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Welcome to Tunic, a Zelda style indie game. The game doesn't really tell you what to do as it just starts and you have to pick up pieces to the game manual as you go along. The game manual also hides secrets within it. There isn't too many missable trophies in the game, the only thing you really need to worry about is go through the game as you want but do not use any of the moneybank items as there is a limited number of them.

One major thing in the game is there will be doors, icons, and fauna in patterns on the ground, walls, objects that you will need to input the pattern on them into the dpad.png to unlock a secret, this is refered to in game as Golden Code.

After a certain point in the game it will be night and you cannot get back to specific places as they are covered in a smog that damages you and doesn't let you pass. Once you get Your body is restored. trophy_silver.png you can rest in the bed at the Old House and change the time back to Day which will allow you to get to the places that were blocked off at night, sleep in the bed again to make it go back to night.

If you are inclined and want to just get through the game quickly, once you die for the first time and get What just happened? trophy_bronze.png go into options and turn on No Fail Mode, this will make it so enemies cannot damage you and you can move through the game without fear of dying. Using this mode does not disable any of the trophies.


Step 1: Complete the Game
Play through the game how you want without gathering all the Manual Pages as that will prevent you from getting Game Over trophy_gold.png. Do not use any of the moneybank items as there is only 11 or so in the game, if you use too many you will need to go into NG+ to get more.

Trophies earned this step:
A Stick! trophy_bronze.png 
A Sword! trophy_bronze.png 
What just happened? trophy_bronze.png 
Ding trophy_bronze.png 
Dong trophy_bronze.png 
You hear a strange hum trophy_bronze.png 
Your gift is accepted trophy_bronze.png 
Deep In The Forest trophy_bronze.png 
High Above The Clouds trophy_bronze.png 
At The Root of The World trophy_bronze.png 
What now? trophy_bronze.png 
You feel a tingling... trophy_bronze.png 
Your body is restored. trophy_silver.png 
Game Over trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Post Game Collectibles
Go around the world collecting the Secret Treasures, All Manual Pieces, All Faries, All Coins, 10 Moneybanks, and the special abilities if you haven't gotten them yet.

Trophies earned this step:
Thank you for playing! trophy_gold.png 
I'm free! trophy_silver.png 
Mr Mayor trophy_silver.png 
A Secret Legend trophy_silver.png 
Sacred Geometry trophy_silver.png 
Vintage trophy_silver.png 
Just Some Pals trophy_silver.png 
Regal Weasel trophy_silver.png ​​​​​​​
Spring Falls trophy_silver.png 
Power Up trophy_silver.png 

Back to Work trophy_silver.png 
Phonomath trophy_silver.png 
Dusty trophy_silver.png 
Forever Friend trophy_silver.png 
Too Cute To Smash trophy_silver.png 
Nothing happened... trophy_bronze.png 
Well done! trophy_bronze.png 
It uses stamina trophy_bronze.png 
Whoops trophy_bronze.png 
Your pocket feels heavier... trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: New Game to obtain the Gun before the Sword
Start a new game and turn on No Fail Mode and go collect the Gun from The Quarry before picking up a sword and the platinum will be yours

Trophies earned this step:
Bring it to the wrong fight trophy_gold.png 

Platinum trophy_platinum.png 

Tunic Trophy Guide

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37 trophies ( 16  17  31  )

  • Unlock all other trophies

    Congrats on finding all the secrets of Tunic!
  • Ding


    Rang the Eastern Bell

    Story Related

    After making your way through the East Forest and after defeating the Guard Captain you will come to the Eastern Bell, simply hit it with your sword to activate it.
  • Dong


    Rang the Western Bell

    Story Related

    Make your way through the Old House, Under the Well, Dark Tomb and West Garden, defeat the Garden Knight and then hit the bell with your sword.
  • Found the red key

    Story Related

    Found after defeating the Ruin Artillary in the Forest Fortress Vault, the boss has two weak points, its head and a power cell at the back of it. If you can get it to hit itself with its own bombs they will do a ton of damage. After defeating it grab the item and put it into the hole between the boss and the shrine.
  • Found the green key

    Story Related

    Obtained after defeating The Librarian at the top of The Library, you will need to activate all 4 of the pillars on the Ruined Atoll and obtain the Magic Orb from the Frog's Domain to reach the area. You will want to use the Magic Wand as it will allow you to shoot at a distance.
  • Found the blue key

    Story Related

    Obtained after defeating the Scavanger Boss at the end of The Quarry area. The boss is fairly tough, take it slow. If you have the Gun, unloading 3 shots of it into the boss while they are getting up removes about 1/4 of their HP.

