Reload Master Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Reload Master


    Defeat 50 enemies in a row without auto-reloading

    How to unlock Reload Master

    Depending on how obsessive you are with reloading, this could come naturally as it did for me. You should really aim to earn this the moment you get guns in Chapter 5 so you aren't having to avoid using weapons which only have a single capacity round like the RPG in later Chapters which automatically triggers a reload and resets your count.

    To reload, tap whenever you see the bullet count in your current clip get low or even better, after every enemy you kill. Make it a habit, one down, reload, one down, reload etc. You should have unlocked this by Chapter 7, provided you didn't accidentally auto-reload by mistake. The good news is that it is another cumulative trophy and also deaths don't break the count, neither does an encounter with the Brute so don't worry if you run into him during your progress.

    On a final note, you can once again utilise the Save/Load method outlined in many of the other trophy descriptions. This works best with a Sniper Rifle from a distance as the clip capacity ensures a few kills per save and holding down the fire button does not eat through the clip the way it does every other gun. You can get a Dragon Sniper in Chapter 8 - The Citadel when the 5 dudes are firing RPGs at you from a distance. The trick is to shoot 4 of them, pause and choose Save Game, pause and then Load Game, and repeat until you have the 50 kills and the trophy will pop, and you'll also unlock 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper while you're at it.

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  • This one might be tricky.
  • I'll probably get this without trying cause I always reload after a kill. @1 it'll be easy enough, just count your bullets.
  • Yeah,Just reload when you are low on ammo and never let the bullets run out until you get trophy. Easy enough.
  • Like @2 said I always reload after killing someone so this should be a easy Silver
  • @2,@3,@4 yeah me to but 50 is a lot off ppl. And i still don't know if the kills in row need to be with the weapon or if the hand combat resets the kills.
  • I'm exactly the same as comment 2. Nice easy silverrrrrr. I wonder if anyone will purposely stay awake on the 1st/2nd to plat it ASAP. I bet most Americans will hahaha.
  • @2 same here, i honestly dont cant remember the last time i auto reloaded
  • Got this last night. after i beat the game on hard, i went in to mop up trophies. play it on super easy, it takes two shots to kill enemies. reload after each kill. you'll have it by chapter 7-8. You can also work on the side-arm master trophy at the same time.
  • does anybody know can you kill a few guys then reload last checkpoint and keep it going
  • okay so i got the trophy tonight. i think this is the easiest way: play chapter 14 ''cruisin for a bruisin'' make sure you have enough pistol ammo (75 bullets) yes its possible make you way through the operah area. here you will begin shooting with your handgun. but only kill 10 men, because els you might get a checkpoint. after you killed 10 men, kill yourself with a grenade. then start again. etc etc. BLING! sorry for my bad english
  • I think, but I have not confirmed this, that you can get this trophy even if you die as well as if you kill enemies using hand to hand combat. I just got this trophy in the middle of my first playthrough on hard and I wasn't even going for it. I also am certain that I died before killing 50 enemies.
  • I did on chapter 5 through 6 on very easy.No tricky jumps and other ways to get k killed so you shouldnt have any problem.
  • best spot for this is in the settlement where you can get both the T-Bolt sniper and the Mag5. just farm kills for both weapons and restart checkpoint and you'll wind up with both weapon trophies and this one without any effort at all
  • My problem with this trophy is the Shotgun Commandos. I can never get them without auto-reloading. And I usually die before I get more than thirty kills anyway.
  • wow, nice that how the guide thanks some random dude for the tip that I posted in comment 13 well before the guide was posted on this site. On a side note most people had the Platinum prior to that as well...very poor posting speed here
  • I guess I'm dumb, but "Farming kills" and "Load Save Technique" didn't click for me. I finally got it and for anybody that is confused... Theoretically, you can kill one dude, without auto-reloading, and then toss a grenade on yourself, repeat this to 50. You CAN die. Find any room kill the dudes (maybe leave one alive so it doesn't checkpoint you after), kill yourself and then fight the dudes again until you get to 50.
  • Did it at the same as Survivor and Side Arm Master starting from chapter 5 and at chapter 6 I get it.
  • #18: that video really helped! thanks for that!
  • Here's a guide!
  • annoying trophy..
  • I'm currently on kill 110 in a chain (I started for Survivor, got it ages ago). I've been meleeing the respawning enemies on the boat in chapter 14, and this still hasn't popped. I think you might need to reload a certain amount of times, or kill a certain amount of enemies with a gun.
  • Ok, literally 5 seconds after I posted that, I decided to stop farming those same 3 enemies, and killed the armoured guy to continue to the next area. The trophy popped as I was killing the next lot of enemies. I wonder if it might have just got stuck because I was killing the same enemies over and over without any checkpoints or loads.
  • Last trophy before platinum, pissing me off. PS3T doesn't mention that you can't use melee or grenades. And I thought they were supposed to know about this stuff!
  • none of the above methods worked for me but this one did, you can farm this trophy on chapter 14, no restart checkpoint or dying trying tricks
  • You can farm it in the citadel level when some agents are fireing rpgĀ“s at you, just pick up the dragon sniper and kill all of them except one and kill yourself :)repeat
  • play it on very easy ,, if u killed one reload and so on
  • muito dificil
  • At some point while trying to get this trophy i threw a grenade back at a baddie and killed him, then got the trophy soon afterwards. I don't know about grenades that you throw personally but i thought it might be useful to mention. Also, i died too at some point and it didn't reset the count either.
  • You can use grenades when trying to get this. I got the trophy by farming T-Bolt at the 19Th chapter. Using grenades to kill that riot shield guy.
  • yeah, i tried in 30 min to get it...
  • This was a pain for me the save load technique didn't work for chapter 19 however I went on chapter 14 and when you come to the big brute near start of the chapter leave him alone (Very easy) and he spawns infinite enemies you'll get this in no time.
  • I actually got this trophy by complete accident while farming sniper kills on level 19. I was like "sweet! that's one less trophy I have to work towards!"
  • Can you just run around meeleeing enemies as well?
  • esay to get in 19th level befor sceand fight end ( after the RPG man) press start and restart chickpoint . and do it agine .
  • so monotonous, at least it's out of the way now
  • Did this one in chapter 5 and played further on trough chapter 6. this are two chapters with a lot of enemies. Just make sure the difficulity isn't to high so you can focus on your ammo.
  • I've tried this one several times until I just lost it. Couldn't make it.
  • ive done this a ton of times with still no trophy popping. Whats the deal.
  • Did it on Crushing mode. Just go to chapter 19 kill enemies and manually re-load every time you kill and just continue dying and the trophy will pop as soon as u kill 50. No re loading and changing slots.
  • After reading the comments it still wasn't clear to me whether could melee enemies or not during your run for this (one comment said you could, two other comments said you couldn't). I just got the trophy and meleed a good 8-12 enemies on my way to getting it.
  • You can kill 5 enemies reloding for each kill an then you restart the checkpoint and do this 10 times untill the trophy pops up.
  • I got it at the same time as Combat Leapfrog, so killing enemies with melee doesn't cut your count

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