First Treasure Trophy in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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    How to unlock First Treasure

    Treasures are the collectible facet of every Uncharted game but they don't offer any perks or boosts and are simply a means of pushing the player to explore the world. There are 101 treasures in Campaign Mode to collect and all are hidden in the environment across all 22 Chapters but are collected by approaching them and pressing when the on screen prompt shows up. Every treasure you pick up is saved and wont need to be collected again if you die before a checkpoint so don't worry about backtracking but note that if you choose to start a New Game from the main menu mid-way through a Campaign, you will be asked if you wish to keep the treasures. Selecting no will reset your treasure collection to zero so remember to choose 'Yes' when asked.

    One other thing to mention though it may sound obvious but only Single Player treasures count towards this trophy as the ones that randomly drop in Multiplayer have no bearing on the story related treasures.

    If you collect the treasures in order, then you will unlock this trophy when you pick up the Antique Boxing Medallion in Chapter 1.

    Please refer to the Master Fortune Hunter trophy for more info.

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