Combat Leapfrog Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Combat Leapfrog


    Defeat ten enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat and gunplay

    How to unlock Combat Leapfrog

    This one should be obtained during Step 1 of the Road Map as there will not be too many opportunities when things get harder for your Crushing playthrough.

    As the description states, you need to get 10 kills by alternating between melee kills () and gun kills (). Once you kill an enemy with a gun, the next must be from a melee attack, then back to guns and so on. A couple of things to note are that armoured grunts cannot be melee attacked until their helmets are blown off which is a risky strategy in itself as keeping the fire button held down will kill them with gunfire and blow your count. There's also more than enough locations where distanced enemies can only be shot at, forcing you to gun them down and can compromise your chain. It is a good idea to get trophy out the way earned early in the game, as it will be too soon for the appearances of armoured bad guys and sighted enemies with power weapons. As such, below are a couple of prime locations to farm this one and you can restart any of these checkpoints if you need to:

    Chapter 5 - London Underground

    You will begin to encounter larger groups of bad guys after you exit the library and head back through the station. There are many enemies and they tend to spread out making this easier. Take cover and shoot one guy, then one should approach your position, come out of cover and melee him quickly. Do this as you get through the station and you should have this quite quickly. You can die in between kills and not break the sequence but should Sully steal a kill from you which he likes to do, then just move on and continue the streak on the next bad guy.

    Chapter 6 - The Ch√Ęteau

    Right after the Grenade tutorial on this chapter you will advance to an external area with a gunfight already unfolding below. This area is perfect for this, there's lots of space but it's littered with cover spots, a very good stream of enemies and a Wes Revolver down on a crate just down to the left from where you start which can one shot kill anyone in this part of the game. Duck in and out of cover and stay on the move, melee killing one guy in the courtyard area before killing one of the dudes that shoot from high up in the rafters the overlook you.

    Remember, checkpoint restarts are ok for this trophy and dying won't hinder your progress, providing you alternate one for one in sequence.

    On the 10th successful kill, your trophy will unlock.

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  • Just do what it says in London underground.
  • #2: piece of cake, when you do it there
  • I got it by accident on the sinking ship level.
  • If you melee an enemy and drake pulls the pin out of his grenade it doesnt count as melee and MIGHT reset your kills.
  • WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? is it because the headbutts that sometimes DRAKE automatically does? i got the Survivor Trophy from trying to do this right. how is this possible? this is going to take time. 10 enemies could kiss another A$$.
  • nevermind i found out. 1-you kill an enemy with hand to hand combat 2-then the next enemy you kill him by gun(shooting) then you do 1, 2, 1, 2...... id prefer if their was a TUT on every trophy and not just a posted video.
  • Was able to get this riding the horse in chapter 19. If you die it does not reset.
  • I found this really easy to do in Chapter 16. After exiting the warehouses, you'll crash a truck through the gates and the three guys come and stand around it... 1) Stealth kill one guy on the side closest to you. 2) Shoot the one by the driver door with the silenced gun and take cover in front of the headlights. 3) Then stealth kill the third guy when he goes to investigate. 4) Save game, load game. 5) Use the silenced gun on the first guy you stealth killed. 6) Then stealth kill the next, then shoot the third. 7) Save game, load game. 8) Repeat step 1-7 until trophy pops. Just make sure you are alternating whether to start with stealth or gunplay.

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