30 Kills: RPG - 7 Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • 30 Kills: RPG - 7


    Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG - 7

    How to unlock 30 Kills: RPG - 7

    RPG has a large explosive damage radius and is perfect for taking down armoured enemies, though the ammo is paltry and pick-ups are few and far between. There are a couple of good spots to farm the kills as follows:

    Chapter 11 - Abducted

    The area where you swim around killing bad guys from in the water with all the derelict boats and barges is where you will find your first RPG. Once this area has been cleared of enemies, make your way to the far side of the area opposite the way you came in. A bad guy will try to kill you with a mounted turret but he can be dispatched with a well placed grenade. Under him, in a small area slightly flooded is an RPG. Pick it up and bring it with you to the boat beyond, climbing the ladders to the mast (the same one with the first Tau Sniper weapon on it) and kill the dudes in the distance with the RPG. Kill 3 of the 4 guys then restart checkpoint as required.

    Chapter 20 - Caravan

    This area is just about passable as a farming area but not nearly as productive as the first. After you dismount your horse with Sully and proceed to clear the next small area with the PAK-80 dude, move further into the open air complex ahead of you. This area has a couple of different RPG pick ups but visibility is dreadful and consequently you may end up wasting rounds in the sandstorm which engulfs the whole area. It's still quite doable (especially on lower difficulties that allow you to venture a little further in before taking a shot) but the wise player would farm this in Chapter 11 and save themselves the trouble.

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  • Anyone have any good ideas on an easy way to get this one?
  • kill some guys with the rpg then reload the save then rinse and repeat untill youve got 30 kills
  • Yeah, I'm just looking for a good chapter to go to, possibly one with RPG's early on in the level
  • ah, i see well im not sure which chapter for i dont have the game but try going to you tube for it could help you with it. Hope i was some help
  • Chapter 12 has a bunch of pirates and a fully loaded rpg.
  • You can locate RPG e.g. in the first Boat Wreckage shootout area (on one of the towboat). Do not use it until combat finished. After this shootout, proceed to the next area (via the boat mast and pipes) with sniper equipped. Kill the bandit trying to kill you on the pipes with handgun). Checkpoint. After the checkpoint, kill as much enemies as possible with sniper. When out of amoo, let them kill you. After the restart, the same procedure... keep it doing and 30 kills are done. The same procedure can be done with sniper in this area.
  • Sorry: After this shootout, proceed to the next area (via the boat mast and pipes) with RPG equipped!!!
  • I just got this in Chapter 13. When on the small boat you can grab a 3-pack RPG, then shoot at the boat next to you (which is also firing RPGs at you). I would fire off 2 rounds (it requires good aiming to kill the guys and not just blow up the ship), then restart checkpoint. Remember you can go to Bonuses -> Statistics to see if you are actually connecting your kills or not (the boat explosions occur regardless if you actually hit an enemy or not).
  • I got mine via a slight variation of chapter 12. - Get to the bit where the massive shootout happens across the boats. - Swim to the FIRST boat on the LEFT and climb on the left side. - When you climb up there will be 2 people to your left with their back turned. They wont be able to see you. - Climb up to the middle bit where there is a RPG. Once you pick it up take out the 2 guys with their back turned. Can farm 2 kills with 1 hit. Then use the reminding on whoever. Restart the checkpoint and repeat. By doing this method you dont have to do the whole firefight which can be a nightmare on the harder difficuties.
  • I did it like wingy said and it was fast enough.
  • Chapter 20 when you have to take the trucks out. Rinse and repeat if you have enough patience.
  • wingy's method is quite fast...
  • farm kills with rpg and pak will be hard as naughty dog took the cheats off on uncharted 3,got these kills with guns on uc 2 using that bonus method after you beat the game on that difficult
  • very easy to get it on chapter 12,abducted,fight some bad guys and then go to the first ship on the left,go to the roof and take left to go to a ''balcony'',there will be a rpg,kill some guys and then restart checkpoint,do the same thing and farm the kills you need
  • need to try and get this trophy.
  • at the end of chapter 21 you fight a bunch of fire dust men. on the far left of the the room is an RPG-7 with 3 RPG's. wait till you beat the dustmen and then grab the RPG-7. you will then go through the part with your reflection the chapter 22 will start. just you the 3 RPG's then die. Repeat and its your. I just got it on Crushing Difficulty so it works well.
  • Wingy's method needs to be added to the guide, there is no way there's a quicker easier way to do this... 3 RPG Kills - Restart Checkpoint - repeat Took me a minute to find the place he was talking about but once I did, this was super fast! Way to go Wingy!
  • This trophy would be so much easier if Uncharted still had those perks that let you buy weapons and use them in a level. Makes it more challenging I guess
  • Do it in chapyer 12 (verry easy), go to the left boat, take the rpg get the dubble kill, jump to the next boat and try to get another dubble kill. Go the rpg with 1 bullet and kill some one. Go to the guy with the turret and take the 3 rpg bullets and kill atleast 3 kills with. Then just restart checkpoint and do it all over again untill you got 30 kills with it :P
  • Awesome! Used wingy's method and got the trophy.
  • Right at the start of chapter 21..... There is a RPG and about 7 guys to kill..... just let the last one kill you and do it again until the trophie pops....

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