Bare-knuckle Slugger Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Bare-knuckle Slugger


    Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat

    How to unlock Bare-knuckle Slugger

    As stated in Bare-knuckle Brawler, you must melee attack enemies until they die. This should come naturally as they are cumulative across all playthroughs and do not have to be all in a row. Chapter 1 will school you in the ways of melee fighting so brush up there is you aren't familiar with the button commands and throughout the course of your adventure, remember to engage as many close quarter NPCs as possible to notch up the 50 kills needed to pop the trophy.

    Note that you can soften up enemies with gunfire first, but be careful not to go too far and lose the kill. Also, the on-screen prompts that show when and what button to press do not appear on Crushing difficulty. This does not change any button commands at all but it does make the timing factor much more prominent and thus more tricky to pull off. Once you have floored your 50th bad guy with a melee attack the trophy will unlock. If you need to farm some kills at all then use Chapter Select to play Chapter 12 - Abducted, clear the container in which you start, Save, Quit and Chapter Select again.

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  • Just repeat chapter 1 3-5 time on easy/normal, always start from the main menu a new game, u will be always asked to keep the bonuses and treausers from the last save, press yes, enjoy!
  • thanks, bro!
  • By the way when pulling people down the well in chapter 6 as well. as you could get the hangman as well.

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