30 Kills: PAK-80 Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • 30 Kills: PAK-80


    Defeat 30 enemies with the PAK-80

    How to unlock 30 Kills: PAK-80

    The PAK-80 is found in only 2 places in the game and is the equivalent of the GAU-19 in Uncharted 2. It is a heavy duty, rapid fire machine gun which slows you down as you wield it which leaves you vulnerable to attack. It can not be taken with you either as you automatically drop it whenever you try to grab something like a ledge so kills are restricted to the area you pick it up. On the up side, it is a beast and can mow down any enemy in mere seconds but just be careful at it literally eats up the ammo. Below are the two places it is found:

    Chapter 14 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

    As you begin this level and ascend the cruise liner to the second tier externally, you will go through an area on deck surrounded by containers. A heavy armoured brute carrying a PAK-80 will join the confrontation and he must be brought down quickly with carefully placed headshots. For the best cover, jump onto the container in the middle of this area and then into the gap between the two adjacent ones and pick him off from there. Once he's dead, jump down and grab the gun and proceed to waste anyone else around including a few bad guys who jump down from the tier above you. There won't be many so restart the checkpoint when the only other guy is the one taking potshots from cover above you.

    Chapter 20 - Caravan

    This spot is probably the best one of the two but killing the grunt who carries the gun can sometimes be a pain. After you complete the horse riding part and you and Sully are abandoned by your horses, head forward through the sandstorm and veer off to the right, stealth kill the guy walking away from you and he will drop a T-Bolt. Pick it up and fire off a round into thin air, this will make the brute chase you. As he comes, try to take him out with a headshot, it can take a couple of tries so bear with it. Once you drop him you can pick it up and take out the other 3-4 guys in the area with the PAK-80. Now proceed into the next area which is heavily populated with enemies, take out a good 5-6 bad guys on the right and left of this area and restart checkpoint. You will spawn with the PAK-80 right next to you so thankfully don't have to headshot the grunt again just to get it and you can repeat the kills as before. Restart the checkpoint as required.

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  • If anyone doesn't know what the PAK-80 is, it is a gun that a brute would carry. I know there is one in Chapter 14 when you are on the deck with the waves and storage crates. Once you get that, go on a rampage. If you can get this gun in MP, go on a rampage with that as well, I've gotten a couple of these kill trophies in MP.
  • Chapter 19 has one and a checkpoint right after. When you are taking out the jeep. the Pak-80 is under it and after you take out the truck you hit the checkpoint.
  • Chapter 14 is easy to get. We can get fast into the rampage and after getting the PAK-80 is a checkpoint. Don't kill everyone, just let one alive and restart the checkpoint. Do this till you get the trophy.
  • on chapter 20,after sully and drake get lost on the desert,a big guy is carrying it,kill him and kill the other guys,every time you end of bullets,restart checkpoint,kill the big guy again and farm the kills you need
  • I rented this game and had to take it back after renting time was up, but I needed one more kill to get this.
  • I got it very easy on chapter 19, under the car that stand on the weak pilar. get the gun, and kill everyone, then reload checkpoint ;)
  • In the area described in the guide in chapter 14, I killed 1 or 2 of the first wave, and then saved the game. When I reloaded the checkpoint, the first enemy was the brute with the PAK. Kill 4 guys, then reload. Very easy.
  • Great technique worked for me thanks, remember to make sure you leave that last guy alive. :)
  • the part after chapter 20 is good to get pak80 trophy . tau sniper. rocket launcher kills. grenade hangman. stealth kills i just farmed a few there u have to play threw level 20 to get there tho.

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