Secret trophies

  • Found a stick

    Story Related

    The first wepon you will pick up, it is located in a house to the left shortly after starting the game.
  • Found a sword

    Story Related

    Follow the path to The Hero's Grave and the weapon will be at the end leaning against the grave.
  • Was resurrected


    If you progress too far into the game instead of getting the resurection cutscene you will just respawn at the last shrine you rested at. Also happens if you go into some of the later game areas before the game leads you there, best to just get it out of the way early.

    After you die for the first time you will be transported to a otherworldly plane, run forward and interact with the goddess to be revived.
  • Engaged a strange device

    Story Related

    You will see these large strange pillars that have parts of them glow between red, green, and blue, when in front of one hold down cross.png for a bit and it will start charging up and then sink into the floor.
  • Made an offering

    When you pick up certain items they can be used along with the games currency to level up your stats, press l1.png while in front of a shrine and select one of the stats to level up.
  • Completed key collection

    Story Related

    After obtaining the keys put them in the spots at the Temple you went to early in the game, once all three are placed and the rings are gone the trophy is yours.
  • Earned the Cathedral's Prize

    Story Related

    Make your way through the swamp and through the Cathedral, at the bottom you will have to fight, in the order of your choosing, Fairies, Fleemers, Custodians, Garden Knight, Frog, and Rudelins with the last one being a health and potion refill. After you defeat all waves you will get the ability to teleport dash.
  • Restored corporeal form

    You will need to go to the six Hero Shrines and get your stats back. They are located in The Forest Fortress, The East Forest, the Graveyard, The Library Tower, The West Garden, and the Quarry.
    • The Forest Fortress: Teleport there from the teleporting pads then head to the hero's grave.
    • The East Forest: You will need to go to the teleporter hub area and dash teleport across the south east platforms to get back to the East Forest as the path is blocked by dark smog.
    • The Graveyard: This will be given to you as you leave once you get the teleport dash halo.
    • The Library Tower: Teleport to the tower and make your way down, you will have to defeat 2 heavily armored skeleton guards.
    • The West Garden: Most paths to the West Garden are blocked off, you will need to dash across the south west part of the Overworld to get to the garden.
    • The Quarry: The Quarry is also blocked off so you will need to climb to the top of the snowy mountain then when at the top by the door go to the right a bit to find a secret path to The Quarry, you will need to defeat a tall lanky fox that will 2 shot you to remove the smog off the shrine.
  • Found your rightful place


    You need to defeat the final boss without collecting all the manual pages, if you collect them all you will be given that ending instead and not unlock this trophy. The Heir has 2 phases, the second phase being one that can reduce your maximum HP with some of their attacks. Keep at it and The Heir will finally go down giving out the ending.
  • Completed the Manual

    Cover & Pg 1
    At the top of the mountain at the door you will need to input a code, the location of the code is on page 49 of the manual and each square is another page in the manual, look on the pages for a pathway that leads to the end and input it to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.png)

    Pg 2 & 3
    Use the teleporter right at the start of the game and you will be trasported to the hub-ish area and the pages are just north of the pad.

    Pg 4 & 5
    Just south of the entrance to the Dark Tomb these pages are on a block, you will need to teleport dash to get them.

    Pg 6 & 7
    After activating the 2nd pillar in the Forest Fortress, these pages will be on the path.


    Pg 8 & 9
    Once you get the teleport dash from the Cathedral and leave the Swamp back to the Overworld these pages are on top of a pillar to the left.


    Pg 10 & 11
    Located after opening the first door with a key on the way to ring the East Bell.


    Pg 12 & 13
    Located at the East Belltower on top of a small staircase.


    Pg 14 & 15
    Located in the East Forest past a staue of the goddess on a yellow square.


    Pg 16 & 17
    Located in the center of the Old Town.


    Pg 18 & 19
    Located just before the well by the shortcut you can push down.


    Pg 20 & 21
    At the top of the snowy mountain just before a large stone door.


    Pg 22 & 23
    In the Overworld there is a rock formaton that looks like a mouth, you will need to teleport dash to the other side and these pages are inside.


    Pg 24 & 25
    After ringing both bells head into the church and go up the ladders and this will be in the rafters.


    Pg 26 & 27
    In the West Garden when you find the first Chompignom head up on the skinny path to find these pages at the end.


    Pg 28 & 29
    Located to the left of the entrace to the East Forest in the middle of a square ruin.


