Master Fortune Hunter Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

  • Master Fortune Hunter


    Find all 100 treasures

    How to unlock Master Fortune Hunter

    This will unlock when you pick up your 100th treasure in Campaign Mode. If you are collecting them in the order that you come across them, then you will unlock this trophy when you pick up the Gold Cup from UR in Chapter 22.

    For a comprehensive video and text/picture guide to all 101 treasures, please refer to the Uncharted 3 - Treasure Guide by Dr.HelmutMarko.

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  • Video guide on youtube, its broken into four parts. Part 1 = Chapter 1-6 (Treasures 1-32) Part 2 = Chapter 7-11 (Treasures 33-59) Part 3 = Chapter 12-16 (Treasures 60-82) Part 4 = Chapter 17-22 (Treasures 83-101) *Not mine, I just found it.
  • got book and got them all only need 99 4 this trophy
  • @2 Are you sure you aren't getting confused because of the Strange Relic? It counts as an extra treasure, meaning you could only have 99 of the standard treasures but you'll still get the trophy if you've grabbed the Strange Relic. That's how it worked in the first two games.
  • @3 that's how it worked for me. Had 99 treasures and missed a treasure in Chapter 16 but decided to get strange relic first in an earlier chapter and as soon as I got it, ping went the 100 treasures trophy and strange relic trophy, didn't know thats how it worked in 2 and 3 so was pleasantly surprised :)
  • finding all the trophies for this game seem much easier then the last, maybe cause there not just little dots anymore?, on the last one im on 78 and this one 81 and on my 1st playthough.
  • Did this happen to anyone else?: I had 95 treasures, so I went through the whole list and checked which ones I was missing. After playing the game for the 2nd time (accepting the option to keep previous treasures), my treasure count went down to 90! I went back to check which ones I was now missing and sure enough it was some that I had already found on the first playthrough (and some that I knew I was missing) frustrating!
  • The videos sure could use the names of the treasures not just a number.
  • many thanks to Wozamil! your videos helped me a lot!
  • Got about 30 left to get
  • Thanks to this I now have Platinum in all Uncharted games.
  • woh these are hard to find
  • !!!! just 100 !!! Ther is 101 !!!
  • são 100 ou 101?
  • boring as hell and not even a gold lol There are 100 treasures and the strange relic so you if you get the relic you can miss one treasure!
  • I got 64 treasures on the 1st playthrough.
  • On my 1st play on HARD, i got 64 treasures and the rest on CRUSHING. On Uncharted 1 i got 34 treasures on HARD and the rest on CRUSHING. On Uncharted 2 i got 32 treasures on HARD and the rest on CRUSHING.
  • i find all 101 treasures!!!!!
  • very helpful thx :) will get my first platinum soon :))
  • Got all 101 on my first play though, thanks to the Spoiler text. It was fun and easy
  • Can't get the door open for #39, can anyone help?

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