Best Imitation of Myself Trophy in Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure

  • Best Imitation of Myself


    Double the Bouncer 25 times.

    How to unlock Best Imitation of Myself

    For this trophy, you need to catch/activate the Double Ball Powerup 25 times total. It's icon looks like:

    When activated, a second ball will appear. It'll remain in play until it goes out of bounds (it's not timed). Also note that whatever other Powerups you collect while the Multiball is active will affect all balls in play (if you pick up the Heavy Ball Powerup, both balls will get the effect). It doesn't matter how long it's active for, just so long as you pick up the powerup itself. Once you've collected the powerup the 25th time, the trophy will unlock.

    This power-up does stack. If you already have it active and collect it again, your 2 balls will turn into 4. It'll keep doubling the # of active balls each time you pick it up.

    You can track your progress towards this trophy by going to the "Trophy Room" and then "Stats".

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