Bombtrack Trophy in Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure

  • Bombtrack


    Destroy 50 blocks with targeted explosions.

    How to unlock Bombtrack

    You need to catch/activate the Target Powerup and then activate it by hitting the block that the target lands on. The icon for the target looks like this:

    The block that gets targeted will be one of the blocks that is closest to the bumper that caught the power-up. You need to destroy a total of 50 blocks for the trophy (the blocks that break in the splash damage count towards this). It doesn't need to be the ball that hits the target. You can use your reflectors ( and ) to hit the target and it'll still count towards the total. Once you've destroyed your 50th block with the Target power-up, the trophy will unlock.

    This Power-up is not timed. The Target will remain on the block until it is destroyed.

    You can track your progress towards this trophy by going to the "Trophy Room" and then "Stats".

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