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-Estimated trophy difficulty: Not enough votes (Personal estimate: 2/10 with cheat codes, 6.5/10 without)
-Offline: 14 (1 , 3 , 9 )
-Online: No online trophies
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 8-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 18: 14 Story, 3 Endurance, 1 Challenge
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies:
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? Nope
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes, Hard Fought Victory

FYI, cheat codes still work. The following will be the most useful and cut down the grind to unlock Minion dramatically. For all codes, hold down , , , and and then enter the code.

Invulnerability: , , , , , , ,
One Shot Kills: , ,
God Mode (Invulnerable and Infinite/All Weapons): , , ,

Step 1 - Not Your Normal Bedtime Story

Pick a character, any character, and play through the story. Every story is a different shade of twisted. If you want all of the trophies, then you will have to play through all of them anyway. While playing through the story, you can go for any of the other random trophies or unlocks that you want. Some you will need a second playthrough because of map choices (Highway or Suburbs, for example).

Trophies potentially unlocked in this step:
A Bloody Finish
Field Medic
Bank Shot Bonus
Like father, like son
Out for Revenge
Sweet Shades
Calypso's Nemesis
Total Carnage
Perfect Ten

Step Two - Time for a Challenge

After completing the game once, go back to the menu and change the difficulty to Hard. Start up Challenge mode and choose whichever car and map you want. If you use cheat codes, this will be pretty easy. If not, it will be more of a challenge.

Trophy unlocked in this step:
Hard Fought Victory

Step Three - Not Much Clever You Can Do With "Endurance"

Start up Endurance mode and choose whichever car you want. However, you must get 10 kills on Snowy Roads, and Drive-In and 15 kills on Junkyard. Difficulty doesn't matter. Again, cheat codes make this easy.

Trophy unlocked in this step:
Homicidal Tendencies

Step Four - Cubes, Characters, and Cleaning

By the time you start this step, you should have Yellow Jacket, Axel, WartHog, and Manslaughter unlocked. You will have to play through the game with all 13 other characters to unlock Minion. You can easily unlock the black cubes at the same time and whatever other trophies you need to unlock.

Playing through the story 13 times sounds like a lot, however, with the cheat codes on and skipping videos, each playthrough takes about 10-15 minutes. It seems like a lot, but it goes very quickly.

There are videos for each black cube collectible. Credit to DSelvati on Youtube for the videos.

Trophies unlocked in this step:
On the Hunt
[PST would like to thank olsen77 for this roadmap]

Twisted Metal: Black Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

13 trophies ( 3  )

  • Exchange your weapons for health.

    Use one of the cheat codes for this. Hold down , , , and and then push , , , . You can do this immediately and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t collected any weapons and have full health.

  • Hit another vehicle with a bank shot using the Ricochet weapon.

    Ricochet weapons are the magenta colored pick ups. Fire the Ricochet at a wall at an angle that it will hit another vehicle. This may take a few tries and some luck.

    This may also potentially unlock in Split Screen mode.

  • Unlock Yellow Jacket.

    In the Junkyard level, fire homing missiles at the plane that is circling around the map. Once you hit it, it will crash in the lowest area. Go through the new opening until you reach a large room. Destroy the control panel to unlock Yellow Jacket.

  • Unlock Axel.

    In the Freeway level, find the construction yard. There will be two cranes in the yard. One has a large pipe segment and the other has a cage. Aim at the control room of the crane with the cage. Park on the side of the hill and fire missiles at the box to destroy it. This will lower the cage. When it is on the ground, shoot at it to open it up and unlock Axel.

  • Inflict maximum damage in one attack.

    You will need to pick up the SAT (same pick up as the Zoomy/Reticle). Launch it into the air and wait for the target on the ground to turn red and if it is on another car, push again to fire it. You will know if you did this by seeing the Maximum Damage notification on the screen.

    This will also potentially unlock in Split Screen mode. Thanks to J2V89 for confirming.

  • Score a hit with all 10 missiles of the Zoomy or Reticle weapons.

    Zoomy and Reticle (white) are the same pick ups. They are different colors in the multi-colored one. Zoomy is the easier of the two get all 10 hits with. With one other vehicle, aim at it when it is coming straight for you. With a good amount of distance between the vehicles, all 10 missiles will hit.

    This can also be done with Sweet Tooth's special. Thanks to JihadJohnson for confirming.

    This may also potentially unlock in Split Screen mode.

  • Win a Challenge mode match with the difficulty set to hard.

    Go to Options and change the difficulty to Hard. Select Challenge mode, choose whichever driver and map you want. There are two ways to do this. The first is to do this legit and get all eight kills without cheats. There are health pick ups and a health recharger that you can use once on hard. This will be difficult.

