Charted! - Hard Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Charted! - Hard


    Finish the game in Hard Mode

    How to unlock Charted! - Hard

    Easy Mode is the higher difficulty setting for Campaign Mode in Uncharted 3. Difficulty trophies stack in this game so you will unlock this trophy if you complete the game on a harder difficulty first, however, the only harder difficulty setting (Crushing) is locked from the beginning and will only unlock once the game has been completed at least once on any difficulty.

    See Charted! - Crushing for gameplay tips and more info.

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  • I really like this trophy image, kinda represents all 3 games.
  • Lame that this isn't a gold this time around
  • One ring to rule them all! LOL! ;)
  • This image should be the plat
  • Not that hard.
  • I can confirm that I finished the game on very easy After that I went back to the main menu Found Crushing mode (appeared)
  • just completed in on normal. the "possessed" guys are gonne be a pain...
  • I thought this image for the hard trophie is the best trophie image in the uncharted franchise. I agree I would have liked to see a gold here but it will still begun getting it. I have the collectors edition of uncharted 3 and it came with the ring. I love the story on sr France drakes ring.

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