
  • it was easy to me,the hardest parts was chapter 21,took me 9-10 tries to blow up the camions and kill all the soldier near the big door,the rest was easy,the ballrom just took me like 3 tries,you just need to take a grenade launcher to take down heavies and an arm micro to take down the other soldiers.

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