Dyno-Might Master Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Dyno-Might Master


    Defeat four enemies with one explosion

    How to unlock Dyno-Might Master

    There's one location in the game which is by far the most popular place to earn this trophy, in Chapter 16 - One Shot at This but I actually got mine later on and found it a little more reliable.

    The first place is as I say, in Chapter 16. During the part where you climb up onto the hangar roof, watch through the open skylight for a patrolling guard and press when prompted on screen to jump down and perform a stealth kill, note that you need to kill him this way or he won't drop the grenade. After you pick it up, shoot the locks off the hangar door to let Elena in. After this, a jeep will pull in from the opposite side of the hangar. 4 bad guys will exit this vehicle at the same time and yet 3 more will run in from the left, your ideal grenade spot is directly to the rear of the jeep. More often than not you will blow up at least 4 guys and the trophy should pop soon after. Below is a video guide of this courtesy of Pesico:
    The other way is in Chapter 19 - The Settlement. After the cutscene where you dodge an RPG and come under fire from a huge vehicle artillery on a supported platform you will automatically take cover. Once play resumes, keep a careful eye on the bad guys taking cover behind the supporting beams under the vehicle, they love to throw grenades down at you. As soon as you see one of them do the animation, pop up and squeeze a shot off at him and he will drop it. Though you won't actually see them all, there are 4 guys who like to hang out under that platform and more often than not, you will take out all 4 and sometimes, you will even blow the supports and bring the vehicle down as well and they all count towards Throw-back Master!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abs6y7Nl-90
  • While following the tactic in the video above, If you want to be on the safe side, you can drop a propane tank where the back end of the truck is before dropping a grenade to amplify the explosion affect.
  • Alternately, if you find the people scatter too quickly, run back to the truck as quickly as possible and throw the grenade into the back of the truck before they have a chance to get out.
  • that video really helped, thanks!
  • very easy to do at chapter 16,one shot at this,just after you stealth kill the two guys,open the door to elena,wait the enemies to come,just go forward and when three guys get out of the back of the car throw the grenade and then it will kill the three guys and the driver
  • i got this by playing on very easy.stand at the back of the truck till they all get out and come in close to attack me.Then dropped the grenade at my feet and backed off a little.
  • Yeah I just picked up the propane tank nearby, threw it at the jeep then shot it at distance.
  • its easy to me cuz i use alot of grenades.... BOOM!!!
  • When the guy closest to you gets out of the truck, grab him right away and push him towards the back once or twice, then toss a grenade at his feet. By then three others will have gotten out of the back.
  • how come i dont have any grenades? when all of you say that you need a grenade. the car doesnt even blow up, so wtf?
  • OK got it. chapter 16 after the part where you have to go to the roof and open the door for the Girl. you beat the two men up and you pick up their grenades IF THEY HAD ANY. run to the back of the jeep, just as the third person gets out throw a grenade on the floor. what happened to me was, that i didnt find any grenades, shotgunned the driver, picked up his grenade, ran to the back of the car, threw the grenade, as the fourth person was going to run away, i grabbed him and pushed him towards the Grenade. BOOM everyone dies.
  • the comments in for this video helped more than the video itself.
  • THANK you all.
  • I think the most important thing from that video is how he sneaks up on them, without being seen. That way, they don't scatter once they're on the ground.
  • Apparently you can blow yourself up with the group of baddies in the back of the truck and it will still pop!
  • thanks i ran round the other side and threw a grenade at the back of the jeep as the left side wasnt working out to well.
  • #9`s tip did it for me. Push the first guy twice and drop the grenade at your feet on very easy. It gives time for all 4 to leave the truck and you won't die due to difficulty
  • Chapter 19 method doesn't work, must have tried it at least 15 times to no avail. It only ever kills about 2 people tops. May as well just do Chapter 16 because most if not all guides show that Chapter. No one has demonstrated Chapter 19

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