30 Kills: Dragon Sniper Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper


    Defeat 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper

    How to unlock 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper

    The Dragon Sniper is a staple diet of any Uncharted veteran and is the best means to kill distant enemies. As with all guns capable of single shot kills in the game, ammo capacity is at a premium so making each shot count is vital to get the most out of it. The DS makes it's first appearance in Chapter 8 - Citadel and is pretty much the sole platform to farm these kills. Mid way through the level you will be ambushed by RPG guys and have to run along a walkway to avoid being blown up. At the other side are a bunch of Dragon Sniper Rifles and adequate cover, simply take out 4 of the 5 dudes firing at you and restart the checkpoint as and when required.

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  • The best place to get this trophy is rather then play through the end of chapter 8 just to get access to the dragon sniper, try this: - Play chapter 12 and get to the bit where the massive shootout happens across the boats. - Jump down and there will be 2 people on the platform on the front talking about Marlowe. - Stealth kill the first guy so he wont spot you and then make your way to the FIRST boat on the left. - Climb up and STEALTH kill the guy at the top. He will drop the dragon sniper. You have about 4/5 shots. Restart the checkpoint to get the trophy.
  • Great one, quite fast to get it that way.
  • yeah, thanks, buddy! I'll try that.
  • i did it on chapter 12,a lot of dragon snipers on the first ship on the left,10 bullets,kill about 8 guys,10 if you are very good at shooting,and then hit restart checkpoint,get the snipers again and farm the kills you need
  • Thanks wingy!
  • This was great advice #1 Thank you
  • Thanks wingy(#1), chapter 12 is definitely faster than chapter 8, took me about 15-20 mins from the beginning of the level to get 30 kills.
  • I used the method posted by #1, except I never found the need to stealth kill one of those first guys - I simply went straight for the Sniper. On Very Easy difficulty, I was able to get out my 5 kills with ease.
  • Wingys tip works well, but go to the SECOND boat on the LEFT too for a dragon rifle with 7 bullets. Makes boosting that little bit faster.
  • must have patched it because all I can find is the Tau Sniper on the first boat and the hammer on the second.
  • @wingy: Thanks. Worked like a dream. I just ignored everyone else and took out the guy on top of the 2nd boat on the left. Just as you start there are 2 guys talking on a flat boat. Ignore them. Go for the normal boat just left of them. Again, ignore the 2 guys and climb the ladder. Wait for the sniper to turn his back before stealth-killing him. Your prize is a Dragon Sniper. Kill until empty. Reload checkpoint. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you wait till the sniper turns his back. Pulling him off the side may result in the loss of your prize (weapon).
  • @amish assassin I got the same

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