    Pg 30 & 31
    After getting the Launtern this page is after the mini boss and next to the shrine.


    Pg 32 & 33
    Located under the bridge where you start, will need to go behind the waterfall south-east of the Old Town.


    Pg 34 & 35
    Located Under the Well just past the shrine to the left.


    Pg 36 & 37
    In the Forest Fortress Vault a large room with a pillar in the center, it is on the second level on the ledge.


    Pg 38 & 39
    In the Library these pages are in a glass dome, break the glass and grab it.


    Pg 40 & 41
    In the Library these pages are in a glass dome, break the glass and grab it.


    Pg 42 & 43
    Once you have the teleport dash you can teleport to these pages just south of the Old Town.


    Pg 44 & 45
    At the door just north of Pg 42 & 43 input the code on Pg 43 infront of it with the dpad.png (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png) and the page will be inside.


    Pg 46 & 47
    You will need to activate the teleport platform in West Garden then dash teleport across some beams to get to these pages.


    Pg 48 & 49
    In front of the Golden Slab where you got the Magic Wand trace the lines on the arch for these pages. (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png)


    Pg 50 & 51
    In the Library these pages are in a glass dome, break the glass and grab it.


    Pg 52 & 53
    In the Old House there is another door you will need to input a code in front of, trace the markings on the door with the dpad.png (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png) and the page will be inside.


    Pg 54 & Back Cover
    Located in the hidden fairy area to the right of the Dark Tomb behind the water fall after freeing 10 fairies.

  • Freed a friendly fairy

    There are a total of 20 Fairies to rescue for the platinum, for this trophy you only need one. See Spring Falls trophy_silver.png for the location of all fairies.
  • Found Secret Treasure #1

    Past the first door you open with a key in the Overworld there is a wall with some lines on it, trace the lines using the Dpad to open the door (Code: dpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.png) The image is the location of the door.

  • Found Secret Treasure #2

    You will need to go to the Cathdral at night, go to the room to the left of the shrine that looks like a library and press cross.png in front of the wall with a hexagon on it, repeat in the next room and follow the path. Across the shimmering bridge you will see the chest in the bridge and a pattern on the wall, trace the pattern (Code: dpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.png) to unlock a secret door. Return through the secret door during the day for the treasure.

  • Found Secret Treasure #3

    At the windmill, look at the cloth on the windmill, starting with the bottom one that has rope tied around it press the direction of the hole to make this chest appear (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.png)

  • Found Secret Treasure #4

    You will need to stand in some shallow water for 60 seconds with the volume turned to 0 to reveal the rest of the clue, you will need to stand at the circular sand bar just east of the pathway to the atoll and decode the message behind the new clue on page 1 then input to solve (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.png) (Down, Right x11, Left x12)

  • Found Secret Treasure #5

    In The Swamp where the large skeleton is there is a small water hole, you will need to push the 4 red skulls into the hole for this treasure. They do not roll well, one is located on top of a headstone and can easily be knocked in, another is in a pool of water just south, one is to the west, and the last is on the upper ledge to the west near the ladder.

  • Found Secret Treasure #6

    Found in the East Forest Lower area, there is a singular slime on a ledge, you will need the Magic Wand, Magic Dagger and Magic Orb. Press the Magic Wand and Dagger at the same time to freeze the slime then the magic orb to grapple your way up, this will allow you to open the platinum chest and get the secret.

  • Found Secret Treasure #7

    Find all 20 fairies and the chest with this treasure will be in their little hideout. To locate the location of where a fairy is press dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.png to get a bunch of small dots around you that will lead you to any fairy in the area.

    The Overworld just before the entrance to the Forest Fortress start at the purple flower and trace them all with the dpad.png (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.png) then open the chest for a faerie.

    The Overworld: North East corner by a ladder you can go around the corner to find a hidden area behind the waterfall, keep to the left and continue forward to find a singular enemy walking around, input the enemies walk cycle on the dpad.png for the chest to appear (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.png)


    The Overworld: Inside the Old House the banner on the wall has a pattern on it, complete the pattern, the + sign looking parts means input the code again. (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.png)

    The Overworld: Just south of the old town where there are two fox statues you will want to go the the East one and just below in front of some flowers is a bombable wall, inside is a gold cube that rotates input on the dpad.png each face turn the cube does (Code: dpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.png)


    The Overworld: Under the bridge that leads to where you started the game there is a hidden tunnel to the north, enter the tunnel and you will come to a room that has a chest in the center but no floor. Follow the hidden floor to the chest taking note of the directions you are going, enter the directions to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.png)


