100 Headshots Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • 100 Headshots


    Defeat 100 enemies with headshots

    How to unlock 100 Headshots

    As with 20 Headshots this trophy is cumulative and carries over to new playthroughs so will come with enough time. Headshots as you might imagine are the most lethal in terms of damage dealt by gunfire and therefore should be practiced constantly, especially on the harder difficulties.

    When it comes to the art of a headshot, many factors come into play such as the gun you are using, enemy position and the gameplay settings. Guns like the Shotgun and Pistole are powerful weapons but only at close range for the spray damage and are therefore unsuitable for headshots. The best weapons are Sniper Rifles like the Dragon and T-Bolt which zoom in on enemies from a great distance, as are powerful Handguns like the TAU so make full use of them when you get the chance. Enemy position is also important, use stealth to approach targets and you can aim without being shot at which causes recoil and makes headshots harder to line up. Finally, you can alter the Aiming Sensitivity on the Options => Camera from the Main Menu if you find it takes a little too long to line up the reticule with where you want it to be but turn it up and down likewise if the opposite is the case.

    If you complete the game up to Step 3 of the Road Map and are still short of headshots, I recommend using Chapter Select and replaying Chapter 22 - Dreamers of the Day to farm the rest of the kills using the T-Bolt method as outlined in 30 Kills: T-Bolt.

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  • im a master, in the first missions i unlocked this... i like killing people with ownage :D
  • Not a hard trophy at all. Just keep on playing and you will get this. I got it by repeating some chapters looking for the treasures.

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