Blindfire Marksman Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Blindfire Marksman


    Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing while in cover (without aiming with L1/R1)

    How to unlock Blindfire Marksman

    This trophy is relatively easy and can be earned quite early on. To blind fire in cover you must first be in cover by pressing against an obstacle and then firing by pressing (i.e. without the aid of holding down to aim). You must manipulate the screen with to try and position the enemy centrally to the screen before firing for best results.

    This action is best done with a high powered weapon with spray rounds like the Sawn-Off or the Pistole at close range. An excellent place to farm this is in Chapter 6 - The Ch√Ęteau right after you ascend the well and appear in the front grounds. The first enemy is stealth killed by pulling him into the well, but jump up and take cover behind the outer rim of the well and begin firing. At least a few of the enemies will creep out of cover and try to flank/melee you, this is a perfect time to land a free cover kill. When nobody else will move, save/load and repeat until you have the required amount of kills. One carries a Sawn Off so watch out for him and pick it up after you kill him.

    Alternatively, grab a SAS - 12 from the first batch of guards in Chapter 16 - One Shot at This and keep it until the part where you drop through the skylight. Once the jeep turns up (which can be blown up for Dyno-Might Master) take cover against the nearest pillar and squeeze a shot off. Enemies will come steaming in attempting to flank you so kill them with the shotgun until all the ammo is gone, before doing the Save/Load technique.

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  • Apparently, throwing grenades from cover by holding L2 and aiming still counts for this trophy. I had mistakenly assumed that only blind-fire with guns would work, but this trophy unlocked for me on my Crushing playthrough while doing the second part of the grenade tutorial by throwing from cover.
  • i did this in the library section. when 3 guys burst thru the door leave the cover of the pillar & run towards them, taking cover behind the pillar nearer the door. now just pick them off using blindfire (obviously) re-load the checkpoint, rinse & repeat until the trophy pops. job dun. (",)
  • The grenades work for the run and gun trophy as well. Its how I got both of them.

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