    The Overworld: the small island between the two bridges on the south west has a bunch of flowers on it, trace along the flowers to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.png)


    The Overworld: This is a two parter, first you will need to enter the secret tunnel under the bridge to The Ruined Atoll, behind a chest is a door and put in the code tracing the door (Code: dpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.png) then you will come to a rotating platform and traverse your way up, each time you change direction and when a blue vertical line is on the wall do the input for the direction you are going (Code: dpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.png)


    The Overworld: At the fountain south of the old town there are bricks that are coloured on the round at each direction, count each bundle of bricks and go in ascending order to solve (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.png)


    The Overworld: At the base of the West Belltower there is some greenery growing in the side of the bricks that makes a path, follow the path and input to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.png)


    The Overworld: Inside the temple there is a blue pathway on the floor, copy the pathway (either side) to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.png)


    The Overworld: Inside the Farie Area there is a long path on the walls, trace either side for the chest and the farie (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png)


    The Overworld: At the directional plaque just south of the East Forest there are four lines of icons that correspond to directions on page 34 of the manual copy the directions to solve (Code: dpad_left.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.png)


    The Overworld: Under the bridge that leads to the Graveyard there is a hidden room, light is being projected onto the wall in a rotating pattern making it hard to track, input the code to solve (Code: dpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.png)


    The Great Library: In front of the Hero's Shrine there is a ruin with many patterns on it, copy one of the patterns to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.png)


    Fortress of the Eastern Vault: In a room to the left of the main hallway there is a square with candles around it, press the buttons corrisponding to the number of candles in each cluster (Code: dpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.png)


    The Quarry: On top of the snow covered area there are some snowy rocks, starting with the stack follow the rocks and input to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.png)

    West Garden: In the large central platform there is blue markings on the floor, input the the directions to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.png)


    West Garden: Far in the South West there is a tree with small patches of flowers growing around it, press the buttons increasing the number of flowers in the bunch (Code: dpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.png)


    East Forest: After leaving Guardhouse 1 by teleporting across the gap and out the back door there is a fox spirit, speak to them and they will start moving. Copy the movements to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png

    East Forest: In the Lower Forest area there is a smashed golden block, you will need to find the other pieces of it throught the world and sketch out the path then folow the path to solve (Code: dpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.png)

  • Found Secret Treasure #8

    At the Old House in The Overworld there are wind chimes hanging on the corner, listen to the chimes and compare them to the notes around the directions on page 34 of the manual to solve (Code: dpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_up.png)

  • Found Secret Treasure #9

    You will want to stand on the yellow teleport pad at the beginning of the game and press the following sequence dpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_down.pngdpad_down.png and a platinum chest will appear, open the chest for the treasure and trophy.

  • Found Secret Treasure #10

    At The Ruined Atoll between the North West and South West pillars there is a gap you can teleport dash across, the chest is across there on a landmass.

  • Found Secret Treasure #11

    At the Eastern Vault head towards the Heroe's Shrine during the day and there will be a platform you can teleport dash to. Cross the gap to come to a room with 4 piles of leaves, destroy the piles with your sword to get this treasure.

  • Found Secret Treasure #12

    In the teleporter hub area you are going to teleport dash to the left between the main area and the teleporter to the start, if done correctly you will teleport to an invisible platform, keep going left and you will come to the chest with this treasure.

  • Chopped down 1000 blades of grass

    The grass grows in clumps of 4, destroy them with your sword or other items. After 1000 total have been destroyed the trophy will pop.
  • Had 10 moneybanks at once

    If you break too many of the moneybanks you cannot get this without going into NG+ as there are a limited number chests with this item, they look like a fox head.

    The Overworld: Go through the first door that needed the key and up the ladder out the back, head west through the trees and this chest will be in the corner.


    The Overworld: On the bridge pathway to The Ruined Atoll the chest is on top of the bridge just before a grappling hook spot.


    East Forest: At the Shrine of the Hero there is a small gap just past the trees to your left, head through the gap to this chest containing a moneybank.


    Beneath the Well: Head to the northernmost room and head up in the north east corner, this will lead you through a secret passage where the chest is located.


    The Dark Tomb: In the final room where there are many lasers pointing at a chest, that chest contains the moneybank.


    West Garden: Where there is a small ladder that leads to a shortcut back to the first shrine, go under the bridge straight and the chest will be there.


