Riot Rocker Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Riot Rocker


    Defeat five Riot Shield enemies by running over their shield

    How to unlock Riot Rocker

    Ordinarily, Riot Shield carrying enemies are best dispatched with a well placed grenade but for this trophy you're going to need to be a little more hands on. You won't encounter any enemies of this kind until Chapter 9 - The Middle Way, during your escape from the complex in Syria. After the cutscene where your party run into Talbot and his goons have a Mexican stand off, you will begin your escape with a wounded Cutter. The next wave of enemies will have 2 riot shield carrying enemies, try and trim down the enemy count but leave these guys active and let them separate, though keep in cover as they both carry an Arm Micro that can tear you down fast. Once they are in decent range, blind fire at the shield until they go into a cover pose with the shield above them instead of upright in front of them. This is your chance to score a kill so dive out of cover and run towards them, pressing twice, once to run over their shield and another immediately after to choke them to death. This is a confirmed kill and counts towards the tally, repeat this on the other guy and restart the checkpoint as required.

    There are also another 2 Riot Shield enemies in the very next area who also offer up a good opportunity for these kills but it is on a narrow walkway and they walk single file so the trailing ones tend to get you when you are trying to take out the first so isn't any easier than the area before it but is still worth a try if you want to farm them.

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  • Simple, just shoot their shields until they drop to the ground, run up to them and mash the square button a couple of times to hop on top of them, jump behind them and break their neck.
  • The trophy details on portuguese are mistaken it says something like "kill five enemy by breaking the shield" i thought it was to shoot the shield until its gone.
  • i've done this to 10 peolpe and it's not popping. even went back to the easiest stage to do it (9-The Midde Way). may be a glitchy trophy.
  • Just did it in chapter 9, exactly like in the video intimidatexx posted.
  • This trophy is super simple to get on the level the ship is flooding. Turn it Very Easy and just kill the shielded bad guy 5x. He's right at the beginning of the chapter so you don't have to go far at all.
  • #6: that was a great hint, thanks!
  • chapter 15 is very easy to get it,there will have one riot shield guy at the start of the chapter,shoot his shield until he is down and press square in front of him to drake kill him,hit restart checkpoint four more times and then the trophy should pop up
  • like drianooh says. But must do 5 with no intervening kills. Do not accidentally kill riot guy with your gun, it is 5 riot shield with square button in row. I was stuck on this one for a while. Did lots of riot shield kills with square button, but had other kills in between, and it didn't register. Finally, got it to register the trophy.
  • i only have uncharted 2 but in there it cant be a help to aim after the top of the sheild to knock them down
  • I had to do it at least 25 times before the trophy popped. So it is possible that like me you could have problems with that one. Try quiting the game and restarting your ps3.
  • And here I was thinking you had to run them over with a car. It's like, um, what car? O.o
  • This is my nightmare.... trophy won't pop doing chapter 15 killing riot shield guy by running over him then snapping his neck. hit start wait for it to save then hit restart. I have done this at least 20 times. Is there something I am missing?
  • Make sure you are hitting Square to run over them, and then Square again just after to kill them. Simply running over them doesn't register apparently. Gotta do it their way. :P Thanks to shopka88 and others for the tip about Chapter 15. Just got my trophy. :)

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