Rolling Ammo Master Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Rolling Ammo Master


    20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling

    How to unlock Rolling Ammo Master

    This trophy is really quite easy and can be done in almost every chapter where there are armed enemies. In order to pick up ammo while rolling, you must be facing a dropped weapon and press to perform a roll. Before the sequence of the roll is complete, tap to pick up the ammo. The trick to this trophy is to find a dropped weapon in an open space and ensure that you are not already armed with it, for example this will not work if you roll over an AK whilst you already have one. Once you find one, simply carry out 20 rolls over the weapon, picking it up every time and switching out your current gun for the one on the floor. There are a ton of places you can get this, normally after a huge gunfight where the environment is littered with guns.

    In Chapter 6 - The Château, you will climb out from underground to appear at the top of a well outside the Château where you can stealth kill the guy right in front of you. Lay waste to the bad guys in the grounds surrounding the well until everyone is done for. There will be .45 Defenders, Sawn-Off's, AKs and a Micro as well. Run around until you come across a dropped gun you aren't already carrying in an open space and perform your moves until the trophy unlocks.

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  • This Trophy will unlock even if you select "Restart Checkpoint" the tally will continue.
  • The easiest place to get this *POSSIBLE SPOILER* When your on the tower getting shot at by the rockets there is re-spawning Sniper ammo..
  • You just need to roll everytime you pick up ammo? 20 times?
  • i just did it with 2 weapons over and over to see if it would pop...BLING!
  • @4 picking up a weapon counts as ammo?
  • This sux cos take cover and roll are on the same button. When I want to roll drakes takes cover instead.
  • yup, I got this trophy by rolling over weapons. The easiet way to do it is to find a corner with two or three guns laying on the ground. Take a few steps back, roll and pick up the weapons. Repeat this until you get the trophy.
  • I can second it can be done by rolling over and picking up weapons continuously. Thought I'd try for the hell of it towards the end of the game and it works.
  • Weapons do count. Just switched a shotgun & a machine gun 20 times while rolling and up it popped.
  • again, thanks to Wozamil for this great video!
  • This has to be the easiest silver trophy ever! :P
  • and the most pointless?
  • Just do as what the above says. changing guns while rolling 20 times. so pointless.
  • that rly helped thanks. otherwise i wouldve actually been looking for the same ammo type
  • In response to #12, I agree...pointless. If they removed the "in a row" requirement, then I could see the point. It would make a lot more sense in regards to gameplay. 20x in a row is odd.
  • I got this trophy during chapter 5- London Underground. After the cutscene with Katherine Marlowe, shortly after figuring out the mini puzzle (I like to call it), you'll take down three enemies that come through the door. I just ran up to them on the "very easy" mode and punched the middle guy since the other two were already killed by Sully and Charlie. Then I just rolled back and forth while exchanging both pistols. Good luck!
  • Its the wrong video voor the relic and not for roll over the wapen and pick up ammo
  • stupid trophy, misleading as f***

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