Ride the Crocodile Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Ride the Crocodile


    Stand on the crocodile in the Secret Library

    How to unlock Ride the Crocodile

    This trophy is earned in Chapter 5 - London Underground.

    Soon after you enter the library and watch a cutscene unfold, platform your way between the two central pillars in the room to trigger the entrance of a few bad guys. Once you have dealt with them you are free to leave the library through the opened doors the bad guys came through. Do so but immediately hang a right and go up the stairs to the upper floor of the library, and around to the opposite side to the entrance and stand beside the balcony. Facing out, vault over the balcony by pressing and you will hop over and land on a mounted crocodile. You don't have to stay standing, you can simply touch it on the way down and land on the ground floor again. Once you have done so the trophy will unlock.

    Here's a video showing what to do, courtesy of PowerPyx:

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  • *Slight spoilers in chapter 5* Once Drake gets the map, kill the enemies and run to the second floor, go over to the opposite side, you'll see a couple of desks, under one of the desks is a gold coin treasure to collect. Next to that coin, look over the banister and you'll see a green crocodile below you, hop over the banister and the trophy should unlock!
  • thanks dude. I looked for the crocodile all over the place but before i get the map.
  • Thanks I was having a hard time finding the crocodile
  • I don't think you even have to land on it. I hopped over the banister and fell down straight past the croc and still got the trophy.
  • Jeez, I spent a few runs around that top balcony looking for the thing. Went back downstairs even before reading this. Stupid thing is right in front of you D:< Thanks!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_WAxS16WXU&list=UU6QtcwzvD5aU7aTDu6Fp8VA&index=14&feature=plcp
  • completely useless trophy! why did they even put it when you can't even 'stand' on the crocodile!
  • You can stand on it, I just did. Thanks, perfect walk through. Got me the trophy!

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