    The other way is to use the cheats for Invulnerability and One Hit Kills to breeze through this in a few minutes.

  • Unlock the Freeway, Mini Suburbs, and Prison Ship levels.

    This will require three rounds in Endurance mode. You can again use the cheat codes to make this easier. If you choose not to use the cheat codes, then you cannot die a single time. To unlock each map, you must play on specific maps and get a certain number of kills. This will unlock once you reach the kill requirement for the third map.

    Freeway – 10 kills on Snowy Roads.
    Mini-Suburbs – 10 kills on Drive-In.
    Prison Ship – 15 kills on Junkyard.

  • Complete Story mode with any character.

    Story related and can’t be missed. There are two boss fights, level 4 and level 8. You can use the cheat codes to make every level very easy and go quickly.

    Minion – wear down his shields and then fight it like another other vehicle.
    Warhawk – Like Minion, wear down his shields and fight it like any other vehicle. The only difference is that Warhawk flies and Minion will appear. There is also very little space to hide.

  • Collect all Black Cubes.

    There are seven Black Cubes in the game. Some of these you will only get one chance to unlock in the level and others you will have to give up some lives to get. These must be unlocked in Story mode

    Junkyard - Shoot the large green statue hanging from a crane with either fire missiles or a gas can. When it explodes, it will leave a ramp. Use this green ramp to jump onto the crusher. Destroy the structure on the platform next to the crusher's highest point and jump over to it. You should see the cube off to one side (the right side, viewing from the crusher). Drive off of the side and you should get it.

    Downtown – There is a building with a giant coffee cup at the edge of a ledge. Part of the building is destroyed and in that area; there is an elevator to the roof. Either go up the elevator and drop down to the ledge to destroy the coffee cup or use a gas can from the ground level. Either way you do it, go up to that ledge to get the cube. You may have to jump in order to pick it up ( and ).

    Suburbs - This starts out similar to unlocking WartHog. Go to the carnival and use the hill as a ramp and land on the building that you unlock WartHog in. Instead of blowing up the structure on the roof, drive onto the next roof and continue onto the next on. Jump at the top of the sloped roof to reach the next rooftop. Turn around and blow up the water tower and the structure on the rooftop that was behind the water tower. Use turbo and jump onto this roof. Stop and turn to see another small structure on another roof to the right. Destroy it and you should see the black cube. Drive off and jump to reach it. You shouldn't have to use turbo since that may send you over the cube.

    Highway Loop - Find the bridge that has the two halves of it raised. Beyond the wall, you will see some tanks shaped like spheres. Aim a gas can at the one to the front right. This will dislodge it and it will roll around the road. Be careful not to have any enemies near there because they may accidentally destroy it. The sphere will roll into the tunnel and explode. Go down into this opening to find the cube.

    Snowy Roads – Near the gas station, there is a gap in the barricade. Go through it and down the hill until you see Ricochet and Health pick ups. Turn around and drive up the hill near the edge until you see this cube. Be careful not to drive off of the mountain.

    Skyscrapers - Where the crashed plane is, drive to the building at the bottom of the plane. Turn to the left and you will see a series of lights. Drive towards the third one on the left and stop near the edge. Slowly drive off of the side and drop into the gap between the buildings. You should get the cube while you are falling.

    Final Level - After the tanker spawns in, look at the building that it came from. Drive towards that building, with turbo, and go off of the side right down the middle. The cube is in the gap between the buildings.


Secret trophies

  • Unlock WartHog.

    In the Suburbs level, find the carnival with the large Ferris Wheel. Turn left inside the entrance and drive up the hill near the gas can pick up. When you land on the roof, destroy the small structure on top of it to open up a hole in the roof. Drop down and shoot the control panel inside the building.

  • Unlock Manslaughter.

    In the Prison Passage level, after the ship docks, leave the ship, turn right, right again, right a third time, and then left to find a stack of shipping containers next to the ship. Shoot your machine guns at the left side of the blue container to make a ramp. Drive onto the ramp and fire missiles at the ship. This will make an opening in the ship. Drive inside and destroy the control panel.

    Note: Make sure to turn off the One Shot Kill cheat if you have it on.

  • Unlock Minion.

    This will probably be the last trophy that you get. You must beat the game with every character, including the hidden ones. Cheat codes will help this go quicker. You must defeat the game with:

    Junkyard Dog
    Mr. Grimm
    Crazy 8
    Sweet Tooth
    Yellow Jacket

    Enjoy seeing every character video and watching how messed up this game is!!

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