Side Arm Master Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Side Arm Master


    Defeat 30 enemies in a row with your side arm

    How to unlock Side Arm Master

    This trophy is way less hassle than it sounds and can be done in a number of ways. It stacks across Chapters and Playthroughs and you can die inbetween kills so the chain is maintained so long as you are armed and killing bad guys with your side arm. You can easily do this properly, as in just use your side arm, picking up new guns and ammo from fallen enemies to ensure you are always stocked up and don't have to break your chain with a melee/rifle kill. To do so, try to get headshots to conserve ammo and don't invite trouble by running into enemies as this will often initiate a melee sequence attack and break your count. Chapter 6-7 is a great place to do this as the enemies are plentiful, there's a ton of cover and most of the bad guys are armed with either a .45 Defender or a Micro so there will always a steady stream of ammo.

    The alternative is to do the same as what's recommended in the 5 headshots in a row trophy description, being that you can kill a bunch of dudes with your side arm, hit and then Save Game, Then again and Load Game. This will respawn the enemies and also retain your kill count from when you saved it moments ago as well as retain your clip size, allowing you to farm the same enemies over and over. Try this in Chapter 8 - The Citadel when you get the TAU Sniper, it works like a charm considering you need 30 kills with that gun anyway.

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  • how? i dont understand ://
  • shoot and kill 3o enemies with your side arm/small gun/pistol.
  • Thanks :)))
  • your very welcome
  • Got it! One tip: if u kill hand2hand someone, counter restart... I got it on London after the library, pretty easy
  • For the love of all that is effing holy, does the counter restart if you die? Or if you shoot an enemy that drops a grenade and then blows up? I've been working on this trophy for hours and it wont give it to me!!! I haven't hand-to- hand killed anyone and haven't touched my secondary weapons!!!
  • Ok. Setting the record straight. You CAN die and the counter will not reset (I did this on crushing and died a ton of times). You CANNOT melee, use two-handed weapons, or use grenades; ONLY pistols. Personally, I've looked at lots of people on the internet who had the same problem I did (the game takes a LOONG time to count to 30) but eventually it did pop. This is the most overrated Bronze I ever earned...
  • what bout stealth attacks?
  • still cant get this damn trophy
  • Try it on Very easy, that way enemies die with 2-3 shots to body from any pistol or the Mini SMG, that way you save ammo and you'll be able to wader around the battlefield picking enemies without worrying about dying. Some of the "in a row" trophies can be done with the Reload checkpoint trick or by simply getting killed and pick the same enemies but others reset when you do so, so just to be sure use the manual Save method.
  • Just get it starting from chapter 5 and in the beginning of chapter 6 it poped. Also did this at the same time as Reload Master and Survivor.
  • #11: same here, mate!
  • need to do this and rolling ammo and no more of those STUPID trophies i'll have only carted hard and crushing and 30 kills rpg and mag 5
  • i did this in the library section. w8 for 3 guys 2 burst thru the door & take them out. re-load checkpoint, rinse & repeat until trophy pops. dont count in threes cos sumtimes charlie or sully actually kill them so just repeat til it pops. SIMPLES. (",)
  • @14 really good idea
  • Got it thanks to #11.
  • description is good for nothing if I don't know WHAT IS SIDE ARM?
  • Really bad guide for this. Why does this suggest starting in chapter 6? "lots of enemies" that are interrupted by a GRENADE TUTORIAL WHICH RESETS THE COUNTER. Thanks for the wasted time. Urgh.

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