Brute Beater Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Brute Beater


    Successfully counter all of a Brute’s damage-giving attacks

    How to unlock Brute Beater

    The Brute is a new enemy kind in the Uncharted series, a man mountain who only fights with his hands, and you can only beat him with melee attacks. You will become familiar with him in Chapter 1 as part of the melee tutorial, however this particular encounter unfortunately doesn't count for this trophy.

    The next time you run into him is in Chapter 7 - Stay in the Light and is as good a time as any to work this trophy out. As you escape the inferno around you, he will ambush you on some stairs. The rules of engagement are as they were in London but be mindful that if you are playing on Crushing difficulty, you will not be accompanied by on screen prompts which makes his attacks much trickier to counter. As a rule of thumb, mash to punch him as much as possible and if he pulls back to take a swing at you, hit to duck out of the way and go back to mashing . If he grabs you, mash to break his hold without getting hurt and again pound on him until he either swings for you or grabs you. If you get the timing down right you will eventually floor him and if it all went off properly you will unlock the trophy. Should he hurt you, just restart the checkpoint until you get it right.

    Here's a video showing how it's done courtesy of PowerPyx:

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  • This trophy can first be unlocked in chapter 7. There will be a point where Nate and Sully has to knock down a door together. Immediately after a large man will come charging towards you looking for a fist fight. Get ready to press Triangle and Circle every time they appear at the lower-right of the screen. Mash the square button whenever the counter buttons don't appear. Don't get hit and the trophy is yours! You can restart the checkpoint here as well if you take damage.
  • This is soooo easy and the brutes always come alone.
  • They don't always come alone. In chapter 10 in the market I had a Brute and around 3 regular guys at one.
  • That's strange. I didn't get any damage but I didn't get the trophy either. :(
  • does this work on chapter 1
  • This cannot be done in chapter 1, tried it. Getting hit is part of the scripted event in the restroom.
  • I got this on chapter stowaway(think its 17)its just 30 sec to face a brute.
  • Got this on Crushing since I missed it on my Easy playthrough. Pretty tough on Crushing.
  • Got this at the start of Abducted -- there's a Brute at the very start of the level after you clear out the initial wave of guys

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