Expert Ninja Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Expert Ninja


    Defeat five enemies in a row using stealth attacks

    How to unlock Expert Ninja

    Stealth Kills are taught during Chapter 5 and are basically a melee attack whilst remaining undetected which results in an instant kill. The tutorial itself will not only show you the different ways you can attain a stealth kill but also credit you with 4 of the number required, after the final kill of this sequence which is the guy you drag over the table backwards (kill number 4) then restart the checkpoint to begin again. This is a safe and steady method to get 5 kills in a row but there's a slightly better and faster way to do this in Chapter 8 - Citadel.

    The Citadel method begins when you reunite with Cutter and Chloe, after a brief cutscene you will regain control and you are able to jump down by pressing to stealth kill the first guy. You'll see the next one leaning back against a rock, crouch behind it and hit again for kill number 2. Stay where you are and a guard will come by and patrol before turning his back to walk away again. Hop out of cover and chase him down and again melee him to break his neck, and run around the corner to the left to jump another guy for kill number 4. By now the other guys in the area may well have taken notice, though it's possible to get one more on the guy up the small flight of stairs but he is hit and miss. These kills are all in very quick succession and the restart checkpoint places you back to the beginning just before you jumped down on the first dude. This is a perfect farming area for stealth kills should you need them for Master Ninja due to the quick turnover of kills.

    Here's a video of this method courtesy of PowerPyx:

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  • I found this easiest to get in "The Citadel" chapter 8. This is done on the very first enemies you see in the level. At the start, jump across the gap in front of you, then turn around and jump back. This will cause enemy #1 to move to a new position. Look below and press the square button to do a flying stealth attack leap. Run back up the stairs and jump that same gap you did previously, then climb down the ladder and walk around the pillar and get your second stealth kill. Turn around and jump another gap and grab the guy hiding in cover for your third stealth kill. This may be slightly glitchy, but you can still stealth kill him even if you're standing just next to him at his side. Turn around yet again and go back to where you killed enemy #2, then jump the gap in f
  • Hmm, my message got cut off due to text limit! BOO! Turn around yet again and go back to where you killed enemy #2, then jump the gap in front of you to return where you killed enemy #1. Look to your right, drop onto the stone block, then slowly walk off the edge and get into cover with the wooden counter in front of you. Press square to get stealth kill #4. Move left and walk around to the other side of the small room, the final enemy is in cover behind the pillar. Get into cover on the opposite side, then press UP and hold Circle for Drake to automatically move to the other side of the pillar while remaining in cover. Finally press Square for the fifth stealth kill.
  • Turns out you can get this even easier in the same chapter, right after you meet your friends, there will be 5 enemies all easily picked off via stealth attacks for you.
  • Yeah except my dumb friends kept getting us spotted
  • The beginning of chapter 13 for me - when you're crossing the rafts/boats there's five guys wandering around, fairly easy to sneak up on.
  • i gto 4 ninja kills in a row atleast 5 times now.
  • Thanks Chocoburger, that worked great.
  • the easiest Way to get this Trophy is in Chapter 16 , When you enter the Big open area , stealth kill Five bad guys in a Row and it will be done if you are a real Ninja :P Goodluck ^^

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