Quick Study Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Quick Study


    Inspect almost every display case in the Cartagena Museum

    How to unlock Quick Study

    This trophy is related to Chapter 2 - Greatness From Small Beginnings.

    As soon as the chapter begins you will take the controls of a young Nathan Drake at the Cartagena Museum. In front of you is a main hall with display cases full of exhibits which you must approach and press when prompted on screen. A very short cinematic will pan in to show you the exhibit. Do so to everything on this floor, which are:

    The 18th century English Longboats
    A model depicting the Sacking of Cartagena
    A Launch Under Sail
    Ship's Bell from Drake's Fleet
    A Statue of a Spanish Monk
    A Golden Hind Battles the Spanish
    A Collection of Ceremonial Swords
    A Galleon and a Longboat
    A Bust of the Museum's Founder
    Ship's Compasses
    A Collection of Epaulettes
    Historical Documents

    Once you have examined each of these, head up the red carpeted staircase at the end of the hall to reach the 2nd floor. There is one exhibit on a landing just before the last small flight of stairs:

    A Bell and a Compass

    Now you've reached the second floor you will see a bunch of other exhibits. The one in the centre of the room will trigger a cutscene to move the story along so don't approach this one until this trophy has been unlocked. Here are the other exhibits:

    The Jawbone of a Legendary Shark
    Launches Set for Oar and Sail
    A Spanish Man-of-War
    An Antique Diving Suit
    A Hands-On Longboat Exhibit
    A Cannon from a Local Fort
    Naval artefacts and Models
    An Early Atmospheric Diving Suit
    Naval Bric-a-brac
    Sir Francis Drake Runs a Spanish Blockade

    As the trophy states, you have to inspect *almost* every display case. There are 23 non-story related exhibits and the trophy will unlock once you inspect the 22nd display. It doesn't matter which one you omit, as the only key thing is to stay away from the centrepiece on the second floor before getting this trophy. Once the 22nd display has been inspected, the trophy will unlock.

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  • is it talking about the museum in the 2nd chapter?
  • It only could be, I'm pretty sure that's the only time you had control over your character in Cartagena. Plus, that's the whole idea of what you're doing as a kid in the second chapter.
  • Yep, just happened as I examined every display item in the museum before inspecting the main one that causes the story to proceed!
  • You don't need to check them all, I just count them. On the ground floor I checked 14 boards, then in the stairs one (just before the first floor) and then at the first floor I checked only 4 boards and the trophy popped.
  • i had to check all of the cases,i tried just to check the cases,not the cannons and had to do the chapter again
  • got it after checking all on first floor and then 4 of them second floor. before case

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