Drop the Bomb Hotshot Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Drop the Bomb Hotshot


    Make five enemies drop their grenade by shooting them

    How to unlock Drop the Bomb Hotshot

    From the mid-way point of Chapter 6, enemies will begin to throw grenades your way. There is a distinct animation before they throw whereby they stand upright and do a very exaggerated under arm throw to toss the grenade, this is your cue to pop a single round into them and make them drop the live grenade at their feet for a kill. The probability is that you will unlock this naturally without even trying as in areas with a large enemy population, grenade throwing is very much a part of things and so you are bound to catch one or two in the act. If however you do need to farm a couple then choose any area with adequate enemy numbers and simply wait for them to strike the pose before squeezing off a single shot on them anywhere but the head, remember you don't want them dead before the grenade goes off. Once the fifth enemy drops his grenade at his feet and blows himself up the trophy will unlock.

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  • you do not necessarily have to shoot them btw lol. and i can prove this cause i was at 3 of the 5 and i threw a nade and someone dropped their nade to try to hide n i saw another explosion so i checked and i was at 4.
  • After 2 full playthroughs (1 V Easy and 1 Crushing) I ended up with 141 :3

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