Pro-pain Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Pro-pain


    Defeat ten enemies with propane or acetylene tank explosions

    How to unlock Pro-pain

    Propane and Acetylene tanks can be shot to create an explosion which is capable of killing any unfortunate goons standing nearby. See below for a brief description of what they look like.
    • Propane tanks are the small yellow cannisters which can be picked up and thrown much like a grenade.
    • Acetylene tanks are the long thin green cannisters which can't be picked up but will roll around a little bit before exploding.

    The best place for this is Chapter 5 - London Underground, towards the end of the level. You, Sully and Cutter will advance through the underground system to a point which you will enter an underground platform area with a train on the tracks. This place has a few propane tanks which you can shoot out near bad guys to cause an environmental death. For any bad guys that are taking cover or are too far away, go grab one of the propane tanks by pressing to pick it up close to one of them then throw it using much like a grenade. Now tap at the precise moment it passes them to shoot it and have it blow up taking out any hostiles in the vicinity. You may not quite tally a full 10 in this part alone but soon after it you will ascend some stairs, clear out some bad guys, advance on some dudes behind bars with red dot scopes that will retreat before you can kill them. Up this next flight of stairs is the end of the level but as you get to the top, grab the propane tank on the floor and turn around the way you came. 2 bad guys will be running up the stairs to catch you, simply throw the tank at them and shoot it for 2 easy propane kills, then hit restart checkpoint and repeat until you have the kills you need.

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  • I found this easier to do in Chapter 16 (and much faster to get to). After you blow out the three locks to let Elena in, a car will pull in with 6 guys. There is a propane tank right around the corner from the door with the blown-out locks. Throw it at the back of the truck (x4 enemies will pop out of it and it takes them a second to get their act together). Throw the tank and press R1 when it hits their drop point. Make sure one is still alive and restart the check point. Took only 3 checkpoint restarts. Also a good place to farm the Grenade Hangman and Dyno-Might Master trophy.

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