Survivor Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Survivor


    Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying

    How to unlock Survivor

    The description here is self explanatory.

    It's feasible, depending on what difficulty, you are playing on that this will come naturally, yet even on Easy there is still the chance of timing an environmental error on your part that will result in an accidental death. Be careful once you build up a steady count not to do something reckless and have to start over. The 75 kills can be from melee attacks, gunfire, environmental kills and explosive kills, anything counts towards the total.

    Now before going any further, there are 2 Golden Rules you should know before taking on this trophy:

    Restarting a Checkpoint to farm kills will not work!

    Each time you choose to Restart a Checkpoint, any kills between the last Checkpoint and when you restarted are lost so don't waste your time trying. There is however a workaround but it involves keeping a spare save file. How it works is you kill a bunch of bad guys and pause the action, then either it will auto save or you need to save manually (it doesn't matter which). Now pause and hit 'Load Game' and it will retain the kills you earned allowing you to repeat kills on the same groups of enemies. Where the second save file comes in is if you happen to die and you are not fast enough to pause it to save then load your game, the death will have registered and reset your count. The second save prevents this by having a backup, you will lose a handful of kills should you need to use that back-up but thankfully you won't have to start all over again.


    Always leave 1 guy alive

    Wipe out most of the enemies you can in relative safety using the method as described above but always remember to leave at least one bad guy alive if you plan to farm the area you are in. If you wipe everybody out, the game forces you to progress via cutscene or by resuming the action but with a change in background music. Once this has passed, auto save will kick in when you pause the game to load the previous area meaning you can not return to where the bad guys were.

    With that said, there's a number of locations to do this so just choose whatever suits you but here's a couple of tried and tested locations and methods:

    1 - In Chapter 8 you will come to a section which introduces you to the Dragon Sniper rifle for the first time and enemies will spawn in the distance and fire RPGs at you. The rockets are very easy to avoid and you can pick enemies off with the sniper rifle, there are 5 enemies so take out 4 of them then save/load your progress and repeat.

    2 - In Chapter 12 you will clear out a large water area with rafts and boats dotted around. Once you clear the place out and ascend the ships mast in the far end of the dock you will get a TAU Sniper and many enemies will spawn in the distance. Pick off 3 them with your sniper handgun and repeat.

    3 - In Chapter 19 you will clear out a number of bad guys before coming to an enclosed area which you escape by shooting away the red supporting structure. Once you climb out you will kill a sniper, go to where he was (and picking up his T-Bolt) and you will have a gunfight with several enemies and you'll have a Mag 5 and T-Bolt to wipe out enemies with 1 shot kills. You can kill 7 guys in this area before having to save/reload.

    There are a ton of other places so choose wherever you have the most fun and chain the kills together but always leave one lone survivor before saving and reloading. The trophy will unlock when you have killed your 75th enemy in a row without dying.

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  • If you re-start a checkpoint or die, it is reset. I got it starting on chapter 12 playing on very easy. You'll have it right before Chapter 14. Should only take about 20 minutes
  • @1 thanks bro
  • @1 Thank you. I got to 70 on my hard playthrough and then the damn spiders killed me.
  • Just did it on Very Easy, starting from chapter 5 through chapter 7. If you killed enough guys you should get just a bit after they start the fire in the building, but before the tricky jumps start.
  • Got it in my first run on normal without realising. The first 76 enemies i killed was without dying. Lucky me i guess :).
  • Platforming crushes my hopes for this trophy.
  • Its funny this is one of the first trophies i got for U3, but for U2 this was the last one i had to get the platinum trophy lol.
  • Just get it starting from chapter 5 and in the beginning of chapter 7 it poped. Also did this at the same time as Reload Master and Side Arm Master. Both get it early on chapter 6.
  • The best way to do it is in chapter 17 through 19
  • I just beat the game on hard and now I'm working on misc trophies. I got 68 kills in a row on hard and 4 headshot kills in a row on hard as well...FML.
  • mh...this one's hader than I thought...
  • i got to 74 then missed a jump...oh boy
  • @12: I didn't get that many kills, but I did the same thing. Did chapter 5 (since the guide said that was a good place for Leapfrog) and kept going into chapter 6. Died because Nate decided he want to miss a platform and go splat. -_-
  • Best way to do this is on "Crusin' for a Bruisin'", put it on Very Easy, get to the part where the heavy armored guy with the PAK-80 is. Don't kill him, but instead run around, and guys will spawn indefinably. Got Survivor, Combat Leapfrog, Reload Master and Sidearm Master with this.
  • Harder than i thought
  • Sorry for the late post, but I got the game today ;-) When you die, you should pause and quit the game to the XMB quickly (before it quicksaves). (Re)Start your game and continue your game. It'll start from the last checkpoint with your kills intact!
  • Or use two saves. At each autosave, switch to the other save, that way if you mess up you can reload the previous save (if you do don't forget to resave to your other save as if you don't and mess up again you won't have a backup save anymore).
  • you Wont find any problems in this trophy in very easy mode , even if you Run in enemies area and without cover :P go punch them in the face ^^
  • @14 Thank you bro! It takes a while but on Very easy this will be done in 20mins. And i also achieved Ammo master & Rolling ammo master. These were the only 3 trophies for plat and completed in one shot. Credit goes to Spearman42 Plat #5
  • I dont understand the discription in this, i tried killing 75 without dying by at first killing about 9 guys then loading up the save file until i hit 75 kills, that didnt work, so then as soon as it loaded i created 8 save files and killed 9 guys then loaded each file in order, file 1 kill 9 guys load file 2 kill 9 so on till 75, still no trophy, can somebody please spell it out for me as i only have this the treasures an crushing left.
  • I can confirm #14s guide is far easier, theirs even a pattern, when the ship lurches and the container shifts left to right twice three guys will spawn an jump down every time jump on the container that moves an the pak-80 guy is a shit shot so you remaind unharmed throughout, theres a treasure up there too.
  • got this from chapter 5 through six. popped up while meeting up with sully after the grenade tutorial in chapter 6.
  • i got this on my 2nd run of the game without trying... which was on crushing...
  • Also confirm that #14 works.
  • Spearman42 u da man! Thank you so much!
  • I started at chapter 5, and got it after u have learned to use the granedes on chapter 6. Toke me about 15-20 min.
  • @26 Same here lol
  • Thanks a lot Spearman42(#14), definitely the best place, got Survivor,Reload Master and Side-Arm Master, PAK-80 30 kills all in the same place, took about 20-25 mins max for all of them put together.
  • all I did was when I died pause and load game
  • played chapter 19 up through the sandstorm section of 20. got 75 kills exactly before getting killed by turrets
  • # 14 - Best tip for this game - loads of thanks
  • @Spearman42: Thanks very much for that one. Got Survivor and Reload Master but also Combat Leapfrog very quickly and easily. Would have gone for Sidearm Master if I didn't already have it. :P I quit just after Survivor popped, and the screen said last checkpoint was 18 minutes ago. Quick and painless. :)
  • Best spot right at the beginning of chapter 12. On very easy beat up ten, save, load. Rinse repeat.

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