    West Garden: In the North West of the West Garden there is a destroyed Garden Knight with a chest containing the moneybank beside it.


    The Quarry: In the lower area when you are making your way down, head along a metal platform path and this chest will be located under where the bridge you entered the area at.


    The Swamp: After the shrine, hug the left wall, once you activate the first invisible enemy you are in the right area. Head into the water slightly then turn left, the chest is tucked behind the wall.


    The Swamp: Head up to the Cathedral, once inside head directly left and there will be a wall with a hexagon on it, press cross.png in front of it and you will open up a pathway to this chest.

  • Made a wish

    See Well done! trophy_bronze.png for more information.
  • Made 15 wishes

    You will need to throw a total of 15 coins into the well, all the wells share the same counter.

    The Overworld: South of the Old Town where there are two statues of the goddess with a spiral staircase, go to the west one and behind the small copse of trees is a hidden staircase, the chest containing the coin is in here.


    The Overworld: Under the bridge that you took when you started the game is a chest that cointains this coin, go down the ladder to the West beach and head around behind the waterfall to use the secret path to get over here.


    The Overworld: You will need the Magic Orb or Teleport Dash for this chest, head to the West beach and cross the bridges and you will come to some turrets. Destroy the turrets and hook or dash your way across to the chest containing the coin.


    Under the Well: This coin is above the shrine, to get to it you will need to progress through the area a bit until you are in the room to the West of the altar room, there is a hidden passage way, press cross.png in the middle part of the wall, that leads to the upper area of the altar room which you can use to walk across and get the coin.


    Under the Well: Follow the rail north and this chest is in a hidden area in the north west corner of the room with the passageway to the top of the altar room.


    Dark Tomb: In the room with the three laser statues pointing at a chest go to the North East corner for a hidden passage that will take you to the chest with this coin. (image of the hidden path)


    East Forest: In the Lower Forest on the platform with all the spiders there is a small pathway down at the East side, use that to get around to get to the chest with the coin on the lower level of this platform.


    Eastern Fortress: In the room past the underground portion with the spiders and when you meet your first group of the Custodians there is a bunch of barrels against the wall, destroy the barrels for the passageway to the chest with this coin.


    The Quarry: Just in front of the Monastary there is a ladder you can climb, head up and it will be the first chest around the corner.


    The Swamp: You will need the Teleport Dash for this, from the shrine head into the next area and take a sharp right and climb the ladder. Teleport dash to the top of the pillars than head south to the chest with the coin on a ledge.


    The Swamp: The chest is located next to the headstone of the large skeleton enemy, head up the ladder to the right past the shrine and down the slopes on the south side.


    The Swamp: In the area wil the pillar head to the south east portion to find a hidden pathway that will take you to the chest with the coin.


    The Swamp: Head up the path at the back and you will reach an area that will take you to the Cathedral, instead go south to find the chest next to a rock.


    The Merchant: The Skeleton Merchant sells 2 coins for 999 currency each.
  • Perfectly executed a special technique

    After you obtain the sword press the dodge cross.png button and the button you have the sword equipped to at the same time, if you do it correctly the fox will attack out of the dodge roll.
  • Found a certain weapon before getting a sword. (Page 38)


    If you grab the Sword before you get the Gun you will miss this trophy.

    Start a new game and turn on No Fail mode to make yourself invincible, you are going to need to use a slime to cut down some trees to make your way to the Old Town, then head to the Ruined Atoll and into the Frog's Domain to grab the Magic Orb. Using the Magic Orb pull the Envoy off the pathway that connects The Overworld to The Quarry and sprint to the chest that contains the gun. You do not actually need to open the chest but just press cross.png to start opening it and the game will give you credit. Video below for reference.

  • Froze yourself

    You will need an ice bomb for this, simply throw the ice bomb and follow it to get hit by the explosion to freeze yourself with it.
  • Understood the margin of page 17

    As you use bombs you will get a +1 on the icon in your inventory, this will add 1 bomb to the amount you have every time you rest for free. It happens after using about 10 bombs on 1 type.

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Tunic Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Tunic?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Tunic is 1/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Tunic?
    There are 37 offline trophies in Tunic.
  • How many online trophies are there in Tunic?
    There are 0 online trophies in Tunic.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Tunic?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Tunic is 10-15 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Tunic?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Tunic?
    There are 4: What just happened?, Game Over, Too Cute To Smash, Bring it to the wrong fight missable trophies in Tunic.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Tunic?
    No, you can turn on No Fail Mode and still obtain every trophy.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Tunic?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Tunic.

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